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Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money

Please avoid Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money at all costs. Worst DLC I have ever had the misfortune to come across. The people that put this together should be hung, drawn and then quartered.

The cost of games in Australia (vomit...barf...wipes crud from mouth)

Greetings !

Not sure where you're all from but I'm from Australia yes that's right the land down under as they say.

I've been getting awefully peeved as of late about the price of games in our lovely country as of late... you see our game stores seem to be still charging in excess of $100 for new release games, this woefull price point pissed me off to no end before but now my anger levels are currenlty going through the roof. You see the aussie dollar is now on par with the US dollar and yet here we are still getting pounded in the back side with $100+ games !

Does this mean that US gamers are paying $109+ for new release games at their end ? I doubt it ?

I'd love to hear some thoughts on my post + I'd love to here what people are paying for games in their respective countries ?

5000 G