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God, im i becoming a kid again.

Ive been playing so much pokemon latley, and i havent done this since i was 8 or 9, its ridiculas, for years, i was like"phhhttt, pokemon is stupid." But now im addicted to it again, and i dont understand why. I recently got on emulator for my computer that has every pokemon game ever on it, so many flash backs. I honestly cant wait for battle revolution (which i think should be called Wii Battle Pokemon) and it just seems weird, and i cant understand why i ever stopped liking these games in the first place.

why do i want a ps3 so much?

I dont know why, but sence its in stores EVERYWHERE now, i just want it, i know the system pretty much blows now, but the 360 launch wasnt any better, and look at the thing now, its awesome, there will eventually be some good stuff on it, anyway not that really concered about the huge price tag either, because of all the stuff i need to buy to get my 360 all the stuff it needed, like hard drive, hd dvd player, and a wireles signal adapter for live, i have spent over 750$ on it, if anything the ps3 is cheaper because of the free internet and wifi enabled out of the box, you will pretty much spend the same amout(if not more) for a full 360 experience.

The coolest way to die.

The coolest way to die, for me would be in a skydiving knife fight, and right before you hit the ground you both stab each other, you cant get much cooler than that.

Remember Remember the 19th of November.

here is a poem I wrote about the wii

Remember Remember the 19th of november

Its a day that will go down in history

I will walk ,towards my best buy

shell out 250 and buy a wii.

I will play  zleda,wii sports and red steel

skip school for a week, and watch deal or no deal.

I will wave my wiimote till my arms fall off

I will become sick from so much playing I will start to cough.

This system will really be cool

I am so sick of waiting, I am starting to drool


(yes that was an afi reference) anyway, I cant beleive dante might not be in devil may cry 4, I was thinking of getting a ps3 just for this game but now, I am not , because graphically it doesnt look any better than 3 and isnt worth the 600$. Its almost like sony just hates everyone, including its FORMER fans.


I recently took an IQ test at school because they wanted to see why my test scores were so good last year and my grades were not. I have a 156 IQ which I almost refuse to belive, because that makes me a certified genius.  I am an idiot!!!!! How could this be?