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Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire - Review

An RPG that touches the heart. A mesmerizing, surreal, ground-breaking quest that defines emotion, passion, and story.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Time Spent: 100 or More Hours

The Bottom Line: "Instant ****c" (ingore that, Gamespot glitch)

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a true RPG. It captures art and narrative in one innovative, revolutionary, complex universe. It is a masterpiece that blends in everything that makes a story genuinely touching, with gameplay that never fails to captivate the player. With a plot and a cast of characters developed to a level so advanced and a narrative that requires serious decision making that effects the world around you, Dragon Fire is the definitive role-playing game. For a game released in 1998, what more could you ask for, or even better, what more could you add? The answer is nothing, for this game is the RPG to rule them all.

Anyone who has played it would agree. Almost all of the elements of Dragon Fire have continued on through other games in its genre. From the action oriented Dragon Age, to the plot bending Oblivion, Dragon Fire has given RPG's flavour and something to build upon and improve. The inspiration this game gave RPG creators, and game creators overall, is astounding. I'll say this once and for all: Every RPG game to exist after 1998 is inspired by Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire. From sound design, to music, to environment, to gameplay, to plot, to characters/creatures, to graphics and engines, every RPG has used elements originated from Dragon Fire.

And on to the last part of my review: The Story


In Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire you play as The Hero, who has to save Silmaria (a fictional Greek-inspired city) from the perils beyond the Gate (which include many mythical bosses and minions of the almighty Dragon). A fairly simple concept when looked at literally, but a mind-blowing one when the complex story kicks in. I'm telling you now, this is a must-play if you love story in games. There is absolutely nothing like this to date.

The following paragraph is from the official Sierra website:

(SPOILER ALERT, skip if you don't want spoilers)

After having survived the dangers he encountered on his previous journey, the hero travels with the wizard Erasmus to a Greece-like country called Silmaria. Its king was recently murdered, and, according to the land's traditions, the crown will be given to the one who passes a contest known as the Rites of Rulership. The hero enters the contest, aided by Erasmus, Rakeesh, and other old friends. However, as the competition progresses, contestants are being systematically killed by an unknown assassin. All the victims are murdered near the Dragon Pillars, which keep the Dragon of Silmaria in captivity. The hero must investigate the crimes and save Silmaria from a grave danger.

Overall, Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire is the magnum opus of RPGs. With a brilliantly crafted story that keeps the player guessing at every turn, a perfectly woven narrative that includes constant plot twists and heart-wrenching conflicts, immensely satisfying gameplay which boasts deeply challenging puzzles as well as intense and gritty combat, and a surreal mythical, beautiful universe, accompanied by top-notch orchestrated music and a picturesque original art design, it just doesn't get better than this.

Adventure at its peak.


And here are some gameplay pics:

So what do you guys think?

Downhill Domination Review

Downhill Domination is yet another fantastic PS2 game that didn't nearly receive the hype it deserves.

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 40 to 100 Hours

The Bottom Line: "Underappreciated"

Downhill Domination is the definition of an underappreciated PS2 gem. Its extremely fast paced dirt bike action captivates the player early on and never fails to let go. Though there's the odd bug here and there, there is plenty to do in this superb racing game. With great and easy-to-learn controls this game fills you up with action. There are numerous modes to be unlocked, along with characters, bikes, stages, and even extra bonuses. It is truly a content fest, and you will be engaged in the fun and addictive racing action for a very long time. In short, this game easily exceeds 50+ hours of gameplay.

On another note, there are a few flaws in the game. These include some control bugs and some uneven difficulty. Other than that, there is not much to criticize in this outstanding and extremely underrated PS2 gem. However, you might find the gameplay to be a bit rough around the edges, which can sometimes bring down the excitement. Nevertheless, great visuals and an amazing sense of speed and agility make this a worthwhile experience. As I said, there is so much to do and so much fun to be had in this humorous and simply joyous racing game.

Furthermore, the downhill racing action puts you in absolutely fantastic locations. From the mountains of Italy to the local streets and estates of Scotland, there is a great amount of variety in the gameplay. There is also a cool feature that makes this game all the more unique and original. As you race and preform tricks and stunts in the air while speeding down intense tracks there are many power ups and abilities to unlock. You may unlock the ability to throw water bottles at opponents, smack them off there bikes with sticks, punch, kick, and so on. Surprisingly, this is exceptionally well done, and serves as another pro to this wonderful game. It also adds a humorous yet brilliant feel to the game, without making it cheesy or annoying.

Then there's the voice acting, which actually suits the game perfectly. It's very funny and crude at the same time, which fits the overall feel of the game. There's nothing more original than a British soccer player complimenting his face while hitting another opponent with a water bottle. It's just hilarious.

Overall, one must simply play this underrated PS2 gem, for it is more than just worthwhile.


Now for some gameplay pics :P


Anywase, hope you enjoyed my blog/review :D

Take care everyone :)