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Here and there!

Haven't on for a long time. Been playing Video Games, check out my 'My Achievements' spot. Finished Homefront for 1 day. Stupid game of the year. LittleBigPlanet2 finished in 2 days, Made 3 levels, 2 zombie survivals and 1 Basketball Street mode.

Playing Minecraft for 100 years (like now). Finishing all achievements because 1.5_01 is out, 1.5_02 is only server update.

I'm gonna install Steam for Garry's Mod for Minecraft. A Bit crazy mod huh? I'm downloading Portal 2 for Single Player. Need an account for Multiplayer with my dad. I'm bored with my games. So that's why im downloading Portal 2. Geraldo needs Medical Purposes. I got some hours to play with you guys on PS3. Anyone wants to play with me?

New purposes! Do a level in LBP2, Play Minecraft with Garry's Mod.

Good luck on my purposes.

Which clan should i choose?

My clan was supposed to be TNX with no one joining it except snipedude. and many people joined EGF. so, which clan should i choose? TNX or EGF? (Note: TNX is my created clan)

Never-spoken my journey of mad

Since the last day i met people. I come to some things that are annoyed me six times fast. Wraith kills me on Halo 3, playing Fable 2 with songs, and Grunts screaming "we love candy and ice scream!" Bungie, I vote for no grunts and Chieftains on Halo: Reach, they make me mad. 63 finals in loads of bombs. It's a Never-Ending of massacre. Please, Modern Warfare 2 Nukes wanted! 1,00,000,000 cash. What is this? Treyarch, are you making me more mad?!! No Nukes in Call of Duty: Black Ops, please Treyarch.!!!!!! I'm so sick of the line of General Sheperd: I lost 50 thousand men in a blink of an eye."

How can Master Chief and Arbiter fight?

Master Chief and Arbiter fight. so what, if they're fighting??????? Ok, so my question is why Bungie put in the speech of Master Chief in the end of Halo 2 " Sir, to finish the fight." so they mean that to destroy the third Halo. But, what i mean is, should he kill Arbiter? I had some info that many are saying Halo 4 is going to release. Its the non-fiction thing. Halo 4 was going to be released when I seen Sony showing everybody Halo 4 and Halo 4 gameplay with the Halo XBOX. I always like to see them do back-to-back thing. Like MW2, Treyarch never make any character say "Sir, To finish the fight." I always get a good look on Buck in Halo 3: ODST and COD: WAW. I was begging to everyone to vote "Kill Travis" in Arby and the Chief show. LOL.

My Shocking Day

I just join {The Halo Union} when i was shocked to see im level 15 in that union. I got many achievements in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST and had to buy Halo: Reach, my favorite addicting game. good thing im not an officer in {The Halo Union}. LOL. It was Shocking in my head and body.

C.O.V.E.N.A.N.T. (funny lines

(Topic meaning: Control over Variant Evil Nerd Air Noises Trouble)

In the mission THE ARK:

Grunt 1 : It's a nightmare!

Grunt 2 : Should we come out of cover?!

Grunt 1 : When has "us" looking for "it" EVER been a good idea

Grunt 3: Rukt......Fist..... Merry Christmas

While the marines and chief move:

Marine 1: Dude, i think i leveled up.

While chief kill all grunts and brutes:

War Grunt 1: I'm not chasing it, It looked ferocious.

War Grunt 2: Ready to go out there?

Grunt 1: What if they're still there?

War Grunt 1: Don't cower back there!!!!!!!! COME AND FIGHT!!!!!!

Grunt 1: But, don't make the demon angry.

War Grunt 2: I'm out the here. Yay! i'm a gay!!!!!

Brute 1: Use your eyes..... Stay alert. No one sleeps but me.

Grunt 5: You're a Meaty pussbags!

Brute 1: He's going to trap us. I'm the leader you idiots. I will tear your bones and flesh with my teeth.

Grunt 1: No gas for you! You killed Flipyap!

Grunt 2: Or Yapflip was he......

Grunt 3: It was Yapflip.

Grunt 4: No, Flipyap is he's brother.

Grunt 5: Don't tell me i don't know Flipyap.

Grunt 1: Flipyap and I went to Nipple Academy together!

Grunt 3: and he and he's dead.

Grunt 2: Open up and say "AH"

Grunt 3: AH!!!!!

Grunt 2: Not you, Idiot.

Grunt 3: So what? I'm becoming the demon!

Grunt 4: WHAT!!!!

Grunt 1: No,no,no!!!! Here he is! FLEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Grunt 6: Hi guys, what's u AAAAAAAAAAAAH, the grenade stuck in you. I can't move!

Grunt 7: -Snoring- huh, AAAAAAAH, the grenade stuck on me!

Brute 1 to Grunt 7: Don't tell me. Here, I'll help you.

Brute 1 and Grunt 7: -BANG-

Grunt 1 to all: NO! the grenade flashes to Porky (Grunt 7) and Kirant (Brute 1)

Grunt 1,2,3,4,5,6: We'll be in the graveyard.

Grunt 5: What?

Grunt 1 to chief: Please don't kill me. I beg you

Grunt 2: -yelling Gibberish-

Grunt 1,2,3,4,5,6: -yelling more gibberish.

That's it.

Notes and Information:

Flipyap name was from the show "The Marvelous MisAdventures of FlapJack" from Cartoon Network, Flapjack was to be supposed to be the name of Grunt 8 (Sorry Grunt 8 or Flipyap was not in the lines).

Re-designed Akimbo weapon MW2

this is a must. Akimbo weapon re-designed must be excluded from the list, i said. it was not suitable for new weapons even on forge in Halo 3. turrets are the only one needed to be re-designed. as it is only one who got excluded from the list of MW2 weapons in my weapon paper list. Thank you.

Funny MW2 glitches

1. Man grows horns: First, equip your throwing knife,Second, Aim your teammate,Third, Throw the throwing knife, Your teammate grows horns.

2. Can you double kill?: first, equip your C4,second, Place it in Window(Make sure your C4 is behind you),Third, Flasbang your teammate,Fourth, quickly go back of your teammate, Fifth, Make someone aim your head with a sniper rifle(Make sure, it placed its aim in the head)Sixth,Once you activated your C4, Make the sniper headshot you(Together).

Halo 3: New maps

New maps are:

1. Terror House

2. TNX Battlefield


4. Port Blair

5. Galatic Ship


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