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PAX is almost here!

After waiting many months PAX is finally almost here again, and I couldent be more excited. This thursday my friend and I are going to be driveing out from Montana to Seattle to go to the PAX. We have our three day pass and are going to try and do as much as possible, by attending as many panels as we can includeing of course the Giant Bomb panel and many others. Also we are going to try and play or see all the games they have to offer, so its going to be a very busy and extremely fun weekend. During or after PAX I will also be posting some text and or video blogs about some of my thoughts about PAX also about intresting panels and of course impressions of games (No More Heroes 2!). Also I might go into more detail in the Podcast. If any of you guy's are going to be attending just hit me up.

Mode7 Podcast Episode 5

This is the come back of the EPIC Mode7 Podcast type thing. With ShR3D, DeVeAn, JonnyAvacado and UncleJohn. In this episode we talk about the upcoming games this holiday season. And also our thoughts on the console wars. Make sure to listen to the last 20 min or so that is when it is most interesting. Enjoy!

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A good way to save money on games.

Its called Goozex.com. Its a game tradeing website that is very solid and saves you alot of money. It is completely trustworthy. How it works is you put a game up for trade and its worth a certain amount of points. These points are directly related to the retail price of the game. So instead of getting a 1/4 of the games retail price at Gamestop (ewww) you get full retail price on it. So you are on a list, and once its your turn you send it in to someone who wants it and you get your points for your game, trust me the people on that site wont screw you over. Then you find a game you want and you get on the list for it and it gets sent to you all you pay is $1 for the trade credit and theres your game. Its easy, ligit, and cheap. I have told a few of you about it already. Just wanted to tell all of you about it. If you decide to give it a try when you are signing up, in the recommendation spot put my user name xShR3Dx doing this you get 100 free goozex points and so do I. I hope this might have gotten a few of you to try it.

Heres the link.. http://www.goozex.com

Its here!

My PS3 came in today at about three today and I have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and lovein it. I also downloaded some demos that I have not played yet like Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, Resistance, Warhawk, and Heavenly Sword any suggestions on more? I also set up my PSN account my name is xNoiZx so please add me or give me your PSN account and I will add you. Thats all im gonna go play some MGS 4.... Peace.

I have decided.

The version of the PS3 I purchased is......................neither! I was looking on ebay when I found a 60 GB model that they do not make anymore. So read up on the fourms about it and it sounds pretty solid it even has full backwards compatibillity. So today I won an auction for a Used 60GB PS3 for only about $350. So im really happy I got it. It should be here in about a week. I am of course going to be purchaseing Metal Gear Solid 4 soon. Please tell me your opinion on this move thank you.

In other news I am very excited to see what Microsoft has to bring to the table at there conference tommorow. I am hopeing to see more info during E3 about:

Fable 2, Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3, Little Big Planet, Prince of Persia, Mega Man 9, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Left 4 Dead, and FarCry 2. Also any other new games that have not yet been anounced.

Help me decide! Please.

I have just finished selling some of my games. The total comes to $345! So now im going to get ether a 40 GB PS3 for about 310 on ebay. Or I could wait and get the MGS4 bundle for around 600....uhg. So I cant decide between the two. Im leaning towards the 40 GB just because the sheer cost of the 80 GB bundle it is totally out of my price range. Plus the PS3 would not even be my main console I would just get the exclusives. But I really want the 80 GB because I want the full experience and backwards compatibility, because I have never owned a PS2. So you see im kind of stuck here so PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT I really need help fast on this one!!!


Games for sale!

I decided to sell a bunch of my games in order to get enough money for a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 so heres the list of all the games I am selling

Heres the link to the the Items: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZjkm395

Metroid Prime 3: Courruption Wii

Ghost Squad Wii

Super Paper Mario Wii

Marvel Ultimate Alliance X-Box 360

Half-Life 2 Game of the Year Edition PC

World of Warcraft PC

Rock N Roll Raceing SNES

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES

Super Ghouls N Ghosts SNES

Super Mario World + Super Mario All-Star Combo Pack SNES

Wii Zapper and Links Crossbow training

Rock Band Mic

Rock Band Guitar

Rock Band Drums

Rock Band Game

..........Comment or bid if you are interested

Remember that Game Vol. 1

This is a new segment where I talk about great games that you might of forgot about honoring them so our very first game is.......

Jet Grind Radio


Jet Grind Radio was released on the sega Dreamcast November 1, 2000. The point of this game is to tag all the spots on rollarblades before time runs out our you get killed. But its not that easy there will be people and things that try to stop you such as rival gang members, cops, a detective, tanks, helicopters ect...

This game was extreamly fun and still is. But where this game really thrives is in the graphics and music. The Graphics are all sell-shaded and cartoon some of my favorite graphics to this day.

If you have a Dreamcast you should defenetly pick this game up.

If you have suggestions for games just comment them, comment please thanks.