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Random blog of randomness.

Well after a long day and not feeling well, i for some reason decided to update my blog. Not too much has been going on recently actually. Today was the birthday for a friend of mine so spent most of the day with him and the rest of my friends. Think i ate too much today so that probably explains why i'm feeling lousy. Starting a house sitting job tomorrow for eight days, hoping to reset their wifi so i can us my computer while i'm there. Should be fun though, gonna have a few friends over some of the time to play some games and watch some anime cuz that's what we do all the time XP. Never did post blogs about the rest of E3 but my overall thoughts on it were mediocre at best. Well I think it's time for me to get to bed so i can hopefully recoup from whatever is making me feel ill.

E3 Day 1

Told ya i'd post again xD. Anywho, E3 Day 1 is in full swing now that the Nintendo conference has ended. So much win from that one. Lots of new games and the unveiling of the 3DS was awesome plus yay Kid Icarus for the 3DS. It's a shame that those of us who aren't at the conference won't be able to see exactly how the 3DS looks until launch date. I think this system will revolutionize the gaming industry and that other developers like Sony and Microsoft will follow that same path somewhere down the line. The new Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword, looks awesome also. The control scheme seems like it will work very well and the new colors they used in the designs make it look very nice and a lot like some of the older games like Ocarina of Time. Other games that were previewed were Donky Kong Country Returns, which throws our favorite ape back into his sidescrolling SNES days. Metrioid Other M looks amazing as well since it looks to be a mix of the Metroid Prime games and the older 2D games from earlier systems. Goldeneye 007 for the Wii was an awesome surprise. I played the N64 version so much when I was a kid so this is a game that's for sure going on my list of games to get once it comes out. One that really made me happy was Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I've played the other 2 games at least twice each and it has to be one of my favorite RPG series to date so i'm extremely excited for this next installment in the series! Well thats all for now, will update again once the Sony conference has ended. Ciao for now everyone!!

Holy Hat it's been a looooooooooooong time.

Wow, i can't even remember the last time I updated this thing. It's been way too long so here's a random blog because I can! Hopefully i'll start remembering to do this more often like I used to. For now this will be gaming news and such XP. Been playing Monster Hunter Tri quite a bit as of late. It's freaking amazing and if anyone else is playing look for me sometime, my in game name is Raios if you ever feel like hunting with me =D. I've also been playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite alongside Tri. It's so very hard going between the two games, especially switching controls and weapon types @.@ In other gaming news, i'm still in the process of beating Final Fantasy XIII and Bayonetta, stupid Tri taking up all my time >.> I did however manage to beat God of War III which was an amazing game! Now to play Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta when that gets released. And finally my list of games that i'm waiting for in the coming months. So far in July i plan to get BlazBlue: Continium Shift and Persona 3 Portable. Then in Sepetember the game i've been anticipating for months gets released: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. What games are you looking forward too? Well that's all for me now, be back soon with more updates!

.hack//GU 3 Redemption released tomorrow!!!!

Yes, its finally here!!! The final saga in the .hack//GU saga. I have been waiting for this game since i beat Volume 2 Reminice. I can barely contain my excitement!! I finally get to see the end of Haseo's adventure, plus i get new characters and new move, which is gonna be great!!! Just thought i would let everyone know how excited i am!!!

Big update, get ready!!

Well, almost a month since my last blog, so its time i post again. Well, not too much has happened since i last posted, but some intresting things did. Lets see, i had to go out of town to a family reunion, which wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be Got a little better at Guitar Hero while i was there since thats the only game anyone wanted to play during our free time. So now i can play medium songs to an extent. I caught a slight stomach bug on Sunday, but i was better on Monday. Then today i started to swell up with hives and had to get shots and pills *shivers* i hate needles with a passion Ok, enough of my real life, its time for my game updates. I finally got past where i was stuck at in FFXII, which was at the Demon Wall Took it down finally after using 4 Quickenings and now i'm preparing for my bout with Belias. On Tales of the Abyss, i got to the part where *spoilers for those who haven't played* St. Binah falls and now i am on the hunt for the Sephiroths for my third time XD On .hack//GU 2 i beat the One Sin and got the best armor for Haseo, even though the battle took over an hour to finish. Now i'm just waiting for Volume 3 to come out in about a month from Saturday. And finally, my Pokemon Diamond update. My team has changed once more.....i need to stop doing that. It's now Raichu, Typhlosion, Swapert, Breloom, Umbreon and Altaria, all level 85. Finally fought Tower Tycoon Palmer and got beat by his Milotic, but i shall have revenge!! Anywho, thats all i got cuz my arm hurts now, Ciao!

