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Story time with Ben

One day, there was a beautiful young woman named Rachel, she was prettiest and sweetest in all the land. She went to church and classes and was faithful in all that she did. She met a young man named Ben. He was so impressed by Rachel that he left his beloved Daisy to grow closer to Rachel. Rachel then kissed Ben first. A year after their (Ben and Rachels) first kiss Daisy decided to try to take Ben back. She sneakily and subtley grew close to Ben. She was always the top pillow on Bens bed; she was the softest, biggest, and brightest pillow he ever saw. So Ben took action and went to the store while Daisy was sleeping in. He bought Herbert for Rachel, he was a softer, bigger, and brighter pillow than Daisy ever was. When Daisy saw him she was so in shock that she fell into an eternal sleep and was no longer a threat to Ben and Rachel. Ben decided to give Herbert to Rachel as a Christmas gift to show Rachel a creative way of how he loved her. Herbert turned into a heart pillow as Rachel received him. Ben and Rachel then went on their one year date.