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well, some of you may or may not notice that a journal entry is missing. the one entitled "People Are...". well, thats because it was deleted, a mod marked it as Trolling, and then he banned me for 3 days. so ladies and gentlemen, i have had enough. i am leaving gamespot. dont be surprised if i do not return, and dont be surprised if i do. i say this to those who will miss me leaving, just because im leaving gamespot, does not mean that i am leaving the internet:wink:. so, if you want any of that info, you can find it on my profile page. in my previous entry, the one that got deleted because someone thought it was trolling, i stated that there are only 37 users on this site that i trust, respect, and can call true friends. well, if i ever am to return here, i will reveal who they are. i already revealed that Newborn1990 is one of the users. its funny, ive spent more than one year here at gamespot tryin to fit in, to level up, to get post. now i realize, none of that matters. none of it. nothing. its garbage. there are much better things in life. Girls, music, Metroid:P, lots of things. however, if one does not know anything outside of the confines of a internet forum, then i suppose that they must make do with what they choose to have. and now i give thanks, however, be aware that i will not be able to thank all, so therefore, i thank you, whoever i missed, for having the special role that you had during my time here at gamespot :), :

for being the first person ever to give me a mod position at his UCB, and for finally getting me the "Snake Eater" song, which, i just checked on my iPod, has a play count of 19:P.

for writing every letter back to me, no one has everdone that for such a long time.

auron, or -Arn-, or whatever name he goes by now :P :
he wished to be my friend, but at the time, i just didnt allow him. in time, i saw that he was a pretty cool, guy. im sorry for what i did, and hopefully, if you are reading this, we can still start a friendship.

-Wesker- :
for introducing me to the Everything Metroid Board, one of the best UCB's i have ever visited. without going there, i dont think that i would have done alot of the things i have done since. so thanks.

awoenip :
for never losing your trust in me, and for always believing in me. that means alot. thanks.

wow, there are alot of people, so, thanks to all of you. thanks for makin this experience a good one for the most part.

and, last but certaintly not least, thanks to JC. i hope to someday meet you in person, you truly are a unigue individual. you know who you are. and you know where to find me. see you next mission. :)

and so, it has come to this. farwell ladies and gentlemen. perhaps i shall return, but, for now, i leave you with this line:


The Situation

well, i just got back from a 5-day ban. pretty severe, dont you think ok, here goes:

so, i was having a pic battle wit this kid, his name is comedownstairs, and he posts this, so i respond with this i get banned for 5 days, whatever. i saw that comin. but, this kid is free. no action what so ever was taken against him, yet he posted an equally violating pic. so, does anyone else find this a bit strange?

Aggravating Games EP.2

hello and welcome to aggravating games!!!! im your host, webswinger526!!!!

ok, we got alot to talk about on todays show, so lets get to it. first game, devil may cry 3. to sum it up in a nutshell, DMC 3 is hard as ****. yes i said it, its hard as ****. i could just end it there, but i decide not to. DMC 3 is really, really, really difficult. difficult to the point that its aggravating. you see this> :D. thats me playing san andreas, or kirby canvas curse. now, i will reveal the latest addition to my AGGRAVATING RATING SCALE!!!!!!!! :cry: DESCRIPTION: there is no life, no spoon, nothing matters. you have given up on god, the game, your self. common things you once found amusing and exciting are now approached with caution, fearing it might bite you in the ass. you are on several medications for depression and anger manage ment, and you tend to destroy things on sight, such as choking someone to death because they reminded you of something aggravating, like DMC 3. so, in a way, you are like darth vader. however, you will never get the full bad-assness that vader holds. so, youare like whiny anakin, in SW EP 2: AOTC. oh well. we all know that DMC 3 is aggravating, even easy mode feels like dante must die mode!!!!!!!!! what the hell!!!!!! ah well. we all know what this game gets. :cry:

next up is not games that are aggravating, but things in the game that are aggravating. first up, The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. great game, awesome game. however, the cucco side quest is extremely aggravating. i hate cuccos. which is why everytime i fail this, i unleash hell on the stupid thgiungs!!!!!!!!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!. this side quest gets :evil::evil::evil::evil:.

we are out of time!!!! join us next time as we take a look at ninja gaiden, splinter cell 1, and a special surprise game!!!!!!:shock:. bye now!

Life Just Gets Better And Better

well, huess what happened today. my father is playing darts in my room, and he misses. the dart goes down and lands right in the cord for my super nintendo. it went right through. this is not good. so, i am forced to get an emulator. i really dont believe in them, but i had to get it. so i did. and its actually pretty good. granted i only have super metroid and super star wars on it. its still really good. so until i get a new adapter, i have to deal with the emulater.

Woo-Hoo!!!! Life Stinks!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

wow, boy does life stink. first on the agenda, the internet. to this day, there is one thing that continues to aggravate me about gamespot. the people. they are asses. have you noticed? usually, i would confront my problems with someone by walking up to them, tellin them wassup, and i fthey say anything stupid, then thats it. im punching them in the face. and it doesnt matter how many people their are. i dont care about their p*$$y friends jumping in, tryin to help their friend. thats being a coward. i dont believe in that. if you wanna fight, just fight me. no one else, just you and me, no one else. so, some moron on gs, im not gonna say any names for various reasons, has a problem with me, and decides to avoid me. so, he knows who he is, and if by any chance he is reading this, i have to say this, if you got a problem with me, just confront me and tell me what the problem is, dont be a dick and write stupid things when you cant back it upo, and then ast all goody goody when everyone else is around. thats all for now, expect more later.

