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Superbowl XLVI (the short one)

I know I know I hate to do this on such short notice but I just going to go out on a limb and say a few thing then pick the Winner but not really Explain why........... I just got caught up with doing thing so I hope this Superbowl doesn't happen, because of it's the first Sunday Sunday night Game of the Week.

I have the New York Jets Vs. the Dallas Cowboys, and I see the New York Jets, Winning.

But other then that I will try and post different blogs soon, but before I do hit the Submit Button. I would like to say that if you want to see me on YouTube I posted a Song on there Called Water, it's my favorite Brak song, and all you do it Search Midnightstar01, and you'll see me there and watch me sing.

AFC and NFC Playoffs, Next is the Super Bowl XLVI. (46)

AFC Playoffs
1.New England Patriots, 2.Pittsburgh Steelers, 3. San Diego Chargers, 4.Indianapolis Colts, 5. New York Jets, 6. Cleveland Browns.

NFC Playoffs
1.Philadelphia Eagles, 2. Green Bay Packers, 3.Atlanta Falcons, 4.St. Louis Rams, 5.Dallas Cowboys, 6.New Orleans Sanits.

AFC Round 1
Cleveland Borwns At San Diego Chargers, Winner: San Diego Chargers.
New York Jets, At Indianapolis Colts, Winner: New York Jets.

NFC Round 1
New Orleans Saints At Atlanta Falcons, Winner: Atlanta Falcons.
Dallas Cowboys At St. Louis Rams, Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

AFC Round 2
San Diego Chargers At Pittsburgh Steelers, Winner: San Diego Chargers.
New York Jets At New England Patriots, Winner: New York Jets.

NFC Round 2
Atlanta Falcons At Green Bay Packers, Winner: Green Bay Packers.
Dallas Cowboys At Philadelphia Eagles, Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

AFC Round 3
New York Jets At San Diego Chargers, Winner: New York Jets.

NFC Round 3
Dallas Cowboys At Green Bay Packers, Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

NFL 2011-2012 NFC Season

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles - I see alot of good thing like wins coming in the Eagles future in the next few year and I understand that QB's are the real reason that teams win, but the Eagles have a ok QB in Micheal Vick, but their Defense is just as good, with a 13-3 Win-Loss Record.
Dallas Cowboys - I hope not to see this team in the Playoff but I think thay just may make it, Tony Romo, is ooking just too good, I like what I see for them and to make things even more interesting, the Cowboys will have a win the tiebreaker vs.the New York Giants, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
New York Giants - The New York "Football" Giants are looking to be a decent team but I can't see QB Eli Manning winning this year over Philly or even Dallas, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Washington Redskins - The Redskins are in the the Basement for the second year in a row, but I can bealive how bad they are going to be, with a 2-14 Win Loss Record.

NFC North
Green Bay Packers - I know that I'm going out on a limb but, I do see the Packers making it back to the Playoff this year, to attempt to defend there Super Bowl Crown, but we shall see, I like it when they made it to the Super Bowl and won it and I was right last year like everyone else picking them, with a 12-4 Win- Loss Record.
Chicago Bears - Da Bears are not going to make it too far until they look more better on Offense, they have a great Defense but no good QB, and everything, isn't going to cut it, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Detroit Loins - The Loins are a good team but just the Bears, nothing too impressive except for QB Matt Statford, with a 7-9 Win-Loss Record.
Minnesota Vikings - They may have somethings right like a Good QB and RB, but they don't have much other then that. with a 5-11 Win-Loss Record.

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons - I can't say much other then WOW, just WOW, this team is stacked but I think everyone in this Organization is looking Great, even could go out and say Awesome, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
New Orleans Saints - I must say are going to make it to the Playoffs by luck, and when I say that they are the finals team to make it in, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton will starts but Pike will pick up the Pieces this season but, Carolina will look better next season, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I hate to say this but the Bucs Suck, with a 4-12 Win-Loss Record.

