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Looking to purchase a solid PS3 title...

So lately, and by lately I mean awhile, my PS3 hasn't been receiving the attention it should. I'll leave the reasons for this neglect to remain unspoken, but let's just say a said game has been occupying my time lately (cough StarCraft cough). It has been a good few months since she has been powered on, so I need some opinions. Since the season of giving and receiving is well upon us, I have some extra cash to help this cause. :)

I've been leaning toward purchasing God of War 3 because I surprisingly don't own it to this day. My buddy from college had bought it, so at that time I thought it would simply be a waste of money. Oh the joys of sharing and caring. If you're an avid PS3 user and happen to stumble across this blog post, I'd appreciate your opinion as to what game would be most worth my money. If not, I'll just stick to Kratos. :P