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The Top Ten Worst Games That You Should Play #4

Men In Black was pretty bad, yet entertaining, but there are far worse than that. Back during the golden days of the Playstation 2, there were tons of licenses trying to make a go at video games. Much like Men In Black, several TV series also attempted the feat. Most of these games were aimed at younger audiences or at the hardcore fanatic. When I was roughly ten years old, I was a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. I loved the show, and even more-so, the card game. I spent hours upon hours investing strategy for when I would go to tournaments with my friends. It was a hit nation-wide.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! brand would find itself into stores as a video game, known under the subtitle "The Duelists of the Roses". I had no clue what to expect. On one hand, I was a kid and thought, "ZOMG YU-GI-OH! VIDEO GAME!!!!" (Insert more druling) Then, on the other hand, I was like, "What? Roses? Whyyyyyyyyy????" None of it added up, and to this day, it still doesn't, and this game with ruin your love for the TV series and the card game, as it did with me. I played this game to death, loved it at times, and hated it at others! It took Yu-Gi-Oh!, and tried to make it into a medieval times kind of game, and the two are so far apart, it leaves this gaping hole that had no way of ever closing! Hence forth, you see where my interest in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! brand simply died. Yep. Death incarnate.

If you were, or maybe still are, looking for a way to kill your obsession on this brand, play this game. It will do just that for you, and for me, I am forever grateful. This game attempts way to much, and if it had just been a simple card battle game minus the HORRIBLE looking monsters, I think fans would have appreciated it much much more.

#4: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses


Top Ten Worst Games You Should Play #5

For years and years and years, the Lord of the Rings series of books, movies, and games have been loved by millions around. There have been some great LOTR games before in the past, and some that were meh, to say the least. Then there are those that make you want to kill the developer for ruining not just the title that the game represents, but killing a former series that they made as well.

Pandemic Studios, which, as we see, no longer exists. There is reason for this, and the Lord of the Rings: Conquest is in my opinion, the prime reason for their demise. For those of you who also love Star Wars, you probably enjoyed Star Wars: Battlefront last generation. Phenominal game to say the absolute least. Well Conquest is almost an EXACT copy of that amazing series, but taking the LOTR name and taking what was an idea built for Star Wars just doesn't work. In fact, it is so bad, I laughed when wanting to call Sauron Darth Vader, or Gandalf becoming Obi Wan Kenobi. The combat is especially frustrating, and just does not fit the universe.

#5- The Lord of the Rings: Conquest


The Top Ten Worst Games You Should Play #6

Wow, it has been a while Gamespot! I hope everyone is doing great, and with June literally 15 hours away, and E3 creeping up on us, I am ready to return to my consistent blogging and reviewing self. I am going to continue my Top Ten series, and then in this time frame, finish a ton of reviews that I have needed to complete. I have roughly five that are close to being done, and thus, it is time to return. I may be a top-1000 reviewer on GameSpot, but I plan on being Top-100 one day. On that note, without further ado, here is number 6!

#6: Men In Black II: Alien Escape (PS2/GC)

Men in Black II: Alien Escape Boxshot

Okay, so last generation, I was still growing up and figuring out how to tell a good game from a bad one. This was a game that, sadly, I preordered as an 11yr old. Clearly I was excited about the Men In Black name on a video game cover, and that was a bad choice. I remember this game well overall too, considering it has been ten years since I played it. Overall, one thing consistent with my top ten series so far is the fact that movie tie-ins or spinoffs do not work 99.3% of the time. Why the spare .7%? Well King Kong was excellent as well as Spiderman: The Game (1st movie tie-in). I have rarely played other games based on movies that are good. Okay, maybe a couple of more come to mind, but that is alright. Why should you play this game?

Well, the fact that something so repetitive and so childish could be so amusing even ten years later is reason enough to play it. The game itself in my opinion is terrible, and the graphics largely contribute to that. Playing this game ten years ago, it reminded me of a Star Trek game more than Men In Black. It just did not make sense at all! Then again, not many movie-based games make sense (see Hannah Montana: The Movie (game)). I believe that game will go down as the biggest milking of a name ever. Who knows though!

Expect #5 of my series tonight as I continue to my old ways in full swing. I am going to be checking out a lot of other blogs to see what I have missed out on this past month. And for those who may have begun following me recently, as there are at least two of you, I take requests on reviews! I not only purchase games, but I also play a ton through GameFly, so if you, or anyone would like an opinion or full review on a game, just let me know in a PM and I will get to it immediately!

Happy Gaming!

The Top Ten Worst Games You Should Play, #7, And I Now Own A PS3 Again!

