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Metal Gear Solid has never been so fun and looked this beautiful

after only playing through the first few hours of this game this morning... i already i know that im gonna love it. From its legendary storytelling plots and twists to its addictive gameplay right of the bat. But im not going to jump to conclusions right away, but wait for my review in a couple weeks or so.

alright everyone, peace and keep on gaming ;)

Top 10 Albums ... OF ALL TIME

Again, like i always say in all my top lists .... these ten are NOT in order but the top 3 will always deserve their place.

(Released 1982)Shabooh Shoobah. With one of the most disturbing looking album covers i've seen ... the first thing that comes to my mind when i heard this album is "don't judge a band by it's album cover ... you have to listen to it first" My top two favorite songs are in this album ... "Don't Change" and "The One Thing". "Jan's song" is quite a jumpy song too. "Spy of Love" is also very good

(Released 1997) The Colour and The Shape is almost a flawless album with many great songs. This is probably their fastest album with songs like "Enough space", "monkey wrench", and "wind up". Also with the best songs they have to offer like "Times Like These", "My Hero", and my personal all time favorite "Everlong"

(Released 1991) Nevermind ... A complete Masterpiece album. and its flawlessness delivers all the grunginess you can expect from nirvana. "Breed" is my favorite Nirvana song ... period

(Released1983) Synchronocity. The best work done by El Policia ... and sadly their last. "Synchronocity 2" is my favorite song of the police and it's in here. Also, the "King of pain", "Wrapped around your finger", and "every breath you take" (which has been covered by god knows how many artists and bands) are in this little album of goodness.

(Released 1999) Californication is my all time RHCP album. A flawless album i might say. "Around the world", "fortune faded" and "suck my kiss" ... my top three songs from them are all in here. all with other favorites like "other side" "scar tissue" and of course "Californication". ... and on a side note **Damn these guys love California** ooh i forgot, because CA IS so damn awesome!!!!!!!!!!

(released 2005) MESMERIZE! Ahhh... 10th grade, it wouldn't have been complete without this flawless album ... with the exception of "lost in hollywood" with stupid Daron singing with his STUPID voice!

(Released 1987) The Joshua Tree. U2's most famous album and of course FLAWLESS one while im at it. My top three U2 songs are in here ... "Exit", "Where the streets have no name", and "with or without you". If any of you are looking to just relax from all these other bands you are listening to. i HIGHLY suggest this album, it's the most calming and relaxing one there is out there. You might even fall asleep to The Edge's hauntingly creepy soothing guitar riffs.

(Released 1990) Violator. What can i say? flawless + depeche mode = Violator. all their best work has been into this album. well, that's just my opinion. "Enjoy the silence" is my all time favorite, and it should be yours too.

(Released 1987, obviously) Substance was never remastered to audio CD, I discovered this legendary album in my uncle's pile of old-school 80's records he saved over these many years. and once i popped it in his record player ... I said, "wow, this sh!t is freakin great". it's as if my prayers for some more depeche mode were answered. "The Perfect Kiss" is my favorite New Order song. "Blue Monday", "True Faith", "Shellshock" and all the other great new order songs you have grown to know and love are all packed into SUBSTANCE!

*** Released 1998 *** System of a down's self-titled debut album = Greatness. Flawless and perfect in every way in shape and form. When daron malakian almost never spoke a word and focused on only playing the guitar and was actually good at it. And serj's voice sounded as if it were created by the god's and infused with holy divine energy. every song in here is made with perfection. "P.L.U.C.K" is my favorite song here. Let me guess ... yours is "Sugar" right? you are missing out fellow Gamespotters. buy this album now ... if you can find it. HEH HEH HEH....

Summer's approaching ... what are your plans?

well, with all these damn games out at the same time and almost no time to play them ... That means there is even less time for gamespot. (yes, i have proirities ... sometimes.) I guess i'm going to end up like on of those people that quit gamespot. i mean, i HOPE it doesn't get to that point... but we'll see.

ANYWAYS, what is everyone planning to do over the summer?

I think it's about time I reviewed Brawl

I finished all the challenges, got over 520 trophies. over 650 stickers, and beat the SSE. It has almost been a month since it's release and took a lot of time out of my life. My review is up and running, please take the time to read and review it. thanks

Top 40 Brawl Songs!

These 40 are not in order, I just love them all So much that i even took the time and put them all in my ipod! Some songs may have additional comments and some wont. But I will Have a top 5 as the last ones

40. Midna's Lament - What can i say? I can't ignore this hauntingly beautiful song and great piano work.

39. Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store

38. Ashley's Song - This song is so funny that I acutally like it

37. Wild Pokemon Battle (Ruby/Sapphire) - It just brings back the good old days of sapphire and ruby

36. Unfounded Revenge

35. Vs. Parasite Queen

34. Angel Island Zone - Although I would have prefered the original, this one holds up quite nicely

33. Against The Dark Knight - This song sounds so devastatingly evil. Makes me want to play Fire Emblem:POR again

32. Vs. Meta Ridley - Who doesn't like this song?

31. Gerudo Valley - You can't ignore that legendary guitar playing

30. Final Destination - Takes the number 30 spot for being so damn awesome

29. Green Hill Zone - Ahh... Good times. Good Times.

28. Battle in the Base

27. Main theme (mario64) - It was worth the 50 hours of brawl

26. The Mape Page / Bonus Level

25. Waluigi Pinball - Doesn't this song just pump you up?

24. Molgera Battle - For those who have play wind waker, you know that this song is great

23. Star Wolf - This would have been on my top 5 if I hadn't already killed it

22. Porky's Theme

21. Planet Colors - Probably the only good F-Zero song there

20. WarioWare, Inc. Medley

19. Attack

18. Multiplayer (metroid prime2) - My favorite Metroid song on brawl

17. Meta Knight's Revenge - Doesn't have like a little jazz feel to it? I love it

16. King K. Rool - Too bad he wasnt a character or at least a boss

15. Team Galactic Battle

14. Tal Tal Heights - Only the select few who have played Link's Awakening will remember this song

13. Boss Battle Song 1

12. Crimean Army Sortie - My favorite Fire Emblem Song

11. You Call This a utopia? - Just a better version of Porky's Theme

10. Delfino Plaza - The best mario song there

9. Credits (Super Smash Bros.)

8. Emerald Hill Zone - Even more great memories of the past

7. Encounter

6. Boss Theme medley (Kirby) - A great song to brawl to


5. Dialga / Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar

4. King Dedede's Theme

3. Main Theme (Twilight Princess)

2. The Dark World

1. Yell "Dead Cell"

Apologies for lack of activity on your blogs...

I just can't find time for everyone's blogs anymore. I mean, i used to go to everyone's blog every day like 3 times a day. Now, i can barely post like 2 to 3 comments per gamespot session. So if i havent been posting comments, don't take it personally.

Until then, keep brawling my fellow brawlers