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Lets see if anyone remembers old warownslife

Does anyone remember little old me? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone up and forgot. Quite an interesting thing looking at your past. I find it hard to believe how much complete **** happened in just 3 years. Had 2 GF's. Both destroyed my heart into a million little peices. Realized that I'm bi. Made an entire new group of friends, left them, then made ANOTHER entire new group of friends, not counting this group on gamespot, or the one i had before gamespot. Became totally apathetic, became pretty hateful, became a major anti-pervert, angry at all things perverted. Then i sorta lost all that hate and became just apathetic. got depressed, got regular. Now, I'm trying to be a better person, looking into the past. Well, thats really all.

Warownslife has some explaining to do.

yup. yeah, no one reads these but i'm bored and well, felt like making one for old times sake. you could say i was feeling nostalgic. if you remember me, which you don't, i was the guy that made those Fun threads. Anyway, if you really care to find out what happened to me, go to

Unrelated note, i noticed that not only had my union died, i also somehow joined a million other unions. One of them is called Fun club or something. Found this interesting. oh! and baconbits, give my union to someone else if you ever read this. not me but someone.

Edit: I'll check this thing later today and probably tommorow. after that, don't expect me to respond.

Warownslife is STILL not back BUT

I am disappointed. I gave my union over to one person that i thought would send out telegrams and get more member and bring back the old ones. yet here i am seeing that nothing has changed except me. I can do no more in the union and i have faded into memory in OT but i insist that you try to have a good time. I may not check in for months, i may not even check in at all, but i don't forget. I wish you all a FUN time. goodbye. see you later. maybe.

Warownslife is NOT back.

That last message was way too vague. Sure i sometimes watch like once a week but i never post or do anything. so i might as well be totoally gone. bye.

Wow. warownslife is back.

well not really. i got suspended indefinetly and lets just say a LOT happened during that time. A LOT a LOT. So i don't know if I'm really back or just saying goodbye.

All my friends are getting banned.

Another one bites that dust. Take one down pass it around and another user is gone. This sucks. Hopeless, kidcudi, snipes, deadmonk, whos next? I see a ban every week. Mods went crazy. Well its only a matter oif time before they ban someone important and have a super riot on their hands.

I'm trying to help out a friend with his site.

You see deadmonk28 used to be in my union and on OT. He was unfortuently banned but he had a great idea of making his own site. Its a lot like gamespot. It has great games, videos, and many other things. Last time i was their i think i saw something that looked like a fight arena. So of course i want to help him out and get more members. I'v already gottten a few and Ghlegend is already an admin their. So please go to http://nothingtopic.webs.comorthis will happen:to me.

just ate some pizza.

It was good. Very very good. Gooood. I wonder what i have copied? I sent a message to Lord Sniperarcher, the chancelor pf one of our friendly alliances, because. It looks like my dad accidently copyied one of his messages from his silly facebook game, kindoms of camelot i think. If anyone wants to join him that would be appreciated. He just started like a few months ago and already is worrying the top alliances in the game.

I'm hungry.

I'm going to go make some ramen. Also i think I'm going to start blogging again. I'm making one right now.