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Sly 3 beaten in 2 days

Man I just beat Sly 3 honor among thievies and IT WAS AWSOME!!!!! This is probably the coolest game I've played, and I mean that in the terms of games where you follow a leagcy. All I know is that they better start making Sly 4 because I must see, Sly's new life & the possible next generation in the Cooper Line, Good luck Sly you smuck, Sly, son of a gun good luck!!!

From dreams to plans

well plans of mine are going into effect I'm planning for the next summer most people would think I'm wierd for this, but I'm planning for some camping trips. Almost everything is going good so long as I can keep making money things will go good, Also my leader ShadowX18 is making an RPG online for his union all I can say is my hopes are as as as the sky.

Come One Come all fans Of Sonic and Devil May Cry

Hi, Folks, I hope some people read this, Well hi I'm asking you to Join the Sonic and DMC union and We are hosting a special style of Hurt/Heal battle and for anyone who is a fan will like this style of hurt heal battle. there will first be a perliminary 30 sonic character will be cut down to the top 5 then the same with a Devil May Cry hurt /heal battle then I'll add in 10 random characters, (PM me for canidates) and then we'll all see who is the grant Champ Of Devil May cry and Sonic the Hedgehog!!!!!!!

And so it begins again.

Well I've started FF: Crystal chronicles over because of not thinking of my fellow caravaners at the begining of the game. So I've started over to get a strong caravan members in year one instead of trying to get a strong caravan members in year 7. I've started over but this time there will be no errors and thats the truth.

Junior Year is good, a teacher may show me new uses of firecrakers

Well I'm now in my Junior year at Ike and so far so good I got classes I really like and know I'm going to have with also my cousin who has graduated from Ike says My chemistry teacher is the coolest. He says my teacher Mr. Harris may teach me how to unclog sinks with firecrackers and also I'm told if you fall asleep he has electric wires connected to the chairs and will shock anybody that falls asleep.

Shadow got ripped off!!!!!!

Well I'm made Bocoe, who was the head of the sonic union's hurt/heal battle ripped off Shadow!! I mean he changed the rules right when the battle to keep shadow alive was looking in Shadows favor then right after that bang shadow gets malled and that just ain't right! I mean come on what was he so afraid shadow might make a comeback and beat metal sonics robotic butt like shadow would have that he had to rig it to have shadow eliminated on the spot??? All I can say is if he changes the rules again into some way work into his favor like into beating up sonic or healing metal sonic he has made one enemy, but if he puts the rules back to normal than I won't be as ticked off!!!

Major summer bummer

Well this bites I have to go back to school on August 31st and this is just unfair. Geesh you'd expect that you'd go back to school after labor day oh well maybe this means I getr out earlier and with the start of school comes the signal that Kingdom Hearts II is on its way and all of the other games I have resevered. Well guess its time to play the waiting game and hopefully survive till the games come out one of my teachers is known to be a bit of a mean person in fact they call her Fitch the... well you can probably guess the rest, but its a class I need to take so I'll have to do the best I can.

@#$# I did it again

Darn it When ever I play this one game of mine and I'm playing my friends file to help him out I keep deleting my data making me start all over and...... man and I had gathered sooooooo much important items and data on the game maaannn oh well. Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 beaten

Just beat FMA2 curse of the crimson elixier it is kind of like kingdom hearts where the main conflicts minions are inky black alchemy created beings called golems and they could easily incorperate it into KH2 I'd say, but for anybody reading this you'll have to play the game to get what I mean.
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