Gaming Update! Took me long enough XD

Well, its time for an actual game update, it's amazing!!! Anywho, lets get started. So far i'm currently playing .hack//GU Vol. 2 Reminice, Tales of the Abyss, FlyFF, Devil May Cry and Pokemon Diamond. In .hack, i'm just leveling up my characters and completing the extras so that i'm ready for .hack//GU Vol. 3 Redemption. I'm actually on my third run of Tales of the Abyss and am currently heading to Grand Chokma for the first time. FlyFF is the same deal, so if anyone plays, i'm on the Glaphan server with a level 4 Vagrant, Reozu, a level 34 Acrobat, UryuQuincy and a level 20 Magician, Shuusui. Devil May Cry i haven't played as much, but i just got the Pride of the Lion and beat Phantom and am fighting the darkness tiger thing. And finally, Pokemon Diamond. Currently i'm just raising my team to at least their 60's. My team so far is a level 55 Pidgeot, level 52 Raichu, level 49 Flareon, level 46 Tauros, level 40 Octillery and a level 31 Donphan. Only reason their so weak is because i have been constantly switching members around. If anyone wants to battle with me, my trainer name is Reozu and my Friend Code is 0215-7269-0588, so PM me if you want to schedule a battle or trade. Well, i think i've talked enough for now, so i'll catch you all later, Ciao!!

Transformers ZOMG!!!!!

I finally saw Transformers, and all i can say about it AMAZING!!!!!!! If you haven't seen it yet, go, go now and see it!!! It was so good i plan on going about 2 or 3 more times. Well, i just thought i'd say that, so Bye!!

I'm a working man again!!!!

Yup, i finally found yet another job XD this time its at a store called Marshalls, which is pretty much a discount clothing store, which to me is much better than fast food. But anyways, i start next week but i have good hours so i can still do some stuff here XD so thats all for now, Ciao!!

The First Stage! Sinnoh! Chapters 5 and 6

Heres some more story, have fun!!

Chapter 5

"Man, he's always late, i should just stop waiting for him." sighs Kira as he continues to eat his lunch with Ralts. "He should have been here awhile ago. Oh well, if he doesn't show up when we finish we'll just leave without him."

"Hey!!! Kira!!! Stay right there, here i come!!" shouts Reozu as he sprints towards Kira and Ralts. "I was worried i wasn't going to catch up to you guys." says Reozu as he begins to catch his breath. "Hope you haven't waited too long."

"Well, you showed up, and that's all that matters. Here, have some lunch, your gonna need some strength when we start up." says Kira as he hands Reozu a small brown box.

"Alright, this is going to be great, you make the best food!" says Reozu as he begins to eat the lunch. After they were both finished, they headed out, on their way to becoming great Pokemon Trainers. After walking for awhile, they sit down to have a rest. "Phew, who knew this could be so tiering." says Reozu as he and Riolu lay in a field of grass outside of Jubilife City.

"Your right about that, this is going to be pretty tough." says Kira as he joins Reozu. "But in the end it will all be worth it when we are taking on the Elite Four in the Pokemon Leauge!!"

"What a joke, you two think you can beat the Elite Four. Don't make me laugh, even if you did cactch loads of Pokemon, you would never be able to raise them right." says a voice from behind the two friends.

"Who gave you the right to say what we can and can't do!?" shouts Reozu as he jumps to his feet. In front of him was a boy, about his age, maybe a little older, dressed in a long trechcoat with bandages around his right hand. "What's with that arm of yours?"

