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Almost Christmas with nothing much to do...

With my 360 being broken and M$ still not sending a box to repair it yet (its been more than a week), I'll not have much to do on Christmas Day. On the plus, Boxing Day I may consider getting a PSP, even though I already got a DS. Definitely gonna watch the Heat-Cavs game on Christmas Day though. So in case I don't write here again, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wow, been a while....

Golden State knocks off Dallas. This I didn't expect, although I like GS more than Mavs.

 Bought a DS a week ago and Pokemon pearl, and I must say, it is really addicting, the funnest Pokemon since red I think.

All 4 Now.

Finally got a Wii~

Found it at wal-mart, I've gotten legend of zelda with it too. So far, I've played half a hour of zelda and a half hour of wii sports. Too bad the weekend is still days away! Anyways, all 4 now.

Still no damn Wii

No stores still have Wii's, luckily for me I got  some new 360 games, PGR 3, Far Cry and NBA 2k7.


Nas - Hip Hop is Dead


What can I say, in my mind the best CD of 2006 and one of the best albums out in years. Nas masterfully mixes his usual stellar lyrics and raps about several topics and great production all around. Chris Webber's production on blunt ashes is pretty good too.


Jay-Z - Kingdom Come


A stellar album, although not up to Jigga's standards, in my opinion.


Mobb Deep - Life of the Infamous- Best of Mobb deep


A greatest hits album, this mixes a bunch of songs from 1993 to present. I liked this, because it has a bunch of songs from all their albums, from hit it from the back to blood money.


15 Years on death Row


A greatest hits package, this has a bunch of songs from all Row artists, as well as a DVd with a bunch of videos. This was pretty good buy for DVD.


So, guess that is everything 4 now, aside from the suns winning 12 in a row.

I want my Wii!

Well, looks like no Wii for christmas for me. Every single store in my city is sold out on Wii's, unless I go to somewhere else to buy one or get online.

Finally bought Gears of War.

I bought it at Superstore for $70, which was expensive since I wanted to get it at Bestbuy for $60, but they still didn't have it so I found it at Superstore, where they only had 3 left. So I have put in about 2 hours so far, but right now I'm letting my brother play it. So far, it is probably the funenst game I have played all year, and I still gotta try Live. That's all 4 now.

No Gears of war for me yet

Today, I went to bestBuy and Future Shop, and both of their trucks that had the shipment of Gears of War didn't come so they won't have it for a while, and EB Games were sold out. now it's gonna be days vefore I get it.

On November 9, its my Emergence Day

On November 9, the BestBuy in my city is gonna start selling Gears of War. I am just going crazy right now because of waiting.

Anyways, its been months since I last posted here. Been good, sad though that my friend E2ESQUARE was banned. NBA started a couple of days ago, and so far Lakers doing good. Cheering for raptors as well as Phoenix. With Amare back, they should be good.

Another purchase I am waiting for is Doctor's Advocate by The Game on November 14. Also, Snoop Dogg's Blue carpet Treatment soon. Both should be good.

Thats all 4 now, cya all soon.