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LBP 1 n' 2 + other things.

THis blog will mostly be about LittleBigPlanet, and LittleBigPlanet 2, but also I will be talking about other things like what I have been doinbg here which that is easy to answer right now, which is nothing, but also I'm going to try harder with that.:)

But now on to LBP 1, I haven't finished the story part and that means I have gotten the Platinum, on it so hopefully I can do this but also It's the GOTY LBP, so I have to get the other ones there too, :? I hope to get some morepeople toplay this onesoon before the everyone get LBP 2.

Also I'm going to be getting LBP 2 in two days, but I hope to get it. :)

Other then that I think I'm doing ok, I'm feeling depressed with myself, but other then that I'm ok.

I hope everyone is doing ok, :)

Hope to here from some of you. :)

Life at this point?!?

Well as everyone else has been doing there best of 2010, I'm looking forward to next Tuesday, the 18th of January, 2011, it's when LBP 2 comes out and I know for sure that if it's as fun as the 1st one then this should be alot of fun. :)

Also I'm looking forward to see the Columbus Blue Jackets play tonight Vs. Phoenix, and that comes on in a little bit after 7:00 PM, but the only other thing I wanted everyone to know about is that I'm going to update my Profile soon and I wanted some opinions if I mayabout What to put there and stuff, like since I have a Facebook Profile, should I put my whole name up there or just my First name. :?

There is also the question, what should I put on my profile here on Gamespot.

Thee only other thing I wanted to post is that my level on LittleBigPlanet is up and if anyone or any of your friend would like to play it and Tag it and heartmeand my Level, I would be so happy to show it back tothem. :)

And Don't forget my profile name on the PS3 is Theplayer8505.

Other then that I hope to see some comments. :P:)

Christmas 2010........................ Part 2???????????????

Well I did forget totell about afew other things like my $25Best Buy Gift Card, that I bought the God of War Collection, it was $29.99, at Best Buy so I bought that and used some money thatI got from my Mom, for my Subway Gift Card, so all in all I got what I wanted.:)

Also I think I will just do an original Blog about everything that has already happened this year, so here we go, well the Carolina Panthers are going to get the1st Round Pick in this years NFLDraft I hope to say that it's looking like Andrew Luck but IO my self think they need a really good Defencive End like how they had inb J.Peppers, I think it will be Luck thought since everyone thinks Carolina's real problem comes from the QB Spot, even though Carolina has Tony Pike (Who I think should of started the last two games), Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, but then there is the Question who will be coaching next year for the Panthers since John Fox is gone from the Panthers Franchise.

But then there is that other question for the other Football Teamsthat I like and that is the Cleveland Browns, and the Oakland Raiders I will get to the Browns in after this, but Oakland isn't all that bad of an team I think that they are going to go out there next season a dominate their Division, Oakland doesn't really need much maybe a StrongSafety, and a few Defencive Backs, and they are all set, possabliya Wide Receiver or two but that is really it there.

Then the Browns are in need of some seriousHelp on mostly all of the Positions, Excludingsome spots like QB, WR, RB, TE, and mostly all of the O-Line is good too, but also I think there D-Line could need some fixing, and also for the Special Teams spots too.

Wow what a blog, the only other thing tosay what my New Years Resolution is, and it is to instead of thinking about somethings for a long, long time, to just do it. :D

But other then that I hope everyone had a swell time reading this blog, I had some fun Typing this one.

Blog all of you later and I hope to see some comments soon.

Christmas 2010.

Well let me first off by saying it was an ok Christmas No Grandpa at Christmas but I think it's getting better, but now on to what I got this year:

The A-Team Movie, The A-Team Seasons Three, Four, and Five, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Season One, Tex Avery's Droopy The Complete Collection DVD, Freakazoid! Season 2 DVD, Hong Kong Phooey the complete Series DVD, Underdog; Chronicles, and Nemesis DVDs, Underdog Collectors Editions DVD, Nine Hours of Death Match Wrestling XPW's Cold Day in Hell DVD, a Mint Chocolate Candle, an A-Team Mouse Pad, a Mr.T Christmas Ornament, and a Carolina Panthers Mini Helmet.

But other then that, that was my Christmas. :)

I hope everyone enjoied reading this, have a safe and Happy New Year.

Happy 2011................................... Soon. :P

Hello everyone I must thank everyone that posted on my last blog, and I will now be here more often now, but I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and I hope everyone has a nice start to 2011, I think it's goin g to be a good yea rand I can't wait until it's all over with, I don't want to even remember, this year at all, I liked it until I found out that my Grandpa was dead.

But anyway I think it's time to look for happier times, and look foward to next year 2011, I hope that everyone is ready for some good times int the next year 'cause I sure am.

I think this is going to be a short blog today.

I think next time I will blog a litlle bit more but other then that, I thank everyone for there kindness.

