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YAY my birthday! :D

Its my birthday today and im 17 . lol. Well thats all.
Happy gaming everyone.
Aha I made the exact one last year

Metal Gear Solid 4

Well we have all seen the trailer at Sonys E3 Conference and it is incredible. It also seems like there is going to be another trailer because in the Hideo Kojima Podcasts they showed us the first 90 seconds of the sound in the trailer and the sound in the trailer we saw is different.

Well thats what they meant by we would like Raiden more in this MGS.

This is insane. Just watch the trailer is you havent done already, its more of a character introduction than anything else kinda. Also I would like to know the full story about what happens with Snake when he shoots himself.

Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus Review

My Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus Review (***)

Well first of all I would like to point out that I cannot really explain the story, as a lot of it I did not understand due to being in Japanese.

As you probably already know you take control of Vincent Valentine (which was a character in Final Fantasy 7 for the PSX) for most of the game, and a very small part as Cait Sith. The game runs very smoothly almost all the time, but the only really major downfall is the controls. The controls seem clumsy, but you get used to this pretty quick and its not a problem after that. But the games does let you just plug in a USB mouse and keyboard so thats pretty cool. The camera is just a fully controllable 360 degrees camera, so you just rotate the camera around whenever you like. While just running around or doing physical attacks you will be in third person but when you start shooting you will go into more of a first person perspective similar to that of Resident Evil 4. With fully customizable weapons you can carry 3 guns at a time normally, and adding scopes or other upgrades to your gun. The game is mostly based on shooting but it has quite a lot of RPG elements in there. Vincent can also transform which makes him a lot stronger however this is only for a short period of time its still a lot of fun and it can help you a lot. So when playing through the game as Vincent it will be more action based but a very short time will be played as Cait Sith but being stealthy. The stealth is pretty simple and easy and its only around 10 mins or so that you control the character. The gameplay does have a few small problems but you easily get used to it.

The graphics are pretty nice, there good PS2 graphics. The animations look good enough and the character models also look good. The visuals are done very well and look great. But the most amazing well out of the world graphics come from the amazing sequences which is the same graphics as the movie Advent Children, which speaks for itself.

The sound is also done well with good effects on weapons and enemies. The soundtrack is great with music to get you in the mood for killing and you can even hear Gackts songs on some parts.

This game took me about 10 hours to go through which isnt very long especially since a bit of the time im confused about what to do since I dont understand it. But almost all of the time its very straight forward, you can just pop open your map and it will show you the next bit you need to go to.

I now cant wait for the English version, even though the game is very easy most of the time its still great fun and a real pleasure to play through. But you can unlock a special Gackt ending which is pretty cool, again the graphics on this is amazing. Ive heard that the stories plot is one of its strong points so thats good. Well I feel that this review may be somewhat biased as im a big FF7 fan and Vincent fan but this is how I feel about the game. Some may be dissappointed others wont.

I am unable to review the game on its Online multiplayer. As my ISP doesnt even support PS2 online. :|

And for those of you who dont know, Gackt is a singer in Japan.
This is taken from Greg Kasavins preview "and the game also features an appearance by Japanese pop star Gackt (who incidentally was the inspiration for FFVIII's main character, Squall)"

Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus Import

Well I got my imported Dirge of Cerberus and so far its pretty cool.8)
I will be putting my review on here as soon as ive done it.
The only think I cannot review is the story as I cannot understand most of it because of it being in Japanese.

Number 2?

Well I just got to 2000 posts and im level 20.
Number 2 a lucky number ? :|

My Collection

Well after seeing some people do this I thought of doing it as well. Hope you like it.
I will give you a discription and a link.
Hope you like them, even though theres quite a lot of pictures. :D

My TV, PSP, DS, Xbox 360, oh and a bit of my ps2.

My Xbox 360, yea i put that sticker on it dont ask why.

My very old monitor for my megadrive, ps2, gameboy colour

My N64, Megadrive, GC a little dusty but still working fine just been spending most of my time on the 360 lately.

My original black and crystal xbox's

Mostly magazines, and some cheat books that come with my magazines. LOL ive never used the cheat books dont want them but no point in throwing em out.

My magazines

My PC, PS2, Xbox 360, GBA, PSP, DS, GC, Xbox and ngage games. Amped 3 and tony hawks arent mine I borrowed them for COD2 and PDZ. The PS2 games underneath the 360 games arent mine either only Kingdom Hearts and Baldurs Gate  I like there.

My Xbox games close up (more behind them)
And Here

Close up of my GC games not got many but I like them

PS2 Games Close up

My Nintendo Calender :)

Lots of PS2 Demos

Some Nintendo Soundtracks and ps2 online disk.

My Xbox and xbox 360 demos

My Megadrive games

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