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National Football League 5.

Well ifanyone that wants to get a fantsy football league I have one right here and it's mine anbd I want everyone to know it's on Yahoo, and that means your going to have sign up or sign in to your account.

League ID Number and Password.

ID# 45746

Password: football5

Here above this text is the League ID# and Password, so sign up for this league. :):):)

And if anyone has any questions then please ask. :)

This league will have it's Live Draft on August 29, 2011, and it will be at 10:00 AM.

I hoping to see some people join soon. :)

Sorry 'bout that.

Sorry everyone that I didn't blog after E3 was fully over, but I'm still here just not as much as I should or usally am, or whatever........... anywho I hope everyone is doing good, I'm going to try and play some more PS3 soon, so watch out!!!!!!!!!!!

I also am hoping to do some kind video on You Tube soon, it would be a song called Water and it's from one of my most favorite cartoons Brak, I think in one of my past blogs I've talk about Brak, well for those who don't feel like going back he's a Space Pirate from the Cartoon,The Adventures ofSpace Ghost and Dino Boy, or something like that, anyway Brak became a nice and friendly Space Pirate, and then he was on the show Cartoon Planet, and then he had a Show of his own that was called The Brak Show, on Adult Swim, but back to the Song Water Brak sang that song on Cartoon Planet, I hope to have it up soon. :)

But that really is iot and I must say this again that I'm very sorry about the whole mix up I just got so busy before that end of E3.

I hope everyone has a nice day and a nice week. :)

16 to 17 days later, I'm blogging again about E3.

Not really much to report other then that E3 this year looks to be ok, but the Sony PressConference is didn't go over too well for my stands even though Ididn'tsee all of Sony's I didn't see anyof the Microsoft, or Nintendo's.

Well what else can I say, I didn't care too much for the PS Vita (or what ever it's called) I know that Sony wants to try and get better, and have a wider audience with Handheld games but I think this is going a little bit too far I mean a touch-screen on the front and back plus two Cameras.

But the only thing now is what games do I like, I really don't thinkany ofthese games here at E3 look that good maybe except for a few other, but we shall see then when it happens.

I know that I'm not doing thatmuch talk about any certain gamesbut that's because I really can't find a good one,BUT WWE 12 that will becoming outin October-Novemberis hopefully going to be awesome, and I'm going to be getting Madden 12, this year since the NFL Season looks to be a bust. :(

The real only other thing that I can bring up is PSN is back and I've gotten one of my Welcome Back PSN Games, inFamous, and that really is.

I hope everyone had fun Reading this blog and I will have another Blog coming out soon. :)

The end of the World isn't coming.............. I guess!!!!!!!

I can say that I safely happy that yesterday is over.

I hope everyone is doing well I think the beginning of the end dosen't start until such and suhc a year, but I will say that since yesterday wasn't the last day then let's party about it, and the best way to do so is to just party. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

I hope everyone can tyell that I using no sence what so ever, at what I'm typing, that my friend is what I like to call think typing, but anyway, I'm just jokingaround and just typing to just type, I hope everyone is have a good start to the day the Cleveland Indians are still in 1st place in the AL Central and are also the Best Team in all of MLB, and as for my Colorado Rockies they could be doing better but there like in 2nd in the NL West.

Also I'm hoping to see the Chicago Bulls win over the Miami Heat today that would be really nice to see, the Bulls can break the tie and go up in the series when they win, over LeCrap James, and his buddies.

I hope everyone really enjoied reading this blog.

Have a nice Blogging day and until next time Blog ya later. :):D

Is this my Final Blog, of my life???????

Whelp everyone I hope you all kissed your yourself and everyone else Goodbye, cause for some odd reason today is the end of the world, that's right the whole Earth is going to have a huge Earthquake at 6pm. (The funny thing is which 6Pm)

Anywho if this is the final day I hope it end with nicer surprise, also what else is there to talk about.

I hope to see all of you in the next afterlife.

But then again what am I talking about this whole end of the whole stuff could be true but I don't really think so. :?

I'll be blogging later this weekend how this day went. :)

Peace Out. and Happy Blogging. :):):D:D

Level 53 Zenny + other things.

Well slap some tape on my head and call me Zenny, my Level has change to Zenny, what the fudge is a Zenny??????

