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I've got some good and I've got some bad news.

Fiist the bad news, I have yet to tell anyone that I've been having a few Sezuiers in the past 6 months, I had two in October, one in November and one just yesterday, and they are all when I'm Sleeping, but now onto the Good News, I'm still alive and well.

But other then that I'm doing just fine.

Just Stuff.

Well first off I did watch Monday night Raw this week, and like it, fell asleep before I could watch ECW, but I read what happened, and then there is tonight I'm watching TNA Impact, then later this week WWE Smackdown is on.

But other then Wrestling I think I may start post matches for a "Wrestling Company" that I've been doing lately, It's going to be called XSW, Xtreme Skull Wrestling, I don't know if this is going to go into the whole new Union I'm going to start soon, like I was talking about in the Last Blog Post.

I don't know what else to talk about so, I will just bring up that there is only a Month or so until MLB Baseball will be starting soon, and hopefully the Cleveland Indians can get back to the Post-Season, and also the same goes for the Colorado Rockies, I see the Indians going a little bit futher then last year where it was cut short by the Bosox, so all else I'm going to say is I'm going to really enjoy this Baseball season.

So I was going outside and got held up for...............

Beign such a good Pro Wrestling fan.

Well I was thinking of making a new Union, but I want to know who wants to be apart of it before I try for the Umpteenth time.

I was thinking of doing what I been wanting to do and the ids like a Social Sports Bar where you can talk about WWE, TNA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Indy Wrestling too, and pretty much anything else anyone wants to think up of.

That was my first state of busisness, the second thing I'm going to talk about, WWE Raw tonight we saw John Cena and HHH, teamed up to take on Randy Orton and Mr. Kenndey......Kenndey, and Cena wins with the STFU, that was the Main Event, Raw also has a new match added to the Wrestlemania 24 Card, with Ric Flair Vs. Shawn "HBK" Micheals and if Flair loses he will retire, also on RAW there was yet another wrestler added to the Money in the Bank match, Y2J Chris Jericho beat Jeff Hardy to qualify for it, even though Jeff lost, he is another one that won a shot to be in the Money in the Bank match, Shelton Benjamin and Mr. Kenndey are also in the MitB match, but back to Raw we also saw JBL tell Vince McMahon that Hornswoggle is really Finlay's son.

My Top Ten Best WWE Wrestlers this year.

10. Finlay-Yes I think Finlay is a really well rounded wrestler, and he can go places with his skills, especially with this whole Mr. McMahon Vs. Hornswoggle angle going on, Finlay is sappost to face Mr.McMahon at Wrestlemania 24, and after that I would hope he could face someone like MVP or JBL.

9. JBL-He may have just came back to the WWE, but still he's good enough to make the list, I see him hold a Chapionship, but nothing like his run back around 2005, where held held the WWE Championship for, lets just say for a really long time.

8. Stevie Richards-Yeah I know but it looks like WWE is wanting to push him futher then before, I like how it's looking, I wouldn't mind seeing Stevie take the ECW Championship from Chavo.

7.MVP-He may be the most piad superstar in wrestling today, but I just don't see him making such a mark, this year.

6.CM Punk-When your a Stright-Edge superstar like CM Punk, you need to start somewhere and if that is number six then so be it.

5.Matt Hardy-WWE really, and I mean really wants to push Matt Hardy far, he is supposed to get a US Championship shot at Wrestlemania 24, so if he does then WWE will give him a shot some time later in the next few years a WWE Championship shot.

4.Jeff Hardy-He will be the one to win Money in the Bank this year, and if he does then he has a shot at the WWE Championship, the ECW Championship, or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and when he does win it he will most likely face either HHH, or John Cena.

3.Batista-Batista will most likely face some big name at Wrestlemania 24, and then beat who ever the Champion is after Wrestlemania 24.

2.Triple H-He going to go into Wrestlemania 24 as a Contender but he's coming out as Champion.

1.The Undertaker-The Deadman is going to go 16-0 Vs. Edge for Edge's WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stuff to type about.

This blog is all about stuff to type (talk) about.

WWE is the first thing on my mind, what I'm going to say is about the PPV No Way Out, I think this is going to be a great PPV, with John Cena :roll: Vs. The WWE Champion Randy Orton, for the WWE Championship, that isn't the only match there are going to be Two Elimination Chambers, in one PPV, in the first one is Triple H, Jeff Hardy, JBL, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Umaga, and in the Second one is The Undertaker, Batista, Big Daddy V, Finlay, MVP, and The Great Khali, but there is also Mr. Kenndey Vs. Ric Flair, and then there is Edge Vs. Rey Mysterio for Edge's WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

I would like to get this PPV, but I'm going to go a buy Wrestlemania 24 insted of this one.

Onto the Super Bowl that is going to be on Tonight, it's the New England Patriots, Vs. the New York Giants, I have got to go with the New England Patriots by 3, the score will be 34-31 Patriots, it going to be close but once again, the Patriots are going to win the with a field goal, but don't get me wrong, I think the Giants have done really well this year, but Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Bill Belichick is doing to well with this whole going to be 19-0.

It going to be great but sad for the Giants fans.

All in all this is going to be as good, month, hopefully this year in Baseball, the Rockies, and the Indians will make even father then the Yankees, or the Red Sox.

