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xbox vs ps3

I am so damn tired of users of both consoles slagging each other off. neither console can produce better graphics than the other. in case no one has noticed they are both capable of 1080Pi, the ONLY reason that the PS3 graphics tend to be marginally clearer is due to the fact that a blu-ray disc can hold nearly six times as much data as an xbox disc. once microsoft develoop a new type of disc, then they will both be EXACTLY THE SAME. it makes me laugh how anyone thinks that Sony will beat Microsoft on the console war (pffft) in case people havent noticed, ITS MICROSOFT, they can throw Billions more money into this than Sony could ever hope to. there will only be one winner. Done.

the state of today's role playing games.

i dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but does anyone else think that today's big rpg's just dont measure up to the ones of the past.? think about it, consider the recent Star Ocean game, The Last Hope; now, it is a Square Enix game (tri ace nonwithstanding), and i am seriously enjoying playing it, it has some great features, but it doesnt even hold a candle to say, Final Fantasy VI. and that was released aaaaaaages ago. even the more recent final fantasy games dont come close to the old ones. anyone who says that XII was better than VIII is just wrong. yes, the gameplay was perhaps more advanced, but Square Enix has never come up with better character customisation system than the junction system. and where, may i ask, was Ultima weapon in XII? And Omega was terrible! /rant

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well, i have just joined gamespot, and i think that i am gonna like it here. at the moment i am playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and i am loving it. i am currently on my third run through and am still not bored, on account of missing out so much stuff on the first two run throughs. anyone else hear the rumor that all games are going to be priced 55 pounds from now on. now that pisses me off.