"I feel no reason to release that information. So, how about a Pokemon battle, to see who really is worthy to take on the Pokemon Leauge Challange." says the mystery man as he takes a Pokeball out from his coat. "Lets make it a little fair, it'll be two versus one, you two against me. How about it?"

"Fine, we accept your challange, right Kira?" exclaims Reozu as he gets ready to battle.

"Alright, we'll show him what we are really made of!! Let's go Ralts!!" shouts Kira as Ralts jumps to the battle field.

"Alright Riolu, you go too!" shouts Reozu as Riolu joins Ralts.

"This should be fun. Go, Ryhorn and Misdrevus, I choose you!" shouts the trainer as he tosses two Pokeballs to the field. "Alright, lets get started, you can make the first move."

"Ralts, use Confusion on Ryhorn!!" shouts Kira as Ralts sets his sights on Ryhorn.

"Misdreavus, intercept and then use Astonish on Ralts!!" shouts the mystery trainer as Misdreavus blocks Ralt's Confusion and flies towards Ralts and hits him with Astonish. Ralts is flung back and takes a great deal of damage.

"Alright Riolu, lets use Force Palm on Ryhorn now!!" shouts Reozu as Riolu flies towards Ryhorn with a fist lit up purple. Riolu reaches Ryhorn and lands a hit on Ryhorn's face. "Awesome Riolu, direct hit!!"

"Urgh, return Ryhorn!!" says the mystery trainer as he withdraws Ryhorn. "Misdreavus, use Astonish on Ralts again!!" As Ralts tries to dodge the attack, he is too slow and takes a direct hit from Misdreavus.

"Ralts!!" shouts Kira as he picks up Ralts. "You were great out there, rest up for awhile." Just as Kira grabs Ralts, a strange voice chimes in.

"You down there, hand over all your Pokemon now or face the consequenses!!" shouts the voice from atop a giant blimp.

"Wait a minute, that symbol on that blimp, it's the same one that one guy had on his outfit at the lake yesterday!!" shouts Reozu as he looks at the blimp.

"Heh, i've heard about them, their Team Galactic, a group of thiefs who steal Pokemon and experiment on them. So they showed their faces here huh." says the mysterious trainer. "Hey you, with the Riolu, help me take out these freaks."

"Alright, lets do, what was your name, i never caught it." says Reozu.

"Athyer, how about you?" says Athyer.

"Nice to meet you, i'm Reozu, now lets take these freaks down!" says Reozu as they begin their next battle....

Chapter 6

"Do you puny Trainers honestly think you can beat us high ranking officers of Team Galactic? If so, your in for a surprise!" one of the figures on the blimp shouts as Riolu and Misdreavus prepare for battle. Then, the two figures speak again. "We have been sent by the universe as eternal watchers, eternal followers and eternal battlers! We fight for the sake of the universe! We are Team Galactic!!! First officer Mars!!!" shouts the red haired figure

"Second officer Jupitar!!" shouts the other as they jump off the blimp. "Now go, Purgly!!!" shouts Jupitar as she jumps from the blimp throwing a Pokeball

"Your next, Skuntank!!" shouts Mars following suit. "You're never gonna know what hit you!" Mars shouts as her and Jupitar land with their Pokemon.

"We don't care how strong your Pokemon are, we are still gonna win, right Athyer?" shouts Reozu as he readies for battle.

"Of coarse, i would never lose to people as stupid looking as them." says Athyer as he too readies.

"Stupid!? Us stupid?! You have got to be kidding me!!!" screams Mars in anger. "Skuntank, use Flamethrower on Misdreavus!!" she shouts as her Skuntank launches a large stream of fire out of its mouth.

"Brace yourself Misdreva....." begins Athyer as he sees Riolu jump in front of the Flamethrower, taking the blast for Misdreavus. "Why would you do that, Misdreavus could have handled that!!" shouts Athyer in anger at his teammate.

"I didn't tell him to!! He just did it the moment the Flamethrower was launched!!" shouts Reozu back. "He must know that Misdreavus is stronger and wants her to be the one who wins the fight."