Aggravating Games, EP 1

welcome to the first episode of an ongoing series known as aggravating games!!!!

heres your host: webswinger526!!!!!! :D

on todays show we take a look at Metroid II: Return Of Samus. this game is extremely aggravating!!!with the stupidity of finding all these damned hell spawned metroids, to the fact that you dont have that much energy in the game, which then leads to you dying. alot. so, you start out by your ship, on the surface of hellhole388, oh, excuse me, SR388. what a weird name, but then again, take a look at uranus, and then we see that SR388 seems kinda normal:| so, you are sent to kill all the metroids on this planet, so that the space pirates cant use for teh evilness. whatever. now some people might be saying: "BUT WEBSWINGER! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED THE METROID SERIES!!!EGAD!" dont get me wrong, i do love the metroid series. but when you are the only game iin the series that i have ripped from my gba numerous times due to frustration, now that ladies and gentlemen, that is aggravation. i have been frustrated in many games, legend of zelda, mario, and metroid(LOOK AT THAT! ALL NINTENDO TITLES!!!) and devil may cry 3, we talk about that one in our next episode! :wink: just because a game is marked as an aggravating game, does not neccesarily mean that it is a bad game. no. however, being that it is an aggravating game, some may find that it ruins the whole experience. so, that is why i have decided to stop playing metroid II. ill just put in a glass case and show it off to my friends. hey look! i got metroid II, and i got the hospital record to prove it!!!:D

well, now i introduce my aggravating rating scale!!!!

here is how it goes:

:evil: - does have its aggravating points, but not enough to break your soul.
:evil::evil: - its starting to get to you, and slowly, you are beginning to get angry.....
:evil::evil::evil: - you are starting to just give up on this game, believing that either god, or the developers, are playing a cruel joke on you.
:evil::evil::evil::evil: - w00t!!!! now we are pissed!!!!! you are breaking things in sight, throwing down the controller, disgusted at yourself, and this god for saken game!!!!!!
:evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: - there is no turning back. you have completely forgot about the game, and you are contemplating whether you should microwave the game, or smash it with an alluminum bat.

well, Metroid II gets :evil::evil::evil: .

A Failed Attempt And A First Date

well, yesterday i took my girlfriend to see war of the worlds. it was alright, nothing spectacular. i enjoyed the time i spent with her. later we went back to my house, and started playing around. it was good:D. so she got bored, and puts my metroid prime 2 echoes in the gamecube, and asks me if i want to go a round with her. i said yea and we started playing. my first intention was to let her win, but she needed no help winning. she was up by 5 kills, and i turned the tables on her. so now the score is tied, and there isnt much time left, and she kissed me. not on the check, but on the lips. i stopped playing, and, being the person that i am, kissed her right back. so, we kissed for a little while then we stopped, and she killed me in echoes, winning. i walked her back home, and i kissed her good night. well, so far so good with this one. soon, she will be unable to resist!!!!!:twisted: :P

in other news tonight, my retarded and mental case friend decided to make an attempt of getting revenge on me.

here is how the stroy goes:

a couple of years back, something happened to him, and he blamed me for it, even though i really didnt have anything to do with it, and it was pure accident that i got involved in this mess. he was tryin to get with this girl, and, we were all in gym class,so, me and my friends were laughing at him cause these girls were playing him. so i said it would be funny if something happened to him and the girls would start laughing. thats when my other friend decided to play a prank on him, which was normal, because he was one of those people that would always fall for anything. i knew this was gonna be so wrong, so i decided that i didnt want part. i told themn i would just watch. so i watched the scene play out, and at the last minute, i called his name to warn him. unfortunately for him, my friends were already in action, and pulled his pants down in front of the girls. i start laughing my ass off, and i realized that it was kinda wrong, but funny at the same time, like when you see someone trip and fall. so, he decided to hold me accountable all theses years. so what does he decide to do for revenge? attack a UCB that i am part of and commit lewd acts and frame for it. and it partially worked. im actually surprised he came here. every year he tries to get me back, and this doesnt really measure up to the other things he has done. for example, a year ago, he framed me for robbing a liquor store. that was not cool. so, thats the story of my friendship with ricky. touching story isnt it? after i learned it was him wreaking havoc in the Everything Metroid Board, i decided to go to his house and have a little chat with him. we came to an agreement, and hopefully, if he abides by his end of the agreement, he will never go to the EMB ever again. granted, he will continue to try to get his revenge on me. oh well. by the way, if any of you wish to send him some "lovely" mail, his user name is metroidhater. and yes, he did that on purpose to annoy me. he was previously known as webslinger316. anyways, im reaching the limit of my ipod, which kinda sucks, so i am ginna have to figure out what im gonna do about that.

And Then Life Came Crashing Down.

wow. life was going really good for me. it was going real smooth. then.....BOOM!!!!! just like that. everything was gone. all that happiness, joy, excitement. gone. i was once told that whenever you have a drop of happiness in the world, eveyone trys to take it away. and by god, its true :(

The Harch Atrocities Of Today's Contemporary World.

well, this world is gonna go up in flames. have you ever sat down and really take a good look at the local news? killing, terrorism, murder, rape, michael jackson, death, kidnappings, shootings. its too overwhelming. all this garbage thats going on in this world. it is so retarded!!!!!!! any thoughts on this topic, or the condition that this world is in?

then there is president bush!!!!! dont even get me started!!!!