NFC West
St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford looks to be the real deal and no one but me knows it I can see it, and the Rams look like a decent team, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Arizona Cardinals - Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgreald look to be a great part of the Cardinals Offense, but that is really it, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith is looking like a great QB, but other then WR Crabtree they don't look to great, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.
Seattle Seahawks - No one on this team is good, with a 3-13 Win-Loss Record.

NFL 2011-2012 AFC Season

AFC East
New England Patriots - Excellent looking team, and what can I really say New England is going to do great this year but they won't win all of their games, like what happened a few years back, but I will say New England is going to do something awesome, with a 13-3 Win-Loss Record.
New York Jets - Just about as great looking of a team like New England, but the New York Jets are looking better on the Defense and Offense then Special Teams, but I do see the New York Jets, losing a few more then New England, with a 11-5 Win-Loss Record.
Buffalo Bills - Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, you were doing so well, then you fell. but I guess you are now building back up, that's the only thing you can do, but also I would like to see Buffalo do better then this but here it is, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Miami Dolphins - Miami is going to have a hard season, they won't go Win-less but it's not going to be a great season for Miami, with a 5-11 Win- Loss Record.

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers - How ever much I hate Pittsburgh I have to give them credit where credit is due, Pittsburgh is a great team overall, but I think Pittsburgh's QB Ben Roethlisberger, is looking a little bit more beaten up, with a 12-4 Win-Loss Record.
Cleveland Browns - I know, I know what everyone is thinking, but I have a good feeling about this year and, Cleveland is going to do a good enough to win a Wild Card Spot, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore looks a lot like the team that has lost mostly everything, they are not going to do that well this year, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Cincinnati Bengals - This team is going to be a sad team just like last year, with a 3-13 Win-Loss Record.

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts - I going to have to say that the Colts, are going to be more of a normal team that just squeaks through with enough wins I can see Indy, having some trouble on the road, but they will go at least .500% on the road, but as for at home they could have some trouble their too, with a 9-7 Win Loss Record.
Houston Texans - Good looking team with alot of good players, I like them to take the AFC South Championship next year, but this year they will fall short, with two losses to each of their AFC South foes, and winning mostly every other game except one other which I'm not fully sure, with a 9-7 Win-Loss Record.
Tennessee Titans - With unknowing when RB Chris Johnson is going to come back it really puts the Titans in jeopardy, with a 8-8 Win-Loss Record.
Jacksonville Jaguars - Nothing really looks good for Jacksonville, plain and simple, with a 6-10 Win-Loss Record.

AFC West
San Diego Chargers - I must say this that San Diego looks good enough to fight out of this AFC West with the Division Title, and that's all I can really say, with a 10-6 Win-Loss Record.
Kansas City Chiefs - Another well placed through out team with alot of potenial, but just like the Texans, they will miss the playoffs, by losing to the Chargers twice, with a 10-6 Win Loss Record.
Oakland Raiders - Great team in the past, OK team now, better team next year with Pryor being picked up this year, I would like to give them a better record, but I can't, with a 6-10 Win- Loss Record.
Denver Broncos - Team on the rise but I have give them a bad record just cause Denver has just too many holes, with a 4-12 Win- Loss Record.

NFL 2011-2012 Season Introduction.

Welcome to the NFL 2011-2012 Season Blog, I would first like to talk about some things.
I think there is going to be a New NFL Champion, this year.
There are going to be a lot more from this blog. his is just the introduction, AFC East, North, South, and West, then a new blog for the NFC East, North, South, and West, then a new blog for the playoffs round one, two, and three, then finally the Super Bowl will be in the fifth blog.

251 Blogs............. And counting!!!!!! ;)

Well I still haven't gotten that darn trophy off of MLB:THe Show 2010 but I mostly don't care anymore I want to see what people think about this idea I put some games on this blog and the first preson to give me an ansewer about that game I will play, I want someone to post me a game that is still apart of my collection.

