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Rating Games

Every Christmas I get an influx of games, which I will be playing and reviewing over the next couple of months. And sometimes I have to remind myself to be fair and accurate when I'm rating games. I shouldn't be biased just because I have some favorite characters or genres. I have a spiffy formula that I give ratings to graphics, sound, gameplay, story, etc that computes a final score, but in general here is a table that describes my personal rating system. 10 = Perfect, not a single flaw. New and innovative gameplay. Engaging story. 9.5 = Near perfect, very minor flaws. New and innovative gameplay. Engaging story. 9.0 = Near perfect. Engaging story. Gameplay is excellent, but nothing new. 8.5 = Great game. Minor flaws with gameplay or story, but still great. 8.0 = Great game. A few more flaws with gameplay or story, but still great. 7.5 = Decent game, common flaws with gameplay or story, but Not enough to ruin the game. 7.0 = Flaws are becoming really annoying, not enough to ruin the game. 6.5 = Flaws nearly ruin the game, almost not worth playing.

Sega 2

So a buddy of mine at work advertised on the bulletin board that he was trying to give away his girlfriend's Sega 2. His girlfriend was just going to trash it. I responded saying that I've never heard of a Sega 2 and explained the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32x, Saturn, etc. But I said I'd take it no matter what it was just cause I'm cheap and like stuff for free. We walked out to his car together and when he pulled it out it was a PS2. So basically, I was given a PS2 for free. It was pretty funny.

The wolf behind sheeps clothing

This is an "about me" post which describes a bit of my gaming history. Where did I get my name? I'm a NC State Alumni. How long have I been gaming? Since I was 7 years old, so over 20 years now. Holy crap I'm starting to get old. What systems have I owned? Atari, NES, Gameboy, Sega and Sega 32x, N64, PC, Xbox, and Wii. Although I can't say that I've owned a SNES or PS2, I've had family or friends who have them and I've played them just as much as if I've owned one. What is my all time most favorite game in the whole wide world? Zelda: OoT and a close second would probably be Warcraft 3. What kind of games do I like? I like all different kind of genres. FPS, Platform, RPG, strategy, racing, etc. I truly enjoy a variety of games. What kind of game do I dislike? The only games I really dislike are games that are similar or identical to other games. For example, I kind of dislike sports games. And its not that I don't like sports, its simply because every year they come out with a new football, racing, or baseball game that is almost exactly the same as the previous year. It's not enjoyable for me to keep buying the same games over and over. Sports are not the only genre that falls into this category, for example, Guitar Hero or Call or Duty have been done to death. How do I rate games? I have a secret formula. Basically I rate each category (story, gameplay, controls, fun, etc) and plug them into my equation to get an overall total. Its weighted so some categories are more important. The "Fun" category is the most important category and is also the category which is based on my opinion the most.

Zelda Wii

I was hoping for some info at E3 on the next Zelda installment. But was greeted with more crap about the wii motion plus and sports resort. And don't get me started on a finger monitor... The two new Mario's looked pretty fun and Metroid might be good too although I'm slightly skeptical I would enjoy it since I've never been able to connect with the Metroid story line. Seriously all you can give us on Zelda is a 2010 release with no images or anything to show the public yet? I find that hard to believe. If they have nothing to show yet and since most of the games in 2010 already are on display at E3, I think Nintendo might be trying to fool their stockholders with the warm and fuzzies. My guess is that Zelda will get pushed back to 2011 and then since the next gen consoles have been predicted for 2012, they'll wait and make it a launch title. Maybe that is being overly pessimistic, but it is my fear.

