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Blogging at the Hospital, and MR.DOMINO?!?!

Welp, that's right ladies and germs I'm at the Hospital waiting for my Grandpa that is still in the ICU I thinkeveryone shouldknow that he, isn't going to make it, andhe's on life support, I may not be on for the next few day, they are going to take him off life support on friday and then it is going to be bummer, ofcourse I'm at the Hospital and can't focus. :cry:

The other thing is Mr.Domino that is me, but it is going offally quick.

Other then that I hope everyone has a nice day, and a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Sad but true, or is it, true but sad, either way I'm saddened.

My Grandpa is in ICU right now as I type this but that is the best reason why I've not been commenting too much, and he's been in there for almost a week, and I'm still trying to post and enjoy myself but it's some times too hard to do so and then I start thinking about him.

He's my Grandpa on my mom's side, and it's soon disappointing and I hope everyone can pray that he'll make it, he was a Smoker for many years, but since 2001 or so has stopped smoking.

But other then that this blog is a quick update and giving info, about my Grandpa.

The only other thing is, he has a bad case of Pneumonia and that's why he's where he is. :?

Hope to be here more this week?????

I'm blogging this time about the main reason I've not been on here posting too much, it's not that I hate anyone or anything to that extent, but I will say this that I'm wrong about theFirst-Person Shooters,like Call of Duty I'm not the best at it, but it is very addicting, and time consuming.

That isn't the only reason though I'm also busy with watchingsports and I really do suck at being on and watching Sports, it's alot more harder then you may think for me.

That isreally mytwo main problems, but I'll see how well I can do with holding down those two things so thatthen I can come here, butwe will see.:?

And finally I will say thankyou for all the comments on my two past blogs, I know -Vulpix- always comments, and I thank you for that -Vulpix-. :)

I hope everyone has a nice Blogging day and hope to talk to some of you this week. :D

WWE, and other stuff.

Well I got WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011, and I am enjoying it, I hope to get all of the trophies, a few of them are going to be tough to get but then againisn't most of the Silver and Gold trophies usually tough to get anyway.

But I was wanting to state that I did buy it, and hope that everyone is having a nice day.

The "other stuff" is about other things like, future Blogs and what has been going on a stuff like that, I will start with what has been going on, I have been watching alot of sports lately, like the World Series, NBA Tipped off this past week, NHL is still playing on, NFL is getting good, and then the NCAA Football is getting good too.

But the Ohio State Buckeyes won't be going to the National Championship. :(

I would like to say that the Carolina Panthers won there first game last week, and will be trying for there second winin a row this season.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are doing good lately, they play tonight in Colorado,

TheClevelandCavaliers won their opening night game, Vs. Boston and then they lost last nightin Toronto, and now back in Cleveland they play theSacromento Kings,

And then it's to the World Series with San Fransico Giants up 2 games to 0 Vs. Texas and now the series goes to Texas.

I hope everyone has a nice and safe week and Enjoy you Halloween. :D

Games that shouldn't be played by me.

  1. Fallout- Any of them look very fun and I know they are fun, but still it's a little hard to get into the game if there are bugs and such in the game that is why I'm not going to play rhis game, I think it's silly for my self to be scared of so many kinfds oif bugs but the ones that get me are anything with more then 8 or so legs and those are such as Silverfish, Centapeeds, Millipeeds, Roaches, Scorpians and Spiders, (but not the little spiders I'm meaning the BIG ones). :?
  2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma- It's just a game that has no trophies and I'm not intererested in that. :?
  3. Heavenly Sword- No Trophies as well.
  4. Anything FPS
  5. Killzone.

And other then those games I think I'm cool with everthing else, but I'm just not blogging this just to make people upset but it just me I like any kind of sport pretty much, and can't wait until Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 comes out next week. :)

I hope everyone has a nice Blogging day. :)

It's come down to this.

