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  • wolveseye wrote a review of Line of Sight (Early Access).
    User Rating 4
    Line of Sight is just alittle out of Sight.

    Line of Sight Early Access Review:At the time of review 20hrs of playtimeIn my opinion, I do not recommend this game. Given the state that the game is in now plus what the Dev's are wanting to do. I b...

  • wolveseye wrote a review of Survarium.
    User Rating 4
    so so for Survarium

    At the time of review: 90hrs played.I do not recommend this game at this time. Maybe in another 6 months to a year that could change.Survarium is an FPS game that isn't arena style shooter, but more o...

  • wolveseye wrote a review of Ballistic Overkill.
    User Rating 7
    Ballistic Overkill is Ballistic

    Early-ACCESS ReviewWOW...wow what a GEM of a FPS Game.This is a pure and simple FPS Game that goes back to it's roots of the FPS Genre.Casule players can easly pick up and play without having a learni...

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  • wolveseye wrote a review of Tom Clancy's The Division.
    User Rating 1
    The Game should not have the Tom Clancy name.

    Note: Reviews should be consider with 30hrs-40hrs of gameplay and has beaten the game, anything less is a waste of time. Plus some suggestions on fixing the Broken PVP, Player beware there are of cour...

  • wolveseye wrote a review of WARMODE.
    User Rating 2

    ***Early Access Game Review*** Date 2/16/2016Is the game worth downloading at this time? NoWill this game be worth downloading after their 6-12 months of Early Access? Depends on what the DEV Team wi...

  • wolveseye wrote a review of Metro Conflict.
    User Rating 3
    Sub-standard Game in the F2P Market

    This Game is not worth spending the time to play. For being in the works for 5 years this is the best they can do? Compare to other free to play games, this game is under par compare to the other F2P ...