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got Jak 3

ive played for about 2 1/2 hours so far and its pretty damn fun. i'll post impressions next weekend (as well as R&C3 impressions)

I got my Report Card today

Pretty good actually(im in honors)

English- Mrs Mohl- 94

Social Studies- Ms Felton- 98

Spanish -Ms Porraz- 96

Math- Mr Sheridan -100

Science -Mr Armand -96

Cooking(HCS 8 ) -Ms I-Rogers -92

Gym(Phys Ed)- Mr Doulin -98

Overall Average= 96.00

I think i got "hooked up"

My good friend stef that i knew for my whole life gave me a call last night at like 8:50. She was with a bunch of people and asked if i was single(i couldnt tell if it was stef or one of her friends). I said yes and then i just couldnt hear anything but fuzziness. She thought i hung up on her and called back. This time i went outside. They were talking but the backround was so loud that i couldnt hear anything. She thought I was ignoring her and said, "you are the Weakest Link, Goodbye." So i sent her a text message which read "Wtf is going on?" She replied, "im just hangin out with friends". I decided to text her again and the message read, "What was that call about?" So she called me and said that her friend taylor was single and that i should go out with her. I asked who taylor was and then she said she was really hot and was single. She put taylor on the phone. From what i heard, she sounded really nice and friendly. She gave me her locker number and told me to talk to her on monday. I said talk to you then. She gave the phone to stef and stef threatened "if you dont talk to her i will get really mad and cry" I said ok i will and she hung up. I IMed a friend of mine named klarisse and she said taylor was really cute and was one of the nicest people i'll ever meet. She next said that taylor entered a lot of beauty padgents and usually won. She sounded pretty cool. I hope all goes well on monday!