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Yeah, I know... I gotta believe!!

Sometimes all you can do is cling to your beliefs.

Good luck to all those who are staying here, but my time here on Gamespot is coming to a close.

You can find me as one of the admins of, a refuge for my favorite community on this site. All are welcome, so please drop by. :)

You can also find me on the PMS Clan forums (, Scorehero ( and #scorehero on gamesurge), and lurking around DOACentral (

And remember... no matter how sad Parappa gets, he can get through anything because he believes.

What to write about?

I tend to make blog posts only when I'm really bored... and then I have nothing to write about.

Well, this time I actually am not super bored but I have some time and want to just post something so people don't think I disappeared off the face of the earth.

I've been spending my days mainly working, travelling for gaming, and of course, gaming. Current addictions include Team Fortress 2 and Guitar Hero 3. Cliffs of Dover is an amazingly fun song to play.

As for where I'm travelling for the foreseeable future, I will be in Philly for the VGXPO this weekend, at the Geforcelan 4 in Alameda Nov 16-18, possibly in LA for the CGS World Finals (just to spectate) and CPL Winter Dec 19-22.

I will probably also be at CES and GDC but that's next year. :)

Hopefully more updates to come.

Another culling...

Sadly, I've had to cut more friends off my friends list recently.

Apologies if I took you off - again, I took off either names I didn't recognize, or ones where I basically have never played with the person(or haven't played with them since the 360 came out), or I don't interact with them on a semi-regular basis on the GS forums (or elsewhere).

I'm still at 93 people. Only 7 more spots until I have to make the tough decision again.

Why does Microsoft put me through this? Argh.

Maybe the answer is "More Brain Age"

I am reading through some of my back issues of Time (this one is dated July 16 - give me a break, I've been busy!) and they have an article on a study about addiction. What struck me in particular was this phrase:

In the brains of addicts, there is reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex, where rational thought can override impulsive behavior.

Seeing as how every time I play Brain Age, the good doctor tells me how much I'm using my prefrontal cortex, does this mean I have more of the ability to stave off addictions?

Great entertainment

It's been a hectic few weeks, that's for sure. Things have calmed down a bit in terms of my travelling for gaming but I'm still avidly following the CGS league through the website and TV and such.

Check out this epic match where my boy Swoozie wins it for my team, the LA Complexity!!

It's moments like this where I really believe that pro gaming can reach the mainstream audiences.

LAN after LAN after LAN

I've been out of town on and off for the past few weeks at a series of events. I don't really feel like getting into all the details, but y'all are welcome to ask.

Basic breakdown:

I am a taxi squad player for the LA Complexity ( for Dead or Alive 4. This basically means that if for some reason the General Manager is not satisfied with the current starting player, he calls on me to fill in and I get to play as a salaried player. (Base of $30k/year, plus whatever bonuses) Not a bad deal.

I went to Showdownlan 2007 in San Jose and won myself a Sumo Beanbag for having the top score in Guitar Hero 2 - I actually had it on two different songs but they only let me win one. :(

This past weekend I was in Louisville for the World Series of Videogames - I competed in Guitar Hero 2, placing 6th in the open competition. That got me a spot in the bracket play and I ended up in 19th. But I'd only had a few days of practice so I'm not sweatin it too much.

Now I'm tired but in a good way. I met lots of awesome folks over these past few events and my next one is in Dallas, July 5-8th. :)

Watch for me on CBS July 29th when they air the Louisville WSVG segment! Since I was one of two girls in the bracket play I'll probably get inserted somewhere in there.

More deliciousness

Pac Man!


And... Bubble Bobble :)

 Also - I placed 2nd in one of the tourneys (all female DOA4 - I lost to my mentor/teacher), and took 3rd place in a Quake 4 FFA. 

Wish Me Luck!

This weekend I drive down to Anaheim for the LAN.  :) for those who are interested in learning more!

I'm competing in DOA4, though I already know I'm going to get my butt kicked, since I have played half the people who are going online, and they always kick my butt.  I use too many unsafe moves  :P  But it'll be a good learning experience, regardless!

Lots of notable gamers going, plus some of my coworkers are going as well... gonna be lots of fun - I'll try to remember to take pics.  :)

And anyone who is in the LA/Anaheim area... spectator passes are only $5, if you feel like coming out find me and say hi.  :)

Utterly delicious

It's a pretty well known fact that I like to cook.  And subsequently, I also enjoy baking.  So here, my faithful readers, I will show you to what extent my geekiness lies...

Mario Cookies: 

Blue Pikmin:


And the rest - Easter themed cookie cutters are the best.  :)

Bon appetit!