Anyway I got that going for me, and I was wondering if anyonelikes my blog post I know everyone has there own thing to dobut I was just wondering if I needed to post in others blogs I know I should but I didn't know if more of you were wanting my attention and then that is how I get post back, I know that not everyone is perfect, buit I was just wondering that.

The other thing that happened to me since the last time I blogged, I had two Seizures on last Thursday, but I'm feeling alot better, one was in the afternoon, and the second was at night, and that was the oner that was worst.

I hope everyone is doing ok, I like to look out for alot of people, and everyone dosen't know how caringI can be, and life has to strike me downwith all of these problems.

So for the next few blogs I going to go through and post Blogs about my problems, and along with other thing going on in my life, I hope everyone will enjoy this series.

Next blog is going to be the beginning of my life through the ADHD timnes of my life.

Peace out,and Happy Blogging.

How long has it been.

10 days since my last blog post, and finally I feel up to posting a brand new blog.

Whelp what has been going on with me, well PSN has been downfor-a-while, and at first I thought, "Wow the PSN is down I guess I can't earn any trophies", but then I was looking around on the internet, and I noticed, that I could still earn them but I couldn't see them being earned, so I tried it out onMLB 11; The Show, and I do believe I earned it but I'm not sure since it didn't pop up.

Also in WWE News John Cena is the WWE Champion, and Christian is the WWE World HeavyweightChampion they both won there Championships at last nights WWE PPV Extreme Rules, of course Cena isn't my favorite wrestler, but Cristian is and who he was facing is a favorite of mine too, Alberto Del Rio, but it was in a Ladder match and Christian need it more then Alberto Del Rio.

Also to get back to the PSN being down, I think this really does prove that I'm liking how the PSN is going.

Other then that and Osama Bin Laden being dead, I think I'm done here.

I hope everyone has a nice Blogging day, and I hope to hear from some of you soon, Peace out and all of that jolly stuff. :)

Not much to say.

There really isn't much to say other then that I got Fight Night; Champion, and I don't think that I'm going to play that until the PSN is back up and running. :?

Othen then that I'm going to be going to the Good Friday Service at my Church and I'm going to goto the Easter Sunday Service too. :)

But other then that it's going to get warmer and I know it's going to be raining too, :( And when it rains hereit doesn't make my Dachshund happy. :|

So other then that I hope everyone has a nice day, and a Great Good Friday and a Great Easter Sunday. :D

Hot and freah Platinum out of the Oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well just like the Topic title says, I got a brand new Platinum, but it's not really that hot out of the oven but It's my most recent achievement, the game was Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011, and I finally got the Platinum for that game at 11:17 PM almost 12 hours ago in my time zone, and also I got the Gold that was holding me back that was "TheMan of 1004 Holds" so I hope everyone is doing well but I must say that this is a BIG weight off of my back.

But other then that though, I very happy today and nothing and I mean not-a-thing can break my spirit today.

So I just wanted to tell everyone about this I hope everyone is doing well.

Peace Out, and Happy Gaming. :)

You think you know me...................

I was just wondering what everyone thought of my last blog if I should do what I've done in the past, OR should I do what i did in the last blog.

But anyway I've been doing some stuff but not much, I hope everyone is doing well, I don't know what else to say .

I am Bumming a little bit since Edge(a WWE Wrestler) has Retired and is going to have to vacate the WWE World Championship, but that isn't going to be the end of it, I think Edge is going to help Christian win the WWE World Championship, I can see that happening.

But I think Edge has had a really great career WWE has pshed him to the limit, and then Edge ran into the future of the WWE, Alberto Del Rio, I think Alberto Del Rio is the future of the WWE, but Alberto Del Rio has to get past a great WWE Superstar like Christian, but I wouldn't mind either of them to win the WWE World Championship.

I myself have to talk about Edge some more, he did great for his Career he's going into the Hall of Fame for sure and I think if WWEcould benice to send Edge into the WWE Hall Of Fame at this coming up year, he is a 11 time WWE and World Champion, and has won the WWE Tag Team Championships lots of times, So when it is his time I can see it happening.

But that's enough about WWE I also have to say that I'm really trying to attempt to get that WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 platinum but it's so diffacult maybe tomorrow. :)

Peace out everyone, also have a nice blogging day. :)