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NFL 2011-2012 NFC Season

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles - I see alot of good thing like wins coming in the Eagles future in the next few year and I understand that QB's are the real reason that teams win, but the Eagles have a ok QB in Micheal Vick, but their Defense is just as good, with a 13-3 Win-Loss Record.
Dallas Cowboys - I hope not to see this team in the Playoff but I think thay just may make it, Tony Romo, is ooking just too good, I like what I see for them and to make things even more interesting, the Cowboys will have a win the tiebreaker vs.the New York Giants, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
New York Giants - The New York "Football" Giants are looking to be a decent team but I can't see QB Eli Manning winning this year over Philly or even Dallas, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Washington Redskins - The Redskins are in the the Basement for the second year in a row, but I can bealive how bad they are going to be, with a 2-14 Win Loss Record.

NFC North
Green Bay Packers - I know that I'm going out on a limb but, I do see the Packers making it back to the Playoff this year, to attempt to defend there Super Bowl Crown, but we shall see, I like it when they made it to the Super Bowl and won it and I was right last year like everyone else picking them, with a 12-4 Win- Loss Record.
Chicago Bears - Da Bears are not going to make it too far until they look more better on Offense, they have a great Defense but no good QB, and everything, isn't going to cut it, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Detroit Loins - The Loins are a good team but just the Bears, nothing too impressive except for QB Matt Statford, with a 7-9 Win-Loss Record.
Minnesota Vikings - They may have somethings right like a Good QB and RB, but they don't have much other then that. with a 5-11 Win-Loss Record.

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons - I can't say much other then WOW, just WOW, this team is stacked but I think everyone in this Organization is looking Great, even could go out and say Awesome, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
New Orleans Saints - I must say are going to make it to the Playoffs by luck, and when I say that they are the finals team to make it in, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton will starts but Pike will pick up the Pieces this season but, Carolina will look better next season, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I hate to say this but the Bucs Suck, with a 4-12 Win-Loss Record.

NFC West
St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford looks to be the real deal and no one but me knows it I can see it, and the Rams look like a decent team, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Arizona Cardinals - Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgreald look to be a great part of the Cardinals Offense, but that is really it, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith is looking like a great QB, but other then WR Crabtree they don't look to great, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.
Seattle Seahawks - No one on this team is good, with a 3-13 Win-Loss Record.