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I am back

I am back guys bigger and better than before, i was away for awhile and inactivity took place but i am back and am going to stay here.


Hey guys

Been playing hattrick for 2 years now and i am about to wrap my first ever title win.I am in 6th division and havent lost all year so i will be preety if i go in this season unbeaten. do any of you guys play it? you should. www.hattrick.org. I am starting a union for it soon so come and join if you want to.



Turning around

I cant believe how good xbox360's are, from playing a ps2 to playing 360 its so different but better the online gameplay just sucks me in, of course Call Of Duty 3 on that note cant wait till number 4 comes out, modern warfare, its going to be awsome. But getting a 360 makes me feal a little guilty because i was always was playing a ps2, but now that i am turning around i feel like i have done myself a favour instead of hoping on sonys.