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6:45am.. No sleep.. New video! (my best one so far!)

It's 6:45am as i type this (it'll be later once posted) and i've had no sleep.. I've only had 7 hours sleep between 3 nights now.. I'm seriously gonna end up being ill! I haven't been able to sleep recently for some reason.. Ugh. I'll just have to wait till i pass out and be knocked out for a few hours :|

First thing, i'm so annoyed!
I ordered Mass Effect and Fallout 3 on Monday and they still haven't arrived.. They were sent out on Tuesday (so an email said), i don't see what's taking them so long! It was only HMV.. I thought they would have been delivered by now.. ugh what a pain.. :(

I went to college on monday, just for Tutor (it's lame..) but i felt incredibly ill.. i nearly passed out! My teacher sent me home, she said i was in no fit state to be sat in college.. I went home and went straight to bed.. Only slept for 2 hours though.. As i said, i've had trouble sleeping all week.. it's been worse during these last few days :(
I'm sure my tiredness will catch up with me, i just need a decent nights sleep if my brain will let me!

Hmm.. My new video.. It's my first Death Note AMV and i'm really pleased with it! It's probably my best video so far! :D
If you watch it, the storyline to the video is written in the video description. It's best to read that first. :)

I've also entered it into a contest with over 130 entries so far.. and it doesn't end till the 1st of August.. I have no chance in winning but since i love this video so much i thought i might as well give a shot! :D

More ScarGa, Final Fantasy, Death Note and other videos to come :lol: