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My Shopping Spree

I am getting caught up on some games that were on my wishlist. Didn"t find everything that I wanted but I'm pleased with my purchase.

PS3 Bundle 500GB


Max Payne 3


Batman: Arkham City


Assassin's Creed III


Sleeping Dogs


Mass Effect 3


Borderlands GOTY


Aragorn's Quest


Included in the PS3 Bundle are: Gran Turismo and Infamous 2.



Not sure when I will start playing these but it will be soon.

Wow! 365.

That's the number of days that I have been a member here at The Spot. It's been a great year. I'm looking forward to another 365 days. Thanks to everyone. You guys have made it fun.

Spring Shopping.

The weather is getting warmer and there are more things to do. Some people clean, I shop. I made a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday and was greeted by a lovely display of Nook Tablets. I want that. I thoght. So I took a few minutes to browse the selections on display and picked up a few brochures to read later. The sales associate eyed me from behind his register and quickly made his way to the display table. He was friendly and helpful. He even shared a story about how well the Tablet worked as he traveled to New York. A customer showed up at his register so he had to leave before he could give me a demo. After a few more minutes of examining them, I moved on to the real reason for being at the bookstore.

No big purchases yet. I like to eases into my shopping season so I headed over to the fiction section and picked up the following.


I've played The HD Trilogy for the PS3 and have been wanting to read the books. Hope I enjoy.


He never disapoints.

Before leaving BN, I stopped by the Anime/Manga section. I could develop a liking. But for now, I don't follow any series.

The day wouldn't be complete without a quick trip to Walmart. After four long hours in that place, I finally left with a game for my DSi along with $102 worth of other stuff.


I'm having fun. I especially like the puzzles.

I hope you guys are slowly but surely getting into the buying mood. My next stop is Best Buy.

Happy Spring Shopping! :)

It's Just that Easy. Test run...

Just trying out the new embed feature. Something I'm listening to right now.

Doesn't seem like it worked. I added the link because i still can't get it to work. Sorry.

No Longer a Teen

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here. LEVEL 20. The past nine months have been great. Everyone has make my time on The Spot very fun and enjoyable. It's been one of the best online communities that I have been a part of so far. Some of my accomplishments are as follows:

  • Joined 17 Unions
  • Earned 11 Emblems
  • 493 Posts
  • Wrote 10 Game Reviews
  • 1 Moderation :)

I hope the next 20 levels are just as good if not better than the previous. I plan on sticking around for a while.

Some of My Favorite Movies

Almost eveyone I know likes watching a good movie every now and then Some are real movie lovers and will watch just about anything. Like most people, I have a list of favorite movies that I tend to migrate to when there's nothing else to do or when it is quiet and rainy. Below are some on that list.

1. Cooley High

A look at black teen life in 1960's Chicago. Funny and nostalgic with a great sountrack.


2. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

You are taken in immediately by the offbeat humor of Ulysses Everett McGill, Pete, and Delmar as they embark on an adventure filled with chaos and betrayal.



"A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday..." Soooo entertaining. Never a boring moment in the movie.


The Terminator

Enough said.


5. The Godfather Part II

What an epic story. Every time I watch it, I learn some new detail.


6. Orca

All about revenge. A very touching story woven thruoghout the movie.


7. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Stunning visuals and an amazing soundtrack. Everything is in this western; war, women, whisky, and of course money. Captures the Civil War era perfectly.


8. Dark Passage

Bogart and Bacall, what a combination. Very suspenseful.


9. Rocky

Won the 1976 Best Picture Oscar. It's a movie that really does inspire.


10. The Incredibles

Family annimation wonderfully done. Dash is so cool.


These are only a few of my favorite movies.

Grand Theft Auto V ???

Oh how I wish Rockstar would release this game already. They have proven that they have a winning formula with this series. :question:

So what's the problem? :cry:

Was Rockstar too ambitious?

Do they think the game won't meet expectations and had to change some things?

Are they waiting for a magical release date?

I'm still excited and hope the game won't disappoint. I'll be changing my avatar and sig more often to reflect and celebrate the success of this series. It's been 10 years since the release of GTA Vice City. If anyone is a big GTA fan, stop in sometimes at and check out the site. It's pretty good.


Hi everyone. I've just read nate1222's blog about the Unions could be dead and how he's been unable to get to his profile page. Well, I've been trying all day to get on FUSE and haven't been able to. Is anyone else having this trouble. I really want to see what you guys have been up to but I just can't get there.

I hope this is temporary. Hope to be talking to all of you soon.

Level 10

I've reached double - digit level. :) I am officially a Phoenix Down. :D Gone are the days of a single-digit Gamespot member. I've been working hard at accomplishing this goal. Now that it's here, I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next. I wonder will it be harder to level up now? :( I've learned how to do so much and I've gotten help from some really nice people.

I can't name everyone but thanks a lot for your help and advice. Just to name a few: lolnation, thanks for being my first friend. ArmoredCore55, thanks for inviting me into my first union. megamannt123, thanks for making my first sig. perkinsj26, thanks for following me on FUSE. baltimore088, thanks for filling my sig requests. And finally Noteldnep, thanks for telling me how to post a link. :) :) :)

I think I have a lot more to do and learn here at The Spot. I'm looking forward to setting and meeting goals I think I'll start with reaching 500 posts. :P

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