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Stuff Blog.

This is going to be a fun blog today, since it has nothing to do with nothing, and something to do with something, but any who I would like to just blog about stuff that has happened this summer since my last time I had blogged.

I think honestly think this has to be one of thee hotter summers that I will remember, but also I still mowing the grass in the front while my Dad mows the back I really can't say too much more about that but I've been going to workout at the YMCA every week at least once during the summer it's so hard to go when it's so hot, I just wish I could get myslef there more often.

In other news I've been playing the PS3 more but I think I'm going to see if I can stop going for one trophy and go for more trophies on another game like WET, Sports Champions, LBP, God of War, or something like that.

NFL Lockout has been lifted and there will be football this season I think it will be another normal season for Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns, I will be doing a blog soon after I know how well each team does in the Pre-Season. :)

But I know that wasn't that long of a blog but, I think after 18 days of more Smartphone then Computer I think Computer will win in my heart I can honestly say this Smartphone has one some very good thing for me but It's really hard to do stuff other then going on Facebook and Twitter, I will always need the computer more but if I need to call someone then I will use it over the Computer.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog, I hope to do another one soon but I think the next one will be about SummerSlam.

Peace Out, Blog Ya Later and All of that other stuff. :)