Here are the games that I feel like playing;

  • NHL 10
  • Sports Champions

I know it's a shorted list then you all may have expected, but I want someone to post a comment to me and that is what game I will play. :)

But that really isn't the only thing I have to say today in this blog, I'm surprised how many Blogs I have posted, and I'm also surprised about what level I'm at, I know this much posting blog may-be hard to some people and then to some people posting on forums may-be hard aswell but I'm doing both and I think this is why I'm at this level.

And one final thing I'm still upset that some to all thepeople on WWEv forum is a bunch of asses, so with that outta my system, I think if I do leave there the I cvould be a little bit more happy, but then I don't really have a use for being on the forums, since that is where I've posted the most of my posts.

But I don't really know anyway, what to do they never comment on what my opinion is that is why I going back to the Columbus Blue Jackets Avatar. :)

Peace out, have a nice blogging day and all the rest of that jolly stuff. :):):D:D

Stuff Blog.

This is going to be a fun blog today, since it has nothing to do with nothing, and something to do with something, but any who I would like to just blog about stuff that has happened this summer since my last time I had blogged.

I think honestly think this has to be one of thee hotter summers that I will remember, but also I still mowing the grass in the front while my Dad mows the back I really can't say too much more about that but I've been going to workout at the YMCA every week at least once during the summer it's so hard to go when it's so hot, I just wish I could get myslef there more often.

In other news I've been playing the PS3 more but I think I'm going to see if I can stop going for one trophy and go for more trophies on another game like WET, Sports Champions, LBP, God of War, or something like that.

NFL Lockout has been lifted and there will be football this season I think it will be another normal season for Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns, I will be doing a blog soon after I know how well each team does in the Pre-Season. :)

But I know that wasn't that long of a blog but, I think after 18 days of more Smartphone then Computer I think Computer will win in my heart I can honestly say this Smartphone has one some very good thing for me but It's really hard to do stuff other then going on Facebook and Twitter, I will always need the computer more but if I need to call someone then I will use it over the Computer.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog, I hope to do another one soon but I think the next one will be about SummerSlam.

Peace Out, Blog Ya Later and All of that other stuff. :)

Yes it has finally happened.

I'm here to talk about my NEW Smartphone, that's right I'm still soo happy about the NEW Smartphone, I'm going to make this a short blog, but I hope more people notice and comment on this Blog.

Well it really all started on Thursday, when I started complaining that I'm sick of my TracFone to my Mom, (and yes I still live with my mom, but that's cause of my seizures) so she say ok, I'll look into it, and I think to myself, "I've heard that one before".

So later that day she is calling people and then she says after she hangs up from her calls, that we'll go tomorrow and get your new Cell Phone, so I'm thinking then "Wow she did it"

I then am so excited that I'm going to get a Cell Phone soon, well to make a long story short, I got my new Smartphone from Verizon I hope to hear from some people and also I'm alsonowapart of Twitter, Seach for me under Theplayer8505, and Floow me so I can follow you :P

Other then that I hope everyone is doing fine.

Blog ya Later. :D

I'm going to try and.........

play my PS3 alot this week and see if I can get back into a groove for it, I think after my dad comes home from work, and we walk the pups, then I will start playing. :)

I know I have my heart inthe right place to play the PS3, but I think there reall ought to be a few changes in what Sony does, like for example Chrono Cross was one ofthe best games I have played and I really wish I would of gotten rid of it but I needed the Money for the Next game, so you know how that goes, but it's kindoflikeone of those times when you wish you could go back in time and stop your self from doing it, but to get back to my point I really think theat Chrono Cross should have another game for it's self in the series, now if you don't know how this game goes, then I will explian the just of it, It starts out that your this guy that has to save the world and his real name is Sage, but you can name him and everyone that you get to be aprt of yourt team, but to get back to the Story the next thing you know Sage is on this island, and as you go through the game you can eran power-ups and stuff called mana, but the funniest part is you can play as so many playable characters, but the only other thing I have got tosay is if you've played this game then I hope you had as much fun as I did pl,aying it.

This has been WWE4ever posting this, have a nice day. :)