I have been trying my hardest to keep busy, it was either this or lift some weights but they are all the way down the Basement and I don't really feel up to going down the steps, and anyway I like blogging and no one commenting back. :P

But I hope everyone is doing just fine with what ever they're going to do tonight, so other then that I wouldn't mind it a few more Comments from people that do read and just don't post, I understand if you don't want to post a comment in my first few blogs but I would think some people should have enough time to Post as comment or two to some peoples blogs. :|

I myslef come out of my safe zone once in a while and don't read every last word, I myslef just try and get the just of the Blog and comment on that but is that really wrong, NO, I don't think so but back to the safe zone part I was talking about it's just not everyones blog I'm talking about but it's alsothe posts on the forums, I cut some corners there too, I think everyone can say they have cut somewhat of a corner, I know I have many times and sometimes I even skip a few post from time to time.

As you can see I don't really have a topic in this Blog it's just some of my thoughts of what I think that other poeple do like me on Gamespot, but also I know someone here that is my friend that is going to post a comment that some how states that they never have and never will cut corners, but anyway the main reasons why I said what I said is so people here can understand why I may or may not sound like I know everything because I don't, but I can't read as quick as the average person even now I still can't read completely that's why when people read alot books I'm very surprised to that they don't just get board of it, but like I always say to them "Whatever floats your boat".

But I know I haven't been talking (Typing) :P too much about anythingbut Blah, blah, and blah, but I think more people need to do blogs without a toppic and just start thinking of things thier heart wants them to say.

I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep with this blog but It's took me at least 45 minutes to type all this and all of this typeing is fun but then again I want to do this over Lifting weights boy am I a boring person. :P

Hope everyone has a nice Blogging day. :D:D:D

A blog with HIGH Expectation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I know no one has heard from me for a while but, I think I know what I have to do to get myself going to do things.

I have to tell myself a few timethe night beforethat I want to do this certain thing, like for instants I wanted to play a certain Video Game then I just got to keep it on my mind more and more, until I know I have to do this, I hope this will help me with my problem of not playing the PS3, to somehow switch it over to the other side like I've been really wanting to beat or at least play Fallout 3 a little more, but I don't think I'm going to do this tonight since I already did it oncefor something different from playing onthe PS3 and that thing was cleaning my Fishes Fish Tank, andI did it, so hopefully, I think it will work out, but since I will have some yard work to do, that is why I'm not going to use it tonight. :(

But I'm hoping this will come ahead on Tuesday night going intoWednesday mourning, when I'm going to play Fallout 3 for a while. :)

But other then that I think I'm done here and don't forget to leavea Comment if you want to. :)

Have a nice Blogging Day. :D ;);D

Wrestling, and PS3 trouble.

WWE HiaC was a really great PPV, I really hope WWE can keep this going I like Kane with the Championship and Cena is now apart of the Nexus, I think I'm really starting to like WWE Wrestling again.

But the other thing call PS3 trouble, thatI wanted to talk about, was once again I'm in a little rut of wanmting to but not playing the PS3, I don't know if I just have too many things going or I just need to force it on to myself, I don't really know why,but everything should turn out fine in the end.

Yes this is a shorter blog but that's ok I'll have more later in theweek. :)

Have a blogging day. :D

BIG WEEKEND......................................... not really. :(

So other then it being not such a big weekend like last weekend I think I'm going to enjoy this weekend more, it all starts with WWE SmackdownTonight on a different Channel for me on Time Warner Cable, it's on channel 62 or for HD 1224, but any you put it it's going to be on the SYFY network tonight and I think tonight is going to be a great night for WWE Wrestling, also while watching WWE Smackdown, I'm going to have my NHL Draft tonight, at around 9:00PM at the middle of WWESmackdown, I hope to get some good players, and that is my Goal 1-0 Yahoo Hockey League.

I also have WWE Hell in a Cell PPV this Sunday night, and hopefully it will be good, and then there is also Saturday which I have alot of good Collage Football games I think the Ohio StateBuckeyes will win this weekend, it's should be offley easy game I see them covering spread Vs. Illinois.

But other then that I hope everyone enjoys there weekend.

I don't have much else to say other then that the Cleveland Browns will most likely lose again, and same the Panthers. :?

Have a Great Blogging day. :)

25 years and counting..................... Up. :P

Today is my official Birthday, on this day 25 years ago at 9:06 this Mourning I turned the page to a new chapter in my life that's right I'm now officially 25 years old, and that meansI'm now aQuarter of a Century old. :)

but that was what this blog is all about. :D

I hope everyone has a Nice Blogging day. ;)