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Kickass Movie Review


A movie is successful to the masses when it performs well in the box office. In reality, a film is considered a good film when it accomplishes all it has set out to do... well... unless you're a movie like Transformers and your only purpose is to whore out to rake in the summer flick bucks... but anyways... films like 300 or Sin City can be considered great films, because they deliver not only exactly what the director hoped to deliver, but exactly what their audience wanted.

Thus is the story of Kickass. And boy, does this movie kickass. Now before I get into this movie, let me make another more broad statement. Watchmen, is my favorite movie of all time. Sometime I hope to write a full review or even analysis of it, it is literally the best movie I have ever seen. That movie came out last year, and Kickass is the best movie I've seen since then.


Kickass develops a tone early in the film that carries through the entire thing. It is hard to put a word on what exactly this tone is... for 300 you'd be hard pressed to find a better word than "fun," but Kickass has more depth than 300, it's not just fun. This tone is established nice and early by the brilliant performance of our main hero, Kickass. Kickass decides to take it upon himself to become the world's first real life super hero. But that doesn't work out so well to say the least... But you as the audienece, are obligated to love this kid before you're even 20 minutes into the film.

The funny thing is, Kickass's amazing performance isn't even the one who stands out. Along side Kickass, we see SuperBad's McLovin, Nicholas Cage as Bat... erm... BigDaddy, and a 7 year old who calls Mobsters c***s. :lol: Basically... every character in this movie is great. Each character is not only presented flawlessly by both plot developement and acting, but the depth of each character also makes each of them insanely lovable. From the RedMists hidden desire to just be accepted by his father, to HitGirls badassness being used as a shield to hide the normality of a little girl trying to impress her father... each character surprisingly is multi-dimensional. BigDaddy constantly struggles in a quest for revenge on a mobster that not only cost him 5 years in the can, but also the life of his wife. Kickass also goes through multiple mind games, going from being willing to die for a stranger he doesn't even know, to realizing how precious life is, and how downright frightening the thought is to lose it.


So while the levels of ridiculousness and humor come with Kickass, it is the unexpected depth that makes it so great. Yea, we get an 11 year old slicing off mobster limbs, we get Kickass getting humiliated and we get ridiculously funny scenes in the RedMists car... but there's more to this movie than that. And better yet, while there's more to the film than that, it never forces it down your throat. You could go into this movie, expect a ridiculous film, and walk out happy that you saw a ridiculous film, not even giving a single thought to the character or plot depth, and not only are you okay with that-- but the director is too.

When a film gives you all you want, and more, it's a win film. This movie was great, I enjoyed it on so many different levels. Kickass is on its way out of theaters so if you can't see it now, be sure to at least rent a copy when it comes out on DVD, it is more than worth it.


I'm out

Well I'm going to Disney for a week. I'll be home on the 27th. Soooo if theres a computer in the hotel, I'll be on every now and again at night. But I don't think there will be soooo if that's the case, I'll see you in a week. Much love you guys :)

Alice... Bad Weekend... Random stuff

Ugh. This weekend has sucked so freakin' hard guys. I'd love to fill you all in, but it's a freakin' long story! haha... Ugh. basically just girl problems you could sum it up as... but it's also this stage I've been going through. For the past two years, I havn't really been happy for a long period of time. Now I'm not saying I'm never happy, I'm happy here or there, a day here, but never for too long consequetively. Idk, I'm workin on getting the hell out of this phase, but it's hard ya know? I'm sure most of you can relate... I'd love to get into it more, I'm not trying to keep anything from you guys :P Honestly, I'm just too lazy to type it all.

Anyways.. enough of that. I saw Alice in Wonderland today. It was a pretty big letdown. I expect a lot from Tim Burton... his movies usually hold a lot of depth, the best examples of this being Nightmare Before Christmas - the fan favorite, and 9, in my opinion, the best example of depth Burton presents. Depp did great, as did the actresses playing the two queens. But I thought the actress for Alice suckeddd. I really wish they got someone with more emotion... Dakota Fanning comes to mind. The movie looked great in my opinion, but the story lacked depth. Overall, I was unimpressed, but it was still a good movie for the sake of going to the movies. 6/10, but it'd be a 7-7.5 if Burton didn't make it.

