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The Bremont Project Possible Limited Edition

Those of you in tune with either Bremont, the mountaineering community, or perhaps a certain little podcast, will already know Nirmal "Nims" Purja. Nims is a Bremont ambassador, a former Gurkha Regiment soldier and British Special Forces Operator, and the man who holds the record for climbing all fourteen of the world's 8,000-meter peaks in the shortest span of time. Widely considered a crown of mountaineering, before Nims completed Bremont Project Possible, the current record was set at a little over 8 years. Nims did it in less than 7 months (and set another 6 world records in the process; you can read more here). Replica Watches

In honor of this feat and their involvement as the lead sponsor for Project Possible, Bremont has just announced a new limited edition GMT version of their S500 dive watch in a special combination of titanium and bronze. While Nims wore a blue and white Bremont S300 dive watch as he destroyed the standing record, this new LE is based on the brand's 43mm S500 dive watch and follows in a similar format to previous S500 GMT limited editions like the Terra Nova and the Endurance (the latter of which was created after polar explorer, Bremont ambassador, and all-around badass Ben Saunders completed "The Scott Expedition" in which he and Tarka L'Herpiniere retraced Scott's 1,795-mile route from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole – and back).

For the Project Possible LE, Bremont has opted for a case made of aviation-grade Ti 4-6 titanium with a bronze bezel (the first use of bronze by Bremont) and a blue ceramic insert. With a matching blue dial, bronze-colored hands, yellow accents, and a subtle application of the Project Possible logo, the Project Possible LE is yet another fun and handsome expression of the S500's distinctive design.

The S500 was the first Bremont I ever got my hands on, and it was the first I ever reviewed (nearly a decade ago). While the past nine years have seen my tastes edge towards watches that are smaller than much of Bremont's 43mm core line up, I still think the S500 is a really impressive and beautifully executed dive watch. Yes, it is thick and on the larger size in terms of width, but it's also tough, deceptively elegant, and unlike anything else on the market. For this LE, while I'm often not a fan of two-tone watches, the combo of the blue dial, bronze bezel, and titanium case works well, and the bronze is quite subtle from a direct angle.

While the model I shot for these photos was a pre-production prototype with a non-production caseback, the final retail versions will have a titanium display caseback that offers a view of a rotor which lists the height of each of the 14 mountains that Nims scaled in record timing. Limited to 300 pieces and carrying a retail price of $6,695, this certainly isn't an entry-level offering from Bremont, but it does take a strong design and continue in their format of celebrating huge feats in exploring and adventure with a special GMT-equipped S500.

The Basics

Brand: Bremont

Model: Project Possible

Diameter: 43mm

Thickness: 16mm

Case Material: Titanium (Ti 6-4, aviation-grade) and bronze

Dial Color: Blue

Indexes: Applied

Lume: Yes

Water Resistance: 500 meters

Strap/Bracelet: 22mm khaki leather strap (Nims-style striped NATO is optional)