#7 on my list is one game that really confuses me. How can a game be so bad, when a movie is so great? Well we all know movie-based games really can be lame (most of the time), but Marvel should have known better when Thor: God of Thunder, was even thought of.

#7: Thor: God Of Thunder


Do yourself a favor, play Thor, because it does more than just destroy the greatness of the movie, but also destroys the name Thor in every way. I have never played a Marvel game this bad, and considering how mediocre the two Iron Man games were, that says a lot as to why I played this. Horrible game that you have to see it to believe it. Sales were so poor for the God of Thunder, that within the first two weeks of the game's release you could find the game already posting 50-75% price drops brand new.

That is just embarrassing, and it is no wonder Sega has to reshape its entire company now.

Now moving away from my top ten list for a few moments, I apologize for my recent inactivity. I have had a rough last couple of weeks finishing my time working at Home Depot, and can now rest until I begin my new job in the next couple of weeks after I finish moving. Though my biggest news by far is that I purchased a brand new Playstation 3, got Batman Arkham City free with it, and got Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Resistance: Fall of Man all for the low price of $17.89.

How the f*** is that possible you ask?

Well my buddies at my local GameStop told me how they were now taking trade-ins on Apple products with scratches on the screens. They could not do that initially, but now they could! So, add the fact that I got 50% bonus store credit for purchasing two pre-owned products, on top of the two games I was trading in, I got the 160gb PS3, Batman Arkham City (free with console due to promotion), and Uncharted and Resistance, only paying $17.89! Easily the best deal I have ever gotten myself, and couldn't have been happier with it!

I have owned a PS3 before, but I had to sell it two years ago because I really needed the extra cash, and since then, life has been grand, and now the opportunity presented itself! If any PS3 users want my ID online, it is UltimaSpartacus, just like my Xbox Live gamertag. Hit me up telling me you're from GameSpot if you want! Looking to get a couple of new games tonight as well!

Also, reviews for Uncharted and Resistance can be expected soon!

Thanks for checking out my blog everyone! See you all next week!

The Top 10 Worst Games That You Should Play, #8

While Infernal was indeed a horrible game, there were the obvious reasons to play it...merely because you couldn't believe it ever was able to make it to shelves.

Turning back the clock a little bit more, we look at a game that was simultaneously released on last-gen and first-gen consoles. Tom Clancy games have always had a pretty good reputation, from Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon. When new consoles were first released, we were told of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, or GRAW as we call it for short. On the Xbox 360 and PC, the game was a hit. Try playing it on the PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube system, and you have to ask,"What went wrong?"

When I played the two different versions, I felt as though I was playing totally different games. It is not just the graphical enhancements that this generation has brought us that stand out as differences, but the gameplay is what really drives this game down. The reason you should play it is so you can see the difference as far as the versions are concerned. How could such a respected company such as Ubisoft make such a horrible port of a terrific game? The Playstation 2 was a great console historically, and still has many games worth replaying, but GRAW is not one of them, and is why it makes my last at number eight.

#8: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (PS2, XBOX, GC version)

Unfortunately, GameSpot's blogging continues to upset, as it would not allow me to put a picture in, and saying that I had 291,000 characters used out of a maximum of 20,000 for a blog post. Have no idea why it would even think that, but oh well.

Tune in tomorrow for number seven on my list, as we take a trip to the original Gameboy for our next game.

The Top 10 Worst Games You Should Play, #9

To recap yesterday, my list began with Call of Juarez for the Xbox 360. The game had a lot of upside overall, but terrible mechanics and too many small glitches hampered the game WAY too much for me. There are worse games though that you should look into. Continuing my list at number nine....

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.................

#9: Infernal: Hell's Vengeance

Infernal is one bad game. I mean REALLY bad. From the voice acting, to the gameplay, to the laughable graphics, there is not one thing that anyone can say about this game that is good. I have never seen a game that looked so last-generation before this one. The only good thing about this game, and the reason why you should pick it up as a rental, is the easy achievement points. There isn't really one hard achievement here. Just follow a guide, and 1000G is yours.

I'll return Wednesday with number eight on my list! Thanks for reading!

Later everybody!

Top 10 Worst Games That You SHOULD Play

Welcome to the Top 10 Worst Games That You Should Play!

My feature begins with a shooter released on the Xbox 360 and PC, and also just happens to have a review included as well! This western shooter garnered mixed reviews, and from me, an extremely negative one.

#10 Call of Juarez (PC, XBOX360)

Since GameSpot has changed their 'insert link' command when creating blogs, here is the address you can go to view my review for Call of Juarez. Check back tomorrow for number 9 on my list!


