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white_devil65 Blog

1st platinum

Finally got the COD:WAW platinum after getting extremly frustrated with "Heart Of The Reich". The ast level seemed really easy considering i was still playing on veteran, then after getting the final veteran trophy it was time to re-do all the levels on hardened since that was allowed, didn't take me any more than 2 days really.

Once I got "Hardened War Hero" trophy it was time for the hardest trophy to get which was "Sum Of All Zero's" after i'd say 6 attempts i finally got the target of destroying 45 Japanese Zeroplanes, after getting to the target i got that trophy then immediatly following was the grand prize of the platinum trophy.

Sp with that one now done i wonder what's next my choices are ;

Fallout 3, Unreal Tournament 3, GTA IV, Burnout Paradise, and Street Fighter 4 hmmm

Call Of Duty on veteran

Upon starting the veteran campaign on May 5th, after finishing Semper-Fi, i deinatly knew i was going for a pretty tough set of trophies, there were a few frustrating points on certain levels, many inclluding Burn Em Out, having difficulties at the final tunnel, Relentless, struggling with the 1st wave of soldiers and then struggled when the flame tank came into play,Blowtorch and Corkscrew where i struggled to beat the first wave of opponents, andHeart Of The Reich having difficulties at the Plaza just outside the Reichstag, but surprisingly Downfall wasn't that difficult as I finished the level and found the death card within 2 hours, all the other non-based vehicualar missions took about 5,6 hours if i was lucky, if not it could take upto 2 days.

But though i experienced a problem when i downloaded patch 1.50, it decided to wipe my main mission data so all i had a choice of was Semper-Fi or Nazi Zombies, but luckily the game remembered i was still half way through Heart Of The Reich, So whenI did that mission and then finished Downfall, I wasn't granted the "Hardened War Hero" trophy as the system took it down as I'e only done the last 2 missions on Veteran :@ which was extremely frustrating. So I've began the story again but this time I'm doing it on Hardened, and ill be looking for the remaining death cards, once thats done that will be another 2 trophies in the bag. The only one left to do will be "Sum Of All Zero's" . . . gulp.