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I think the FPS genre has a limited range for innovations due to the simple setup: 1st person, gun, storyline. So I understand that the setting of the story (like Fallout's world or Borderland's comic surroundings) makes out most of the difference. Now, as ghosts, zombies, aliens, ghouls, soldiers, beasts, mobsters, nazis and what- or whoever have been targetted in the games, people simply don't buy this genre anymore and, consequently, publishers fear the investment.

To my mind, the coop-mode for 3-4 players like in Borderlands has been the last real improvement, but, to my mind, now a major change in the FP or storytelling is needed.

An MMORG with instances and the FPS-approach for combat would be cool... something like the Lord of the Rings Online engine, which switches to FPS when it comes to fights. All the other aspects of the game like visual changes (horror), crafting and selling (e.g. weapons) or (slowly) skilling the charakter should be in place. That must not be a fantasy-world, though.

This approach should give a rich world for a story and a slower pace for longer lasting fun. I wouldn't mind a learning curve of 6 months.