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NFL 2011-2012 AFC Season

AFC East
New England Patriots - Excellent looking team, and what can I really say New England is going to do great this year but they won't win all of their games, like what happened a few years back, but I will say New England is going to do something awesome, with a 13-3 Win-Loss Record.
New York Jets - Just about as great looking of a team like New England, but the New York Jets are looking better on the Defense and Offense then Special Teams, but I do see the New York Jets, losing a few more then New England, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
Buffalo Bills - Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, you were doing so well, then you fell. but I guess you are now building back up, that's the only thing you can do, but also I would like to see Buffalo do better then this but here it is, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Miami Dolphins - Miami is going to have a hard season, they won't go Win-less but it's not going to be a great season for Miami, with a 5-11 Win- Loss Record.

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers - How ever much I hate Pittsburgh I have to give them credit where credit is due, Pittsburgh is a great team overall, but I think Pittsburgh's QB Ben Roethlisberger, is looking a little bit more beaten up, with a 12-4 Win-Loss Record.
Cleveland Browns - I know, I know what everyone is thinking, but I have a good feeling about this year and, Cleveland is going to do a good enough to win a Wild Card Spot, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore looks a lot like the team that has lost mostly everything, they are not going to do that well this year, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Cincinnati Bengals - This team is going to be a sad team just like last year, with a 3-13 Win-Loss Record.

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts - I going to have to say that the Colts, are going to be more of a normal team that just squeaks through with enough wins I can see Indy, having some trouble on the road, but they will go at least .500% on the road, but as for at home they could have some trouble their too, with a 9-7 Win Loss Record.
Houston Texans - Good looking team with alot of good players, I like them to take the AFC South Championship next year, but this year they will fall short, with two losses to each of their AFC South foes, and winning mostly every other game except one other which I'm not fully sure, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Tennessee Titans - With unknowing when RB Chris Johnson is going to come back it really puts the Titans in jeopardy, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Jacksonville Jaguars - Nothing really looks good for Jacksonville, plain and simple, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.

AFC West
San Diego Chargers - I must say this that San Diego looks good enough to fight out of this AFC West with the Division Title, and that's all I can really say, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Kansas City Chiefs - Another well placed through out team with alot of potenial, but just like the Texans, they will miss the playoffs, by losing to the Chargers twice, with a 10-6 Win Loss Record.
Oakland Raiders - Great team in the past, OK team now, better team next year with Pryor being picked up this year, I would like to give them a better record, but I can't, with a 6-10 Win- Loss Record.
Denver Broncos - Team on the rise but I have give them a bad record just cause Denver has just too many holes, with a 4-12 Win- Loss Record.