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How Epic Games fail as a game company (imo)

Gears of War 3
So.. I bought the game, brand new.. Go through the Campaign, happy as a lamb.. Then decide to play some Multiplayer.. Hmmm, what's this? Why is it so laggy..?

Epic Games: Oh well you need to BUY and download Fenix Rising for 800 MS Points to unlock the dedicated servers.

Me: So.. You're saying i paid for this game, new, when i could've easily got it preowned and you expect me to pay extra just to have any kind of DECENT online match..? Are you.. serious..? You can't be.. My god.. Didn't think i'd say this but i hate you more than EA....

Haven't posted here since last year..?

NOW THAT'S INSANE! Okay.. So.. Been gaming a lot. Been playing Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex, Gotham City Imposters. All 3 i love. I really want to try out I Am Alive, looks really cool. Sorry for a short blog entry.. Really busy tonight.

HOPE YOU ARE ALL WELL! Missing everyone here. Give me a PM sometime! ^__^

:: L ::

Cosplay Convention.. WOOT!

Firstly, I promised KillerKyote i'd post this Wolf Human picture of me that my friend (Kim) had drawn for me 2 days ago (Can't remember your Gamespot name Kyote ''fail''.. XD)

She told me the Japanese in the picture reads
"Lightning, Lottie, Okami, From Kim" xP (Her words, not mine) xD

Oh and the reason 'i'm' saying "Bumble Bee" is because of Halo: Reach, she had yellow as her main colour in armour and her tag as 'Bee', so i started calling her Bumble Bee Bum o.o So she then changed her tag to 'Bumb' for Bumble Rofl.

I personally love this picture, i requested it through a game of Halo with her, she was happy to accept, plus she put the Xbox controller and headset in there too, which made me love it even more XD You'll notice this pic as my Signature too.

It's also part of my Youtube background:

In other news, i'm going to a cosplay convention on saturday with my friend ^_^ I'll take pics xP

Games i've been playing recently:

Halo: Reach (as always, mainly with Kim XD)
L.A. Noire
Red Dead Redemption
Lost Odyssey

That's all for nao ^__^

Wowza, an update from me? xDD

I've been playing a lot of Halo: Reach recently, i used to hate on it for NO reason and now i really like it XD Never hate on a game you haven't played ;P I've learnt from that. xD

Left4Dead2 as usual, new DLC Map releasing soon, excited for that. NOMNOM! =D

I really want L.A. Noire.. That's on my.. "OMGGGGGGG I WANT THIS GAME SO FUDGING MUCH!!" list. Which is the only one on that list at the moment :lol:

Also still needing to buy Black Ops and Fable 3.. ;P

The most O'WOW news though.. Is the trailer for 'Dead Island'.. Now this trailer takes Zombies to a new perspective.. At first i saw the title and thought "Omg ANOTHER Zombie game?? D:" but i looked into it more and became interested.. I then searched Youtube for a trailer.. And it made me cry.. The first EVER game/movie whatever, to do with zombies.. has made me cry.. If you haven't seen it, it's a MUST SEE trailer.. It's edited beautifully, the graphics are incredible and the music is stunning, everything about it is perfection.. A zombie game that finally shows emotion of defending/losing a loved one to the infection.. *Loves* It's a trailer i faved and will always remember. -- I want this game!

New Year


Today is the first day of 2011 and i must say 2010 was a very bad year for me.. I am hoping this year is different.

Since i've met the love of my life, Laura, a few months ago, i have been majorly happy, so the end of 2010 was an amazing ending to a year for me. I hope this year will continue to make me happy, if Laura remains by my side then this year will the best year of my life so far ^_^

Had no sleep last night, i was on my Xbox with 3 friends from 11pm up till 5am, all drunkards on mics, chatting away whilst playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood together, all on the same team, gawd, funny stuffz i tells you. O_O
I've also been drinking energy drink ALL night and morning, still got another big bottle beside me *gulps moar!* Trying so hard to stay awake today, need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal. ;P
Though.. My head keeps drifting.. I keep having to concentrate a lot and shake my head to snap awake again, otherwise i'll end up passing out. D:

New Year's Resolution:
People always make them things like.. "Need to stop smoking" or "Need to stop drinking" or.. "Need to look for a job, Make new friends" etc etc, the usual stuff… But mine is just to make Laura happy.. That's all i want.
I want to concentrate on the most important thing in my life, her. =] I love her with all my heart. ^_^

Short Story Moment:: [[ If you're homophobic, Yuu may not like it XD ]]
I sit on the bed and glance over at Laura stood beside my door.
"Sit down.." i say to her quietly, seeing her nervous posture, all hunched up, shaking with nerves, i couldn't help but smile at it.
She walks over, i get up and close my door then walk back over to the bed and sit beside her. I take her hand in mine and start to stroke it gently with my thumb, i keep my eyes fixated on her hand, her soft skin amazes me with a rush of nervousness about my person. I smile as my cheeks begin to turn red from blushing.
I take a moment to glance up at her, she bites her bottom lip slightly as her whole body shakes.
"What's wrong?" i ask her..
"I just.. Can't stop shaking.. Nerves, yet i'm so happy.." she stutters as a reply.
I smile more and place my hand on her cheek, for a moment my heart skipped a beat as her smooth skin is finally beneath my fingertips, like i had always dreamed.
Ten minutes pass by quickly and we've hardly moved, both of us too nervous to say anything, shying away everytime we lock eyes onto one another, i whimper quietly and glance back up and into her eyes, running my thumb over her cheek as i lean in slowly and she follows my lead without hesitation.
Before i knew it, our lips had touched gently, they tingled as my body shivered, i started to kiss her as she kissed me back…
Our first kiss was so mesmerizing i shall never forget that moment for as long as i live…
We are getting closer to a long future, one step at a time.