Major Update: Review And Top 10 Blog Series Coming Tonight!

First off, for what I feel could be the 100th time this has happened, I apologize for the recent inactivity everybody. Life is pretttttyyyy busy for me right now, but I am doing my best to stay consistent when I have the time. I am currently preparing to move to the Houston area, and so I am either working my final days at my current job, or relaxing with my girlfriend. To say the least, not very much spare time. Also, if you ever do any hardware shopping or home improvement shopping, go to Lowes. Take that for what it's worth from a Home Depot associate. :P

That's also probably the most random thing I have ever said in a blog before.

As for my review coming tonight, I will be posting my thoughts on Call of Juarez for Xbox 360. Overall, the game suffers due to its generic feel and atmosphere, and I wanted so badly to bang my head as hard as possible against my desk because the voice acting and game mechanics are that bad sometimes. It really makes you wonder how many developers out there truly care about the game that they are producing, and what their target audience is going to feel like once they play it. After playing "Call of Crap", as I like to call it, I am starting to get some time in with the original Mass Effect (close to beating it again), and getting more time with MW3.

I am playing through all three Mass Effect games in hopes of getting all the achievements in each one. This will take me a lot of time, but I am enjoying it because I am making my "Shepard" different each time. I am choosing different dialogue options, killing off certain crew members, and I must say, it can have you really absorbed. I love this series, and can't wait for Mass Effect 4. As for MW3, everyone knows my displeasure with the game being released once a year. Supposedly, this year we will see Black Ops 2, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, just not an overly great thing. If the devs wait a while and put together and brand new experience, we could see one awesome shooter, but seeing an "updated" yearly shooter just doesn't make sense to me, no matter how popular it is.

A great series no doubt, but with way too many games in a short amount of time. I would rather see DLC galore than put out another $65 with tax each year.

Also, I am considering doing a blog series detailing my franchise in NBA 2K12. I am a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs, though in NBA 2K12, I am currently playing as the Cleveland Cavaliers. I would like to do a game by game blog series with this, but would like to know from those who'd be willing to follow it, what exactly you all would like from it. Also, starting tonight, I will begin a daily countdown for the Top 10 worst games I have ever played in my life, and why you should play them! I think you all will really enjoy this, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy posting it!

I appreciate the tracking from you all, and will see you all tonight!

And for those celebrating this religious holiday, Happy Easter!


ME3, CoJ, CoD, So Many Acronyms, So Many Reviews!!!

Trackers, it has been a while! Almost three weeks, and I do apologize. Spring Break was here, and yeah...I dropped off the face of the earth for some relaxation, and of course, some gaming.

Let's begin with the obvious which I blogged about previously, being Mass Effect 3. MUCH has been said about this game since the release, mainly with the ending. I have yet to finish the game, and have not been able to play too much either (sad face), but I love it, and hope the ending is good (to me) since Bioware is changing it soon. As soon as I finish it, I will have a review up, I promise!!!

Moving on to more of a "classic", at far as this generation is concerned, I played a little bit of the original Call of Juarez. Call of "Crap" is really what I was calling it when my girlfriend and I were playing. I see the decency in it, but then I see the things that frustrate me, and I almost started changing my dialect because of the goshdarn...ohh!!!!....see, I almost did it there. That "amazing" dialogue in the game, I swear! Expect a full review sometime very soon, probably tomorrow evening.

Now, we shift gears to two juggernauts in the industry, Gears of War 3, and Modern Warfare 3. Today, when I returned Call of "Crap" to GameStop for my refund, I decided to go with big-brother as far as the name only, and purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Now I do bash this series a lot. I don't say the games are bad so much, but the multiplayer can be so repetitive. Well, I will see what I see when I begin playing it tomorrow night. Expect a full review soon for that, and also expect a full review sometime next week on Epic Games' "Forces of Nature" DLC pack for Gears of War 3 (Which looks like the greatest DLC of all-time). Yes, I was biased right there, and I don't care one bit! :P

How has everyone been, and what have YOU been playing? I want to know, because who knows, maybe I will want to play it! Until next time everyone, Happy Gaming!!!


Take Back Earth with ME3 Tonight!!!

Trackers!!! At this point in time we are about one hour and forty-five minutes from release of Mass Effect 3, which I will be playing constantly due to its awesomeness. I hope you all do the same as well, and hope that you enjoy the game as much as I will! Expect a full review in the next week or two.

Also, when I start my next blog, I will count down the Top 10 RPG's on the Xbox 360. :)

Goodnight everyone!!!