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Well I still haven't gotten that darn trophy off of MLB:THe Show 2010 but I mostly don't care anymore I want to see what people think about this idea I put some games on this blog and the first preson to give me an ansewer about that game I will play, I want someone to post me a game that is still apart of my collection.

Here are the games that I feel like playing;

  • NHL 10
  • Sports Champions

I know it's a shorted list then you all may have expected, but I want someone to post a comment to me and that is what game I will play. :)

But that really isn't the only thing I have to say today in this blog, I'm surprised how many Blogs I have posted, and I'm also surprised about what level I'm at, I know this much posting blog may-be hard to some people and then to some people posting on forums may-be hard aswell but I'm doing both and I think this is why I'm at this level.

And one final thing I'm still upset that some to all thepeople on WWEv forum is a bunch of asses, so with that outta my system, I think if I do leave there the I cvould be a little bit more happy, but then I don't really have a use for being on the forums, since that is where I've posted the most of my posts.

But I don't really know anyway, what to do they never comment on what my opinion is that is why I going back to the Columbus Blue Jackets Avatar. :)

Peace out, have a nice blogging day and all the rest of that jolly stuff. :):):D:D