(Next blog will be about what I got for Christmas 2010.)

I hope to some people read this blog. :)

Blog ya later.

My Grandpa has Died.

Well everyone knows but here if you were wondering where I've been I have been sadly watching my Grandfather Died, ad back on December 18th, 2010, at 3:40 PM he passed, and it all started out with a small case of phenomia, and then it then scaled up for bad to worst, and then worst to worster (that may not be a word), but either way I will always love him I know that I was a good Grandson to him and I will miss him alot, but I was hisSecond Grandson, and that's something that can't be changed, but I knew him for 25 year and and I can't believe it's over for him, God Bless you Grandpa, and I will see you up there.

Peace, love and tranquillity, to you and yours.

and I hope everyone will have a very Merry Christmas.

A blog to just blog about, and other Ramdom stuff.

As everyone can tell I've been off and on Gamespot, for awhile now, no I haven't found a better gaming site and I don't think Gamespot would really care I'll always be here but I must say that I'm taking a little break from posting on any boards/forums or anything only under on excepttion, I will still be posting on the NFLU forum but other then that I just think everytone dosen't care what I say or think.

I also am going to say that I've been looking for different things like a good Wrestling Forum, or something like that, I've been on Facebook like useally.

In other news My grandpa is still in the Hosital, and it may happen anyday soon when he could go, so there is that as we inch closer and closer to Christmas, I'm not going to have a very Merry Christmas since I have a feeling that he willgo aroud then and thats my biggest worry, but I haven't seen him for a whileand I will always remember the words that he lastsaid to me before I left him and it was the last time I'd did see hium and those words were, "Hey Dan, whatsup." :cry:

I'm sorry but I'm going to miss him alot and now it won't be soon for all of his pain to be washed away and everything, but I must say that he was a very nice Grandpa, and I wish he could just know how much we will miss him, but I think, no I know he knows that.

But also I must say I'm tryiung to still play more of my PS3.

If I don't Blog by the next time then I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas, buttry and think about everyone in my famliywhen that Chistmas day comes, even if it's for a quick second just send a prayer to Dana (My Grandpa).

A Blog about a Cartoon.

Well I thought I would talk about acertiancartoon

I guess I can't Copy and Paste Pics, I'm not sure how to do the Insert/Edit Image, but hereis the Blog.

This Cartoon CharacternamedBrak,started up in the Space Ghost Cartoon as a EVIL Space Pirate, then Brakstarted to show up on the CartoonInterveiw Show, Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast as a comic relief, then Brak Co-starred on the show, Cartoon Planet where his star power soared. he's got alot of great lines, but his favorite will always "Yeah Buddy", but after Cartoon Planet came and went, Brak then had a show called Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak, and that was a funny show for one night, then THe Brak Show came around on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, The Brak Show was a really good Show I think it could of had alot more sucess if more people back it up.

But that is a Blog about Brak I know it's silly to use this blog space for this.

But I will say I wanted everyone to show everyone what I knew about him.

I hope everyone has a nice Bloggin g day. :)

Raptr, and WWE.

Well I found out what I really have to do to get more trophies in my Gamespot Profile, :), I have to update the Raptr Account. :P :lol:

But there was that and then this, WWE PPV's aregoing to get alot more better in the next little bit, I going to always buy Royal Rumble and Wreslemania (27), but other then that I really really didn't want to blog as you can tell I'm being mean to myself by saying, this Blog Sucks.:(

I'm sorry I'm watching TNT NBA Basketball, I really think if the Cavs wanted to theuy could win Vs. the Heat, :?

But I think this game is in the books but we shall see. :)

Kidd Thunder !! + Update on Grandpa + Random things.

I told everyone this in my last blog, thatI found is odd that I was on level 48 and was almost done with it but what was odd I didn't do much to get to this Level so quickly, but the only that I can say that pops into my head is that the Icons for the Call of Duty : Modern Warfare and WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011, are now up and that is possably the reason that I pass by the level and Rank so quickly.

MyGrandpa isn't leaving to see the Holy Spirit of Jesus and God, but he's off of the Vent and Life Support, and is breathing on his own but I think he will come home to his house but I must I whope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and hope everyone is doing well, but I will say this toeveryone I want evetyone to tell there ones that they love, and my not love, just to tell them that they care about them,

Just a-few more things then I will let everyone go, I will be having a little Celebration when I hit level 50, whicvh should be sooner then everytone may think. :)

The Only other then I must say is that THE MIZ IS CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that's right The Miz is the WWE Champion after the big match with Wade Barrett, The Miz cashed in his Moneyin the Bank and won the WWEChampionship from Randy Orton, I think Orton will be upset about this but I think also tonights Raw will be Golden with another Three Hour Raw happeningand it is also time for the King of the Ring. :D

I hope everyone has a nice and happy Blogging Day, and I will catch everyone later. :P:)