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Console Features

no offense to anyone with a 360...

recently I went over to a friends house who had a 360... I had played on them before a lot with friends but never used it like a console of my own until now. He had to go to a swim meet so I chilled at his house and played around with it for a couple of hours.
I noticed so many differneces from the PS3... some good some bad.
The lack of customization really surprised me being it a microsoft product. I had always been the person that stayed away from Mac and went with Windows and Linux because of their customization. On my PS3 at home, it's tricked out... I put in a 250GB HDD with higher RPM as well as installed YDL 6 with many apps, and I also have other things like my custom icons on the gameOS. Other than streaming from the PC on the 360... I was quite surprised.

I was a bit let down that there was still a lack of a web browser on the 360 and a free way to import your own videos and media. I mean, the 360 was released years ago. For content, it seemed the only way to download media was through XBL and pay for everything. Sure the set-up of XBL was very nice and user friendly especially for gettin large groups of friends in one game. very nice there. but as far as user capability went, I didn't feel free. Maybe my friend just didn't know and there is a way? who knows?
The only freedom seemed to be custom backgrounds. :S
I'm not sure if Microsoft is trying to keep people from hacking their systems or getting stuff free... or idk really. It seemed very apple-like though.
Is there some way of experiencing my own content that I don't know of on the 360? My PS3 has Media servers, other OSs, multi-card readers, remote play, and can literally save any form of content (aside from pirating BDroms) from anywhere. It's open for whatever I want to do with it, just like my PC. and if it's not, then I can make it be in Linux.

One thing I did find very cool though is the functionability of custom music playlists at any time. A feature missing from the majority of PS3 games. It was very handy, and easy to use

The 360 controllers also weigh and shape to my hands a little nicer than the PS3, the only thing I really didn't like was the lack of Bluetooth and 3rd party accessories support for keyboards, mice, headsets, cameras, and so on. My friends was forced to buy all of microsofts exclusive products whereas I'm using all my own stuff. Again I would think that the 360 would be like my PC and allow for whatever I wanted. hmm...

Well... idk what to say... I guess the PS3 is more suited to me at this point. It seems like Microsoft could allow a little more freedom for their users, if they did, I might join their side. I don't mean to argue or anything about what is best, I'm just surprised by the differnce of Windows to the 360 OS.