I got Final Fantasy 13 today :D I'll actually start playing it as soon as I finish writing this.

Hrm.. what else. Naruto is starting up again :D Can't wait for that since in my opinion the manga has been getting damn good as of late. That means more episode reviews soon :P!

Guess that's it for now, just really wanted to mention Alice since I'm still too lazy to write any more reviews :P

Academy Awards and such..

My blog idea failed :lol: Like.. failed hard. Well to be fair, I started it on a school vacation... then school started again and look who doesn't have any time to blog! In fact right now I'm writing this and posting like crazy on the boards to procrastinate an English paper :roll: Anyways... Got a couple things to talk about.

So I saw Shutter Island. :shock: That movie was greatttt! The ending was breath-taking. I usually thought that DiCaprio was an overrated actor, but after this and the amazing film, The Departed, Leonardo has taken a special place on my list of favorite actors.

I also watched 500 days of summer. It was sorta a chick flick.. but it was really really darn good. Very emotional, but it was pretty funny too. Overall it was a cute movie I guess... I don't know how to explain it, but it was really good and it deserves more attention.

I finished YuYu Hakusho and I loved it. Starting Darker Than Black, and I'm loving some episodes while others are just ok. I'm sure this will fall under the 7-8 range.

Still playing lots of Call of Duty, started Bayonetta and I loved the begining :lol: Oh, and I should be getting FFXIII this weekend, I'm pumped for that!

My sister's birthday is tomorrow :shock: She's going to be nine years old... they really do grow up so fast. My dad is taking her overnight to a Celtics game. I'm more of a Cavs... erm.. Lebron fan.

Oh right, the Academy Awards! I was supposed to talk about those a lot... well I guess I'll just say I'm uber happy the Hurt Locker won so many awards. The Hurt Locker truly is an amazing film, and Bigalow's direction was perfect. Can't wait to see what else she has in store. She took a scene, where the main characters spotted enemies with a sniper rifle - about 10 minutes of silent, barren sand - and she made it entertaining. That's some freakin' art if you ask me.

So the Hurt Locker was amazing, it deserved the awards WAY more than Avatar. I've also added Precious and Inglorious Bastards on my MUST WATCH list. :D

So just a little update... some nice procrastinating right here :P I'd add pictures but... I'm a bit too lazy today :P

Random Blog of the Day 2/20/10 - Repetition in Entertainment

Today there are three branches of entertainment I pay attention to: movies, music and video games. All three of these seem to be suffering dramatically from finding originality. The largest culprit of this repetition by far is the cinema industry. In the past eight weeks, James Cameron's Avatar has earned a world-record 2.36 billion dollars. With such a high level of income and critique, it is fair to assume Avatar is worth the hype. However, Avatar is nothing more than an over-told simplistic story with lots of make-up on.

The depth of plot in Cameron's Avatar breaches no deeper than the plot told in Disney's Pocahontas. In fact… they are the same exact movie. The Europeans come to America in search of gold, they treat the Natives as Savages, John Smith falls in love with one of said savages - everything is exactly the same right down to Mother-freakin'-Willow. Avatar's plot also follows the same formula as The Last Samurai, and probably countless others. How many films have you seen where there is a "good" and a "bad" side and someone from the "good side" learns that their side really isn't so good. How about Wanted? Watchmen? Even movies like Toy Story2 can touch upon this kind of theme as well as Avatar did. Perhaps if Avatar did a better job of showing the audience the gray of the situation, I could respect this theme more, but with the juxtaposition of humans and blue people being so black and white, the lack of depth strikes me as being a brain-dead plot.