"Heh, what a strange Pokemon you got there, but no matter, i will win!! Misdreavus, use Shadow Ball now on Purgly!!" Misdreavus charges up a huge ball of black and launches directly at Purgly for a direct hit.

"Oh no! Purgly return!!" screams Jupitar as she heads back up to the blimp. "It's all up to you now Mars, you can do it!!" she shouts as she enters the blimp.

"Heh, alright, Skuntank, use Flamethrower again!!" she shouts as her Skuntank prepares another Flamethrower at Riolu. As it is about to hit, Misdreavus intercepts the attack.

"What, but why?" asks Reozu confused

"Don't ask, just attack it now!!!" shouts Athyer

"Alright, Riolu, use Force Palm now!!!" Reozu shouts as Riolu charges Skuntank and hits him directly between the eyes.

"Not you too Skuntank!!! Return!!" Mars shouts as she too reboards the blimp. "Don't think that you've seen the last of us. Not by a long shot!" she yells as the blimp flies away.

"We did it, i can't believe we did it!! That was awesome, you were great Riolu!!" shouts Reozu in excitement as he picks up Riolu. "That's some Misdreavus you've got there Athyer. It was an awesome teammate.

"Heh, thanks, your Riolu wasn't half bad either. It does have a lot of spunk i'll say that much. Maybe someday we can work together again." says Athyer as he turns around.

"I got a better idea, how about you come with Kira and me on our journey, we could always use an extra teammate to travel with." says Reozu, smiling.

"Eh, why not, i've got no one else to go with anyways. I'll join you, but you just better not get in my way." states Athyer as he begins to walk towards Jubilife Town. "We should probably get to Jubilife soon so we can heal our Pokemon up."

"Yeah, your right. Alright, its off to Jubilife Town!!!" Reozu shouts as he and Kira begin to follow Athyer to Jubilife Town, the first stop on their journey into the world of Pokemon....

The First Stage! Sinnoh!! Chapters 3 and 4

Sorry for taking so long, but here are the next two chapters, Enjoy!!

Chapter 3

"Hey, i'm home." says Reozu as he opens the front door.

"Oh, hi Reo, how was your day?" his mom asks as she turns around in a chair. "Wow, is that a Pokemon honey?" she asks with excitement. "How did you get it anyways?"

"Well, it's kinda of a strange story. What happened was that me and Kira were fishing when we saw a strange person on the other side of the lake in a very strange outfit. Suddenly some guy in the same outfit came up to us and told us to leave to the lake because the were doing 'research'. Then, out of the trees, this Pokemon Ranger flew in and arrested the man. Not long after that, there was this explosion, and when we all started to get back on our feet after our shock, this little guy came flying down from the tree tops and landed on me, and he's been clinging to me ever since." explained Reozu as he let Riolu down to explore the house.

"Well, he looks pretty young, i bet he had just hatched from his egg and since you were the first person he saw, he thought you were his parent, so that's why he is with you." explained his mom as she got some food for them out of the fridge. "Since he's still young, make sure to take extra special care of him. We don't want him getting hurt at such a young age." she said as she put the heated food on the table. "Now come and get some food you two, you must be hungry for being out for so long."

"So, how about you go see Professor Rowan tomorrow and get set up for your journey?" asks him mom as Reozu cleans up the mess Riolu made.

"Are you sure i should take such a little guy on a journey so soon? I mean, you said that we don't want him to get hurt since he's so young right?" asked Reozu as he picks up Riolu.

"You should at least go see Rowan tomorrow and see what his verdict is on the little guy." says his mom as she sits back down. "I'm sure he'll be fine as long as you take care of him and make sure to never get seperated. Well, i think i'll go to bed now, and you should do the same." she says as she walks upstairs.

"Alright Riolu, lets head to bed for tonight, we have a big day tomorrow." Reozu says as he walks towards the stairs. Before heading up, he notices a Poke Ball laying on the table. "This might come in handy." he says as he puts down Riolu. "Ok, Riolu, return." As the red light flies from the Poke Ball and hits Riolu's head, Reozu notices that nothing happens. He tries again and again but with no luck. "Oh well, it'll be more fun if your not in one of those anyways." he chuckles as he climbs up the stairs to his room.