Ah, I love writing! ^___^

Christmas Daaaaay XD (Updates. Yummeh)

Yes, It really is 4:38am as i write this and the reason i'm still awake is that i was determined to get 100% completion stat on Red Dead Redemption BEFORE i obtain new game(s) for christmas, otherwise i may have just given up! XD
I had been stuck at 99.5% for weeks, I kept checking things and re-checking and i had done everything.. Or so i thought..
Turns out, the Strangers tasks were to blame for my percentage. It specifically says 18/18 for Strangers Tasks to complete but i never knew the "I Know You" stranger DOESN'T count into the 100%, so technically there's 19 strangers but only 18 of them count towards 100% completion. I tell you, it was a pain! There was a stranger on the faaaar side of the map, at a place where you NEVER have to visit through the story, wander around there or even go PAST that location, so it was easily missed.
That aside, i've just obtained 100% *Achievement pops up* HOORAH! THE RELIEF! xD

I'm still tipsy from drinking through the night, though i've had a lot of water since then so i'm gradually sobering up, ready for the day ahead. *Feels hungry right now* xD

I asked my little brother what he wanted for christmas and he said "Ummmmm... A Nintendo Wii!" and i couldn't help but grin at him since i KNOW he's got one allll wrapped up. Can't wait to see his face later! ;P

Moving on, since Lightning, my hamster, passed away a few months ago, i have stopped myself from getting a new fuzzy (tis what i call small, fluffy pets. Hah) but my friend has surprised me.. She has bought me a new hamster for christmas =D
She will be bringing her round in January when she can get the train down here, sure is epicly nice of her ^^ I've already given her a name -- THUNDER!
Original of me LOL. ;P
Here's a picture of her...

N'awwww! ^_^ Heh!

AMV News:
Not much going on recently, but i did upload this today that i made, Tis very short but i hope you like it ^^

Relationship News:
Me and Laura are now officially a couple. We got together last saturday when she stayed over. We took a long walk near the beach that night, hand in hand, fingers laced, it was a full moon reflecting off the sea, walking through the snow, it was truely beautiful. Perfect ^^

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

-x- PEACE! -x- ;P

Tis the 1st of Decembeeeeer! *Dances*

6:30am :: Ah, Let's start off with some good old chatter.

1st of December, the snow has been falling consecutively for over a day now and it's absolutely beautiful i must say! Me and Laura love watching it. We're going to have a walk in it sometime, snowball fight, a kiss under the snow flakes etc. Cute! ^_^

Since i all asked you what prezzies you want for christmas.. I HOPE YOU GET THEM! I'm sorry i can't get you all something so.. How 'bout a cyber-hug instead? *CLINGS TO YOU ALL FOR A GROUP HUG!* [[ No, I'm NOT drunk......... *shifty* ;P ]]

Well, I've played and completed Enslaved [ The newest game i have ] and it was pretty good ^^ I was a little disappointed with the ending but it was still fun and interesting all the same. Characters are lovable, graphics are beautiful, gameplay is oookay. So a top-notch game overall.

Playing more Left4Dead2 (As usual) and i've finally been able to play Multiplayer on Red Dead Redemption *Shakes fist at game ports for secretly closing on me for aaages*

Now time for a 'joke'. When i told Laura this she was literally rolling on the floor laughing, i'm not even joking. Especially when i re-phrase the 'Caps Lock' part XD It's our 'new thing' that we share.. Some of you may not find it funny sooo.. beware. ;P

Do you ever look at a keyboard and think… "I've never seen you before"?
"Hi, I'm Scroll Lock and I got used once but.. it was by accident.."
"Hi, I'm backslash and I've uhm.. never been used.."
"Capslock, indoor voice.. indoor voice.."
"Oh.. Sorry.. Uh, hi I'm Caps Lock, it's been 3 months since I've been used.. and I'm only ever used in arguments or breakups…"
"Hi, I'm End.. I've been used once and that was in a 'press any button to continue' situation.."
"Hi, I'm Insert.. It's not my fault she disappears when you press me!"
"Hii, I'm the squiggly thing. ~~~ I guess the last time I was used is when msn was BIG and everyone used me in their usernames.."
"I get used to much, I have a permanent thumb mark! HAHAHAHA! .. What're you looking at? You stupid keystroke ;P SPACEBAR!" *laughs along with Enter*

There ya go. I have another one for you next time XD

PEACE -x- ;P