This sense of repetition is encouraged by the public. While Avatar fails to produce anything new beyond some impressive CGI, it is now the highest grossing movie of all time. The same encouragement of repetition can be seen in many other branches of entertainment today. Following the initial success of the Call Of Duty series, gamers witnessed a surplus of World War II themed shooters. Following the massive success of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, fans were forced to play countless versions of the same rhythm based games. In the music industries a chart-topper is played almost every week yet at the end of the day - they all sound the same.
Entertainment is repeating itself. Movies follow the same generic morals, games follow the same basic formulas and music recycles the same rhythms and lyrics of hits before them. Until the public begins to demand for more new- more differences and uniqueness in their entertainment- we will be forced to enjoy the same things repeatedly until the different industries of entertainment collapse on themselves.

Random Blog of the Day 2/19/2010

I find myself becoming more and more isolated from the GS community and to be honest, I don't like that. So I want to start a new thing where I just talk about the day, certain problems I'm having, things I've been up to and random discussion topics. It won't be every day, maybe weekly, or every few days... iiiidk. But it's something I really want to do to keep in touch with all you guys soooo I'm going to start doing it.

So today I really didn't do anything beyond sit on my arse. I have a crapload of homework to do, but apparently blowing it off until Sunday is my plan. The thing I did most today was play some Modern Warfare2. And I didn't do so well today :P :lol:

I mostly went around running with RPG-7s, pissing off various players. I'm also testing out the F2000 Assault Rifle but I'm not digging that to much either. I did manage to get plenty of people upset, so mission accomplished eh?

I also watched a good amount of YuYu Hakusho.. maaaan is this anime great or what? Whose actually watched this other than MM and AP? I'm at episode 93 now, when Yusuke has... ermm.. become reborn I guess is the best way to put it. It sure seems like Bleach stole a lotttt from YuYuHakusho tbh. Ichigo and his hollow inside of him seem to be exactlyy the same as Yusuke and his new found inner-demon.

Hm.. what's something else. Oh! I really want to go and see Shutter Island! Hopefully I'll end up seeing it this weekend because that movie looks superb. I also recently watched the Hurt Locker. I'd normally do a review of a movie that good, but to be honest I'm just not in the mood. It's a solid 8.5/10 though, a great movie.

Anyways I guess that's it for now... A weak start to this whole blogging thing I must admit :P But honestly it's something I've wanted to start for a while now. Eventually I'll start telling you my opinions on certain things going on, and perhaps eventually I'll start telling you about important things in my personal life. Honestly, I want to open myself more to you guys because I feel myself drifting away from the GS community, and that's something I really don't want. So until next time, I'll see you around the boards ;)

The Death Penalty

I wrote this for my english class and wanted to share it again. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions. In order to get the full affect, your gonna have to read the article in the link. While it may look long, in reality it takes about three minutes to read because it is written really simplistically. In fact, that's something I'm a little jealous of, my small blog may take as long to read as his :lol: :P



The following is a response to this blog.

In many ways, Nick Shell and I agree on this topic. Ironically enough, I too was entranced by the Showtime series Dexter-- a series I HIGHLY recommend-- and I too was forced to contimplate my feelings on what is right and what is wrong.

What is justice? Is it really ok to kill another human being for something they have done. While watching Dexter the answer is undoubtedly yes. When Dexter tracks down the professional photographer murdering his multiple models or the notorious 'Trinity Killer'-- a man who kills in a series of three: woman bled in a bathtub, a woman faking suicide and a man bludgeoned with a hammer-- you want Dexter to kill them. In a weird way, you almost want to see them suffer. I digress, a primetime television show obviously holds much less stock than real life. Shell presents an intresting question: could I be the one to pull the trigger?

To be honest, I have no clue. Unlike Nick I can't separate or organize my thoughts as clear cut as he can. Do I believe some people are "worthy" of the death penalty? Of course I do, but me being the one to actually kill him -- that's another story. It's not a question of being too much of an ennui to take action, it's a question of personal ethics. I can decide whether or not a person deserves to live or die based off of their crimes, but when I find a rat scurrying through my house I never chase it around with an assault rifle, I let the cat eat it.