"Rio!!!!! Rio Rio!!!!" chimes the small voice of Riolu as he bounces on the bed.

"Ugh, Riolu, it's early, go back to bed." says a disgruntled Reozu as his mom walks in.

"Well well, looks like you've got a new alarm don't you?" she says as she picks up Riolu. "I'll take this little guy downstairs while you get ready."

"Ok, thanks." he says as he begins to get ready. He desends the stairs and walks into the kitchen. Immediatly Riolu jumps onto his head from the table and begins to talk somewhat like he's singing. "Alright mom, i'm off, i'll come back to visit once in awhile!!" Reozu shouts as he bursts out the door, Riolu firmly gripping his shoulder.

After walking for awhile, the pair finally arrive in Sandgem Town. "Alright, finally, Sandgem Town! Lets go to Rowan's lab and get approved for this journey." says Reozu as they walk down the road to Rowan's lab.

Chapter 4

"Well, i'm assuming this is the place." states Reozu as he and Riolu arrive in front of a large building with what looked to be a ranch in the front. "Shall we head in and get you checked out?" asks Reozu as they head for the front door.

"Rio Rioooo!!!" chimes Riolu as they enter the front door. When they enter, they see brilliant white machines, kinds they have never even seen before. They were all beeping and making other noises. As they looked at one of the screens, so many words were flashing at once that is seemed ilegible.

"Wow, this place is amazing!! I've never seen so much technology in one place before!" shouts Reozu as he walks farther into the lab.

"Excuse me, is there anything i can help you with?" says a deep voice from behind the partners.

"Woah!! Don't sneak up on people like that!" shouts Reozu as Riolu scurrys behind his leg in fear. "So, would you happen to be Professor Rown?" asks Reozu as he picks up Riolu.

"Why yes i am, and i'm assuming that Riolu belongs to you?" says Rowan as he begins to look at Riolu. "I would be more than happy to see if your Riolu is fit to go on a journey. Just put him on the examination table there then i will begin the examination."

"Alright, now don't hurt the Professor while i'm gone." says Reozu as he hands Riolu to Rowan. "So, should i just wait outside?"

"Yes, that'd be best. We don't want him running to you during the tests. There are some chairs in the next room, so make yourself comfortable while you wait." says Rowan as he shows Reozu to the next room. "Don't worry, Riolu will be just fine." As he sits down, Reozu hears footsteps coming from a different room, assuming it's just another scientist to assist Professor Rowan. As the person walked into the room, Reozu immediatly regonized the person.

"Kisa! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on patrol somewhere?" asks Reozu as he jumps out of his chair.

"Well, i heard some new Trainers were coming by today, so i wanted to see if you and your friend Kira were coming. So far two others and Kira have all come, so Piplup and Chimchar were taken by the other two. So, where's your Riolu anyways?" she asks, looking around.

"Oh, he's getting examined by the Professor, he should be done soon." explains Reozu as he sits back down again. "So Kisa, where are you headed after this?"

"Hmm, not sure yet, guess it depends on where i'm ordered to go. Who knows, maybe we will meet up somewhere. And with that, i better finish getting ready, so i'll see you around!!" she says as she walks back towards her room. Just as she disappers into the hallway, the door to the lab opens up and Rowan walks in.

"Well, everything checks out on your Riolu, so i'm giving you your Pokedex and your Trainer case, 5 Pokeballs and now i wish you the best on your journey, and remember to update me on your Pokedex project." Rowan says as he walks back into the lab.

"Excuse me, did a Trainer named Kira come by today?" asks Reozu as Riolu runs and jumps back on his shoulder.

"Why yes, he left about 10 minutes before you got here, so i'm assuming he went with his Ralts to get some food before heading out, so i'm sure you can still catch up with him." says Rowan as Reozu flys out the door. "Well, he sure is a hyper one, he will be an intresting Trainer won't he?" Rowan says to himself as he walks back into his lab.