Okami is Incredible

SSBB is still a fresh release, Mario Kart Wii has just landed on the shelves, and GTA4 is about to hit the streets... but sitting in the background is Okami. At the PS2 release, Okami was shadowed by other massive games and now the same appears true for the Wii release. But without a doubt, Okami is one of the best games around. I'm not a rich person. I can't afford to buy every game that comes out. So I have to pick and choose the titles I feel I can get the most enjoyment out of for my dollar. I have been awaiting for the release of Mario Kart Wii since... well since I bought my Wii. But as more and more info was release about the game I began to grow skeptical. It still looks like a cool game and I can't wait to play it, but I'm guessing that after I've played the different tracks a few times that it would grow old. Mario Kart Wii, like all its predecessors, is a multiplayer game. I unfortunately don't have anybody to play with since my wife doesn't like racing games. Some might argue that the online play can make up for that, but I don't think so, especially not after the frustrating online play I've heard on the video reviews. Long story short, I decided to buy Okami rather than Mario Kart Wii. Okami was a little cheaper and I think its more my style than Mario Kart. Maybe eventually I'll purchase MK, but for now I'm going to paint the world. I'm confident that I made the right decision.

I sold SSBB

Honestly, I didn't really find SSBB to be that great of a game. It was fun for a little while but it got old for me pretty quick after SSE and all characters/levels unlocked. SSBB is a multiplayer game, and I didn't really have anybody to play against. My wife doesn't enjoy fighting games and none of my other friends had it. Also it was too darn difficult. You had to play and practice over and over and over again to be competitive. I don't enjoy repetition and this also prevented a guest coming over to try it out and really enjoying either. Read my full review to get a more detail analysis of the game. All in all, I enjoyed it for a little while. But after it lost its appeal I sold it to a guy at work. I got $40 for it too, which is more than I would have if I sold it on eBay. I figured it was best to sell it now while its still a new game before the price drops. If anybody added me as a SSBB friend, you might as well delete me. I'm obviously not going to be playing anymore.

Interesting Game Related Websites

Here are some websites that I think are related to video games and that I think are pretty cool. I'm sure there are millions more out there, but at least its a start. I'll try to edit the blog from time to time with more links if I find any that are worthy.
Bought a used game and missing the manual? Check here, you'll probably find it in downloadable pdf format. Literally hundreds of manuals, some from systems long ago.
Nintendo offers some of their manuals in the support website, most have probably already been uploaded to though.
This website contains various fonts for you computer from films, music, and video games. Pretty cool if you're trying to make a banner or wallpaper.
This website tracks various statistics on hardware and software sales. Some people criticize it for not being accurate, which it may not be, but overall I think its a pretty good guess.
Wikipedia is probably the best information source on the internet. If you want to know something, check there first. Their video game topics are pretty sweet, especially the history of gaming for all you youngsters who don't appreciate how far gaming has come.
Gaming for free! My wife enjoys some of the simple board games and such. There are millions of sites out there that offer free gaming. I personally can't stand shallow cheap games. I need something with some story and depth to it. But if that is the type of game for you, here are a couple links for you to game for free.

Interactive Movie

I have played GH3 and I really don't see what the fuss is about. Sure, rhythm games can be fun sometimes, provided there is enough variety. But I still think GH3, and for that matter RockBand, are 'poser' video games. You're trying to act like you can play the instruments, but you're really far far from it. And thats pretty much all the game is about.

I recently got into a small debate with a friend of mine. He has RockBand on the 360 and he is completely addicted. He'll stay up till like 2 or 3am most nights playing. One day I called him a 'poser' and told him that he's trying to act cool but in reality he is just being really lame. He came back at me saying that I'm just as big of a poser. He stated that when I play an army game, that I'm trying to imitate being a soldier. Or that when I play a medieval era game that I'm trying to act like I can swing a sword.

I play video games not to act like someone I'm not, but instead I see video games more like interactive movies. Story line and plot are important to the atmosphere of the game. So no, I'm not a poser because I play an army game. I just really enjoy interacting with the movie. Where is the popcorn?.... yum... now I have buttery buttons on my controller.

I can't afford to be a non-fanboy

Gaming is expensive! I can't afford to buy every system and every game. Therefore, I have to choose the one that is best for me. Last generation it was Xbox. This generation it is the Wii. So now that I own a wii, of course I'm going to be more interested in all things related to wii.... does that make me a wii fanboy?... I guess it does.