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Oh Sh...

So yeah, been a while since I posted anything (not that I post much any way), been in Kuwait the last few, working in the military and doing great things for the Country. Not to mention playing as many games I can that show up on post. Not much else to say, kinda on the clock. So I'll post up again later. lol. (I'm **** lazy.)

Not going now I guess.

I have to wait till November now because I didn't pass my security clearence. Which is absolute bull****. But yeah. There you have it. On the plus side I went and caught footballs with D.D. Loius and Wallace from the Seattle Seahawks, which is pretty neat. They showed up for our Army expo and even though we had to PT every hour we go to do some fun stuff. I cannot even begin to tell you how sore I am right now. I can barely move my legiments, which probably explains why im on my comp. lol. Well, anyway, just a heads up to whoever cares. I'm still around. lol

I'll be gone for a while

I ship out for BCT Tuesday, so I won't be able to skulk around here and debate for some time. I'm going to try and see if I can get away with taking my computer with me. They'll lock it up... but that means when I hit AIT I should have it. But until then, I'll be getting smoked and missing my friends, family, and my 360! Man my 360 will be gone! No!!! lol. Any way So I'm just shouting out to whomever may read this out of intrigue. Take care to read some of my reviews or just send me a comment about something and I'll be sure to hit you up whenever I can. Peace guys, I'll be fighting for it. :P

Things to do before basic

Hopefully finishing of the remaining classes I have for my final college semester before heading off to basic I reserved a copy of Prototype. I gotta beat that game in at least 4 days before I have to leave my gaming habits behind for 9 weeks of some serious PTing. I'd advise taking a look at it for anyone who's interested, For fans of the old xbox Hulk: Ultimate Destruction this looks a lot like another guilty pleasure stress reliever game where you get to pummel the crap out of anything and everything in an open world environment!