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I'm going to try and.........

play my PS3 alot this week and see if I can get back into a groove for it, I think after my dad comes home from work, and we walk the pups, then I will start playing. :)

I know I have my heart inthe right place to play the PS3, but I think there reall ought to be a few changes in what Sony does, like for example Chrono Cross was one ofthe best games I have played and I really wish I would of gotten rid of it but I needed the Money for the Next game, so you know how that goes, but it's kindoflikeone of those times when you wish you could go back in time and stop your self from doing it, but to get back to my point I really think theat Chrono Cross should have another game for it's self in the series, now if you don't know how this game goes, then I will explian the just of it, It starts out that your this guy that has to save the world and his real name is Sage, but you can name him and everyone that you get to be aprt of yourt team, but to get back to the Story the next thing you know Sage is on this island, and as you go through the game you can eran power-ups and stuff called mana, but the funniest part is you can play as so many playable characters, but the only other thing I have got tosay is if you've played this game then I hope you had as much fun as I did pl,aying it.

This has been WWE4ever posting this, have a nice day. :)