Note: I only picked the Patriots to win for the simple reason that I never am right when the Paroit are in the Superbowl, so I pick the New England Patriots and look what happens, they lose, just like when I thought the Panthers were going to beat the Pats they didn't, and then so the next time the Patriots were in the Superbowl was against the Eagles, and I picked the Eagles and, guess what happens THat's right the Patriots won, but when the Pats are not in the Superbowl I get it more right.

Note 2: Pats lost hahahahahaha. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:D:D:D:D:):):):):):)

WWE Royal Rumble 2008.

Well it is that time again for the Royal Rumble, it's this weekend and I would like to say who I think are going to be the winners.

Ric Flair Vs. MVP: If Ric Flair loses then he retires.
Ric Flair and MVP have had a match before this and MVP came out on top, but that was for MVP US Championship, and now it's for Flair's job, so who is going to win this match you ask I think in the long run Flair will lose but not in this match, I see this match being a very competitive match, but on the other hand it could be a very technical match too.

Winner: Ric Flair, with him cheating to get the win.

JBL Vs. Y2J.
JBL and Y2J have been going back and forth for a while, both are looking to go for the big Championship, and then there was where Jericho was going for the Walls Of Jericho, on Randy Orton, and JBL gave Jericho a big boot to the head and Randy Orton kept his Championship at Armageddon 07, but Jericho and JBL is going to be a really good match.

Winner: JBL just because he needs this match a lot more then Jericho does.

Rey Mysterio Vs. (Champion) Edge, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Rey and Edge have a good rivalry going here but the out come may, and will most likely be the same with the Edgehead and Chavo down there and maybe CM Punk to try a even the score a little bit this match could be good.

Winner: Edge will win this match to keep his Championship, and I also think that Edge will win this match with a little bit of help from Chavo and the Edgeheads.

Jeff Hardy Vs. (Champion) Randy Orton, for the WWE Championship.
Jeff has done a lot to get this far this is like Jeff's dream match, and hopefully it will come true for him, he's done really good at the Royal Rumble at MSG, so I think that this match may steal the show, but with Orton getting this big push by WWE, and everything, I would see something huge happening.

Winner: Double Count out after Jeff does a Swanton Bomb to randy Orton, off the top rope through a commentaries table.

The Royal Rumble Match.
This match already has 24 Wrestlers in it from Raw, ECW and Smackdown, and that means there are 6 spots to fill, I don't know who they could be but, if you would like to know who I think the 6 spot got to then here you go, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Chris Harris, Ron Killings, The Big Show, and Kofi Kingston, but anyone of those wrestler may not be there, but I'm pretty sure that Punk, Bruke, and Show are going to be there, but anyway this match has of course 30 men, and a 2 men start, and then every 90 Seconds, a new Wrestler comes down, and the once the 30th wrestler comes down everyone who is still alive, by not getting thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor then and only then will they be eliminated, and when there is only one wrestler remaining in the ring, he is the winner.

Winner: It will most likely be either Triple H or The Undertaker, but for this I'm going with The Undertaker.

All in all this will be a really great PPV, I can wait till this PPV starts, it will be on tomorrow at 8et/5ct and will be a great PPV.

NFL Playoffs 07-08

The NFL 07-08 Playoffs.

AFC 1. New England, 2. Indianapolis, 3. San Diego, 4. Pittsburgh, 5. Jacksonville, 6. Tennessee.

NFC 1. Dallas, 2. Green Bay, 3. Seattle, 4. Tampa Bay, 5. New York, 6. Washington.

1's and 2's, have a bye this week.

On this one I'm going to put together my bracket and then a real one.

1st Round

San Diego Vs. Tennessee: My Pick, San Diego. Correct

Seattle Vs. Washington: My Pick, Washington. Wrong

Pittsburgh Vs. Jacksonville: My Pick, Jacksonville. Correct

Tampa Bay Vs. New York: My Pick, New York. Correct

2nd Round

New England Vs. Jacksonville: My Pick, New England. Correct

Indianapolis Vs. San Diego: My Pick, San Diego. Correct

Dallas Vs. New York: My Pick, Dallas. Wrong

Green Bay Vs. Seattle : My Pick, Green Bay. Correct

3rd Round

New England Vs. San Diego: My Pick, San Diego. Wrong

Dallas Vs. Green Bay: My Pick, Green Bay. Wrong

Super Bowl XLII

Green Bay Vs. San Diego: My Pick, San Diego.

Edit: Super Bowl Pic is going to be picked right now.

New England Vs. New York: My Pick, New England

Now for the Real Winners.

1st Round

San Diego Vs. Tennessee: Real Winner, San Diego

Seattle Vs. Washington: Real Winner, Seattle

Pittsburgh Vs. Jacksonville: Real Winner, Jacksonville

Tampa Bay Vs. New York: Real Winner, New York

2nd Round

New England Vs. Jacksonville: Real Winner, New England

Indianapolis Vs. San Diego: Real Winner, San Diego

Dallas Vs. New York: Real Winner, New York

Green Bay Vs. Seattle: Real Winner, Green Bay

3rd Round

San Diego Vs. New England: Real Winner, New England

New York Vs. Green Bay: Real Winner: New York

Super Bowl XLII

New England Vs. New York: Real Winner: New York Giants :D

NFC 1. New York