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Playing online slot games for real money - a review

Thinking of forgoing your next trip to your local casino and playing at home instead? You’re not alone. More and more people are choosing to play online slot games instead of venturing to their offline counterparts, and you can count us among them.

Given the choice, we definitely prefer indulging in the world of online slot games, and not just because we can do it without getting dressed up or leaving the house.

It’s pretty much a given among gamers and gamblers alike that online casinos offer a much greater variation in the steaks on offer, not to mention larger payouts.

Here’s a few other reasons why we prefer playing on the web:

  1. No software to download - everything you need to get started is right there on your browser
  2. Play on any device, from your home computer to your iPad, iPhone or other tablet and smartphone devices
  3. Impressive welcome offers and regular bonuses mean more for your money
  4. The biggest brands in gaming and betting offer their own casino sites, meaning you can play with a brand you trust and enjoy greater levels of security.

Where to play

With so many casinos and gaming portals competing for our hard-earned cash, making the choice of where to play can be a tough one.

Do you focus solely on the sign up bonuses? Consider the amount of different games on offer? Look for a brand you can recognize and trust?

The smart idea is to look for an online slot playing site that offers a complete package of all the above, providing an all-round safer, more enjoyable, and much more profitable for experience. For our money, few do this better than those tried and trusted bastions of big pay outs, William Hill.

Why we like William Hill

Each and every gaming site and online casino has its own benefits, highlights and standout qualities. With the online slots at William Hill , we found a complete package that perfectly suited what we were looking for:

A good sign-up bonus

With so much competition in the market, casinos and slot machine sites are always coming up with enticing sign-up offers to draw us in and convince us to play their games. At William Hill, we got a £20 Welcome Bonus just for signing up, a good deal in anyone’s book.

A huge choice of games to play

Fed up with the particular game you’re playing or just fancy trying your hand at something new? We were spoiled for choice over at William Hill, and with 216 games on offer (trust us, we counted), so will you.

All the most popular titles

We had no worries finding all our favourite slot machines at William Hill Games. Their homepage introduces new games like Jurassic Park, Rumble in the Jungle, and the always popular Gold Factory.

Keep going, and you’ll find well-known titles like Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, X-Factor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and other favourites.

For something a little different, check out the full list of titles based on everything from hit TV shows like Star Trek to those based on famous faces like Elvis, Bruce Lee and makeup clad rock warriors Kiss.

Secure payments and smooth transactions

Of course, having fun and winning those big money jackpots is the name of the game here, but we can’t do any of that if we can’t make our deposits in a quick, easy and, most importantly, secure way

Luckily, we found all of that at William Hill.

With a number of different payment methods to choose from, picking one that was the most convinient for us to deposit funds and take home our winnings was easy.

Adding our bank details and getting set up was quick and simple, meaning we could start playing our favourite slot games within minutes of landing on the website, and thanks to William Hill’s state-of-the-art encryption process which uses the latest technologies to handle transactions, we had complete peace of mind knowing that everything was safe and secure.

Regular bonuses

One of the main benefits of playing online slots at William Hill comes in the form of their bonus bar, rewarding loyalty with regular payouts.

The site offers two different bonus bars, each paying out every time they get full.

The standard bonus bar used by most players pays out up to six grand in increments of £2, £5, £10, £100 and £6,000, whilst the VIP bonus bar, used for those high-rolling gamers, offers a top prize of £50 thousand, though the VIP bar is so exclusive you have to email them if you want a shot at it.

All in all, we had a great experience playing slot games for real money at William Hill, and we hope you will too.