At the end of the day, Dexter is either another serial killer, or a philanthropist. Either way is too black and white. I personally see the glass half full-- by killing these people he is benefiting society and doing the work that the normal law-abiding citizen could not do. In a sense, he is almost like a super-hero. Yet at the end of the day, one could argue, the biggest reason Dexter continues to kill is because he likes too. While I can clearly decide whether or not a crime is worthy of a death sentence, the glass does not yet have enough water in it to make me pull the trigger myself.

Paranormal Activity Movie Review

This review may turn out to be short, but I just saw this film yesterday and I feel obligated to write something about it.


Paranormal Activity started as a low-budget film with limited release. The movie received such praise from critics that it released nationwide where it seems to be suffering from some criticism, criticism that I say is truly unfair. People expect this film to be scary like... ugh... I don't even know any good scary movies to name because every horror film these days sucks... idk, a scary movie like the Ring or the Grudge. But like I said those two movies were god awful... I'm sort of talking in circles here, but what I'm trying to say is this movie wasn't trying to be frightening as in, makes you jump. This movie was frightening because it was real. And no I don't mean the story was real, I mean the acting and presentation of the film presented such a realism that the environment was frightening. In order to fall into the mood of the film however, you need to allow yourself too. If your some idiot who goes into the film and sits and goes pssh this isn't scary, well than you won't be afraid of it because you will instinctively reject the realism of it. I don't know if any of that made sense... but I'll go back to reviewing as normal now.


The acting in this film was top notch. There were only four actors and only two of them had a good amount of screen time. They did a great job setting the scene and reacting the ways that a person would react to such events in real life. The acting may seem a bit corny at times but honestly, that just added to the realism as well.

The film revolves around a demon that haunts this couple. Technically he only haunts the girlfriend, but the boyfriend gets dragged in as well. The girl attempts to convince her spouse that she hears noises and voices and such at night so the boyfriend agrees to buy a camera and sound system to record them while they sleep. So there is our movie, the only camera angles we get are the ones the bf tries to show us. Granted this leads to some awkward camera angles but again, this adds to its realism.


The film really just builds up to the ending. While most of the scenes in the film were interesting, you are never really frightened and you almost always ask for more then just the door slamming or banging on the walls. All the same, the scenes are still enjoyable, but like I said, you always want more. Then comes the last 10 minutes of the film. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the end of this film is so well done that it may be one of the best endings of all time. I won't spoil anything but this scene is not only frightening, but is also exhilarating. I do recommend that everyone sees this movie and if they can to see it in theaters. I was very very pleased. This movie may be my favorite horror movie of all time, at least in the top three.


I've Been Tagged...

Well Collie decided to tag me and I'll play along haha.

1. I've been playing Beetles RockBand a bit lately and it's been a lot of fun.

2. I almost enjoy watching the Vikings this year as much as the Patriots because I am a big fan of Favre, Peterson and Jarod Allen.

3. I decided to start watching Fairy Tail and Kuchuko Buranko (sp?) and Fairy Tail hasn't been impressive thus far.

4. Naruto Shippuuden is finally as entertaining as I remember it.

5. Phillip Defranco is my favorite Youtube-er.

So now I tag people? I tag Midgetman, gr33n, pecan, bloodied and mexicanwalrus.

If you don't know the rules you just have to make a new blog and list either 5 or 10 things about yourself and then tag 5 more people.

Happy Birthday Senpai

Just wanted to wish you another Happy Birthday MidgetMan ;)

Sorry I havn't been answering on AIM and stuff... I've been really busy and you IM when I'm either not around or right after I go to bed. I see that you IM me after you see me post too, but thats because I go to bed right after I use GS :P hahaha

So yea, we havn't talked a bunch lately, but you're still my senpai :D You've been a great friend Midget, I know school really blows for you now too so just wanted to wish you another happy birthday. I'll even root for the Bills this weekend too ;) Great win against the Jets btw :D 5 INTs!