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230: So apparently I joinedThe Ultimate Nintendo DS union today:/

And my last login was 10/31, so how is it possible that I join a union on 11/17 whe my last loggin was 10/31? I don't get it:?

Feels strange posting on this account now, considering I've done alot with the other. Well, well hello to everyone on my friends list and such who are still on the site:)

See you on the other side. and made it to entry 230:)

link to full pic.


229: So my last login on this account was November. 4 2008

I really don't have anything to blog about just letting some others know that if your tracking me here I'm on a different account my username is -Vulpix- so track me there. though I'll make a few appearances with this account. an August 2, 2009 will be this accounts 4 year anniversary I'll try to make a blog then.

Here are some of my usernames on other sites

Gamefaqs: Ecco_Cynder my new main account and perminent one.

Serebii account: -Vulpix-

Darkspyro: Vulpix

Youtube: CynderVulpix

Devian Art: Cynder-Vulpix

and my email address is: eccocynder @ hot mail .com

I haven't ditched this account completely I just needed a break from it.

-Vulpix- I linked itso you can track me there if you wish :)

I have 201 Pms I probably should check those see which ones are new. I think my last number if I remember correctly was 175 unread messages I could be wrong.

228: *makes a blog on dead account*

I didn't completely throw away this account. I haven't logged onto to it since 10/3/08.

Too bad I can't transfer my level and post to my Vulpix account. I also made the account -Glaceon_ for an October account today. I'm using it on gamefaqs not here.

I'm off.

227: Level 33: Goombella

*throws level 33 party* Now onto level 34. Maybe I shouldn't mention who I am on my new account. Problem with that is I know everyone. While everyone is distracted by the party *set sails off into the ocean only to never be heard from again* then came a storm. I also edit my last blog and on that thing I scored Ninetales, I didn't really think I was that negative though. I also figured they give me someone else.

226: 3000 post party(edit again)

Now the question is will I be around long enough to hit 4000. *hands out cake and everything else*

I also took a who ae you pokemon quiz and I got on my first try

Out of the 483 pokemon out there I figured they give me someone other than my favorite pokemon. So I am Ninetales my favorite pokemon. Although I didn't think I was that negative. Does anybody even check edits?

225: The Missing 3 hours

During the missing 3 hours I was at meijers and walmart. at meijers I bought

for $6.96 And me and my sister were supposed to see Eagle Eye but we didn't. But my parents think we did. I didn't really want to see anything in theatres so and she didn't either. Now I need to get the other pokemon movies which is the third movie and up and a new pokemon 2000 movie I just want one in its orginal case. And on my Silver I anm trying to raise my pokemon all up to level 50 and I have 10 badges. I also made an account on


Well see you next time

224: Still nothing to blog about but anyway.

I still have been playing pokemon Silver. Here are my strongest pokemon now.

Vulpix: level 53 Kadabra: level 50 Chikorita: level 53 Lapras: level 54 Scyther: level 29 Ampharos- level 32 Espeon- level 30(got it today) Jynx- level 37 Noctowl: level 27

Here are some that I caught at high levels: Snorlax- level 50, Ponyta- level 32. And many others that is probably long to list. I also got Vaporeon and I'm going for Umbreon next. I caught 99 pokemon and I seen 195. My play time now: 69:00. I also started playing my red versian and I'm at Vermillion City. I haven't played any other games other than these. On friday I will be mssing for 4 hours I don't know where I will be at. I'm also getting closer to level 33 and 3000 post. SO I guess this be all for now. Sea you soon or later. Also How old do you have to be to have a youtube account? I'm going to back there and mark random comments as spam.


~Vulpix(My myspace name)

223: I started a new game in Pokemon Silver 4 days ago

I'll list my strongest pokemon

Chikorita- level 41 I wonder why chikorita hasn't learned vine whip yet.

Vulpix- level 40

Kadabra- level 40

Noctowl- level 25

Flaaffy- level 25

Graveller- level 25

Gyarados- level 28 and 30

So far I caught 60 and seen 135. I have 36 hours of gameplay already. I'm going after lapras in 11 minuets or less. Other than this nothing else has been going on much.

What's everyone else up to?


222: Raining all day

It has been raining all day. I went to the fair though I don't like the fair they over price everything. But they closed it around 4:00 I was only there for 1 1/2 hours. It was flooded in different parts and the wind was strong enough to break my umbrella. I also been watching pokemon on youtube though I rather buy the entire thing on dvd. Along with pokemon the first movie. Anyway Fringe was pretty interesting and it looks like it will be interesting through out the season. I don't think I ever heard of re-animation or whatever it is called. That I wish gamespot would let us change our username at least once I would change it to Vulpix right away and it can stay that way. Ninetales is my favorite pokemon however I like the name Vulpix better. I guess I could abandon this account and use this account _Vulpix_ or Vulpix_911 or Vulpix23. I also haven't played a game since 9/4. I might get around to playing Pikmin, Loz: Windwaker, and sonic adventure dx. That it has been 52 days since my last level up it looks like level 33 or 34 will be my last level of this year although I was hoping to get to level 35. I guess that is it for this pointless blog. Just one more thing I can not figure out is why every topic I post in dies. Maybe it is my username or something. It doesn't really matter what board I'm on either the topic dies. I will solve this mystery one day.

Also if Krystal doesn't get in Super Smash Bros 4 I will close my account.

or wil I.

At least I get to waste 3 minutes of your lives or one Muwahahahaha.


221: Tomorrow will be seven years since 9/11/01

Outside of 9/11 being tomorrow. What I have been doing for the past 3 days was watching pokemon season one on youtube. I'll be buying this when I see the first 26 episodes somewhere in stores, but really why do things have to be difficult to find. I just finished the episode where brock catches a Vulpix Pokemon fashion-flash one of my favorites only because vulpix is in it. Another one of my favorite episodes is abra and the psychic showdown. and the one after the episode battle aboard the st. ann(titanic referances in this episode. and they mention the stor of Noah in pokemon too it looks like that has reached everywhere even pokemon. In a episode of digimon they used the numers 666 in one of the episodes. I also watched some of Sonic-X and death note too.

Sea Ya Next T1m3