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goodbye for ever

this is going to be a very important blog because it will be my last. i have had it with gamespots censores always misjudging me. i get another TOV for saying "first" on a message board. when i tell them that i'm sorry and you misunder stood me, they never answer. i have had it, so i am leaving, FOREVER!!!!!!!!! i'm sorry to every one, i will be starting a ign profile and a screwattack one soon. and to that, the final blog i type on this website. goodbye, and stay frosty


never, EVER, EVER get custom scenery for RCT3

custom scenery is stupid. once you download it it crashes your game, and now every single media playing device on the internet is lagging, I HATE IT!!!!!!!! never in a thousand years get custom scenery for RCT3. i learned the hard way

my thoughts of E3

well E3 has come and gone and i'm here to tell you about all the things that went down at E3 and what i think


well, epic fail microsoft! what i thought was the hard core gaming company has now turned into sissys! sure you showed of COD black ops and MGSR but i could buy those for the PS3 then you show of gears 3 and halo reach, awsome but i already know about those games could you give me a exclusive that has never been befour seen? WELL YES THEY DID BUT IT'S SOMETHING THAT IS SO DUMB! MICROSOFT YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO SHOW OF ALL OF THIS KINECT STUFF THAT WE DON'T CARE ABOUT! YA US! THE HARD CORE GAMERS! THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN BUYING YOUR SYSTEM FOR 5 YEARS!

moving on


now i think nintendo stoll the show when they anouced the 3DS! a brand new system that has 3D without the need of glasses, and did i mention the titles coming out for it? resident evil, assains creed, a remake of metal gear soild 3 IN 3D, a new kid icarus (good to see you agian pit), a new paper mario, a new mario kart, and the icing on the cake A OCARINA OF TIME REMAKE IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the wii has a new donkey kong, ya apes!


sony, yawn! just a bunch of 3D stuff that no one likes. but theres a new twisted metal, thats the thing all you really care about isn't it.

trail game reviews

now that i have xbox live i dicited that i would like to try out some game demos, i can't right reviews for them in the review option so here are the two games

castle crashers

the game was a awsome as a beat em up can get. some enemys took WAY to long to kill, i gusse if you have other people playing it would be beter but i couldn't find anyone.

dead rising

this one is much like the wii version. BUT WITH MORE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!! it's so much fun killing all those zombies, i also liked puting bear hats on them and taking pictures of them. I CAN'T WAIT 4 DEAD RISING 2!

a goldeneye remake! not made by rare! BOOOOOOOO!

although i have never played the origanal goldeneye, this one looks dumb. instad of rare relasesing the game on xbox live like perfect dark because they don't have the james bond movie liscense, activison will be remaking the game with a stupid light gun, and it's a wii exculisve. now again i have not played GEYE but i remeber what happened with re shelled. IT BOMBED! and that was a remake! this game looks sooooooo stupid and i will not buy it!!!

i really HATE jack thompson

JACK THOMPSON. chances are if you know this guy, you know that he is the evilist man on earth. if you don't know thompson is a man agasint m rated games like doom, halo, or GTA. he keeps on saying that,M RATEDVIDEO GAMES ARE VIOLENT 2 KIDS and tryed to pass a law not selling m games to "minors" because of this statment. well no duh dip face. but he trys backing up this statment by saying that kids are able to buy these games with parent supervision and that's no good. well now it's the PARENTS fault. if a parent by's there 6 year old kid grand theft auto 4 and don't think it's violent, THEY HAVE PROPLEMS! IT'S M RATED AND NAMED AFTER A STINKING CRIME! so now all the other kids who can HANDLE playing this game have to suffer all because some parents can't read the cover. nice parents, REAL NICE!!!!:evil::evil::evil:

more flags more super mario

well here i am at the cyber cafe in six flags great america typing to you right now and guse what this place has. SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! i am so sick of this game! i just got my xbox 360 and every ones like, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! i am not buying this game! you heard me! i'm not buying it!!!!!!!!!!

i swicthed consoles (agian)

so last night my uncle came over and said he had a surprise present for me and my sibblings, he takes out the prestent and loal and behold it's a xbox360 final fantasy XIII edition. this has now screwed up my plans for buying a PS3:(. and i'm propaly going to use the money i had saved up for my PS3 and speend it on 360 games. maybe christmas, that's my closest bet. so sorry prime99, it wasn't my fault, if your angry blame my uncle

double whammy





vollyball, arena, all of this is awsome, but what about are little hominid alien? well the bemoth are planing to add alien hominid to castle crashers for psn. now some of you are propally asking, "well wario96, what's so big about alien hominid" well it's just the fact that ALIEN HOMINID SAVED THE BEMOTHS BUTTS! now in the xbox live arcade version, you unlocked alien by having one achivement in alien hominid HD. now how are they going to put him in CCPSN? idk, but go to the bemoths website to keep updated on the game (and when it will be relased, COME ON BEMOTH)

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