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Yes it has finally happened.

I'm here to talk about my NEW Smartphone, that's right I'm still soo happy about the NEW Smartphone, I'm going to make this a short blog, but I hope more people notice and comment on this Blog.

Well it really all started on Thursday, when I started complaining that I'm sick of my TracFone to my Mom, (and yes I still live with my mom, but that's cause of my seizures) so she say ok, I'll look into it, and I think to myself, "I've heard that one before".

So later that day she is calling people and then she says after she hangs up from her calls, that we'll go tomorrow and get your new Cell Phone, so I'm thinking then "Wow she did it"

I then am so excited that I'm going to get a Cell Phone soon, well to make a long story short, I got my new Smartphone from Verizon I hope to hear from some people and also I'm alsonowapart of Twitter, Seach for me under Theplayer8505, and Floow me so I can follow you :P

Other then that I hope everyone is doing fine.

Blog ya Later. :D