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Deus Ex Mankind Divided has DX12 and is already out.

And it worked like garbage. Every Dx12 implemented game I have played, it has lowered performance.

I didn't realize they patched it in yet. Aside from frame rate does it really make much of a difference visually?

DX12 is mostly there for performance. People with Decent to high end GPUs and older/less beefy GPUs can get much better results. And it won't be fully noticeable until we get actual DX12 titles instead of ones with support added later.

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DirectX 12? Never. Microsoft want 1 billion Windows 10 devices by 2018, and they are obsessed to the point of insanity about how much they want it. They gave the upgrade away for free for a year. They tried everything from nagging to trickery to outright hiding the button that says "no thanks" to them to get you to upgrade. They've even made Intel and AMD lock Kaby Lake and Zen as Windows 10-only. Microsoft would rip out their left nipples and sacrifice them to Baphomet if it would make you upgrade to Windows 10. DirectX 12 is never, ever in a million years coming to Windows 7.

As for the game itself, also highly unlikely, unless Playground Games pulls a Remedy and jumps off the S.S. Xbox.

Their methods suck but I understand their desire to have one unified system. Supporting all these older OS versions is a big waste.

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@FelipeInside said:

Do you blame them?

Why spend time and money on platforms that are a very low minority?

Basically this. Has the crowd grown? Sure, a bit. But it's so small you'd need a microscope to see it

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The more hard drive you have to go with that RAM....mmm baby

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I still play both CoH games to this day.

CoH for total overhaul mods like the Great War or Blitzkrieg, CoH 2 for matchmaking 3v3 and 4v4

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@FelipeInside: This game doesn't bring anything new to the table neither, you can land on planets on Elite Dangerous as well, are you excited about gathering stuff? Minecraft will do that for less money and with more content.

Biggest map? doubt they've pass Arma 3 sized maps, you can walk for hours on foot from side to side, someone recorded talking a heli from side to side at 170Mph it took him 7 min.

I don't know much about Elite but does it also have procedural generated planets, wildlife and flora? Like I said before, NMS is a bit bare at the moment. It's more of a crafting simulator with exploration and a bit of combat. I'm more excited about the technology and what the future brings. Even NMS with some more features will probably get better.

As for map size, I'm talking about the whole universe simulated into the game. It was said it would take someone 5 billion years to explore the whole map. Arma3 map is huge, but it's just one region. A planet in NMS is that, a WHOLE planet sized map.

E:D will eventually have atmospheric worlds landable with animals and plants and cities, but to a realistic level. It' isn't 'fantasy' like NMS, it's based on reality. NMS planets are not realistically sized, but the ones in E:D are true to life. Driving in your buggy in ED on a planet, it would take real time to cross a world.

Map size isn't hard though, ED has 400 billion systems, players have seen 0.0017%, around 30mil systems. Space Engine, made by one guy, has the entire known universe with even higher fidelity than ED, and zero loading screens between any point in the universe. It's about 1gb for the file.

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This is better graphics then ED even though the colours are different it just adds to the alien look.

nice joke

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Maybe the actual game is not there yet but it sets a baseline for improvement and for things to come.

Isn't $60 a lot to ask for a game that's "not there yet" or fully baked? I like to buy games, not potential.

Yeah the price is a bit heavy but we will see if I get my money's worth or not.

I wish to see that, might even buy the game, right now I see this game as the biggest fail since DayZ - it got the base and nothing beyond that...

I saw the 'super secret end of the game, center of the galaxy' thing Sean was hyping up.

This hype train hasn't derailed all the way yet. It's going to be quite a storm I think.

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Lol. Don't say I didn't warn ya...

Almost all of the negative reviews are about optimization though.

Total Biscuit called it "Arkham Knight levels of bad" and rage quit his stream while it had 26k people watching. He has two 1080s and was dipping to 15fps, stuttered really bad, and basically couldn't play it

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When it hits $5 maybe