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Not quite leaving but close enough

Yeah, I'm most likely not going to be on much, as I haven't been on much recently, but I'm not stopping entirely, every now and then I'll drop back in and when i do I'll at the very least check the Fable Union and The Legend of Zelda Union. The reason for this is that I'm dropping out of contact so much when i go over my download limit I might as well just do this.

I suppose I should probably post something ...

Yeah that's probably a good idea >_>

I've been meaning to post one of these for ages but stuff keeps happening, and I've lost track of everything I meant to mention since my last blog. I actually had one written up and pressed submit but the damn computer thought I pressed back.

So, I have a laptop now. It's a bit laggy because it doesn't have a good processor but I can live with it. Didn't have to pay anything for it because I got it from a family member so it doesn't matter anyway. although the wireless on it has gone out so i have to have it actually connected to the router to use the internet until my brother fixes it.

I haven't gotten very many new games, in fact I think the only one I have gotten is Sonic the hedgehog and the Black Knight which would have been a pretty good game if it didn't use the wii controls. I have played Fallout 3 though, and I love it. I only had the equivalent of about a day to play it and I barely progressed the story at all but I'm definitely going to buy it as soon as I can. The only thing about it that's annoyed me so far is the glitch in Big Town.

What I have been doing though is replaying a lot of my old games, and trying to finish ones that I never did, in particular LoZ: Phantom hourglass (the only Zelda game that I have that I haven't finished). I haven't quite gotten up to the part where I decided to forget about it, which was on the Ocean temple trip after going to the South East Ocean I think, but I still love it just as much as I used to.

Another game I've been replaying, and have actually finished this time, is Jet Set Radio Future. This is more because it was lying around and I wanted to play a game with my friend, only to find out that all the save files for JSRF are on the regular Xbox which doesn't work anymore. Clearly my only choice was to make him play up to the point where you unlock Ryth. Unfortunately though by that point he'd actually gotten better at it than me because I hadn't played it for about a year >_> might have something to do with the fact that I got him to play as a faster character than the character i used too ... In any case i finished JSRF for the first time ^_^ basically 100%'d it too, just have to do the test missions and cover the rest of the graffiti and I should be done

Tales of Symphonia is still awesome. Devil May Cry is still hard.

I finally finished all the missions in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 ^_^ I also ended up with two level 99 characters and three characters who had mastered all the jobs. Only one of which is one of my level 99 characters though ...

I probably haven't been posting as much, although it's hard to tell with me, because I haven't been getting on my computer early enough to warrant getting on gamespot, even now is a bit of a stretch seeing as it's mother's day and I probably only have about an hour until I have to go out to dinner.

I watched that Dragon Ball movie too. It wasn't as bad as people made it out to be.

Yeah this update was basically to show that I'm not in fact dead. It's just my wireless.

pikmin! ^_^

so. you may have guessed what this blog is about. good for you, i'm going to go on about it anyway ^_^ i just got the first pikmin game today ^_^ so far i've got over 100 of each pikmin type and all the ship parts from the landing site and the forest of hope i think it was called. giant black spider thing in the forest of hope was a bit hard but not nearly as hard as i remember from when i was cheating (the only time i finished the game before >_>) i'm pretty much set up to get all the other parts, the only one that looks like it's going to be a problem so far is the one that the daddy long legs has, i've never been able to beat him in pikmin 1 without losing large amounts of pikmin. of course pikmin 2 is much easier >_> i've abandoned that for the first one though, halfway through the final dungeon (:P) although i'm not going to be looking forward to the enemies of the fourth area, bulbears, water enemies, puffy blowhogs and the smoky progg (hard enemy, gives 100 pikmin going for it because i can ^_^) along with plenty of water to drown all but the bluest of pikmin is not exactly the best combination in my opinion. i also think there's a repeat of a few bosses ... and maybe a few more ... well i think the daddy long legs is a one off thing so i should be fine ^_^. why is there no special thing for first days of school like there is for last days of school?

IDIOT (beause i keep on mispelling edit i might as well >_>): yeah it was my first day back at school by the way, in case you didn't get that from the last bit, i'm in year ten now. yay.

Australia day? i guess ...

so today is australia day, not that i do much on australia day. patriotic isn't it?

for everyone except those who are australian, australia day is a celebration of when we came in and took a whole bunch of land i'm sure the aborigines were using in "perfect cooperation with nature" (not that i don't doubt they were, i just don't like it when it's said like that)and since a whole bunch of people don't think that's an appropriate time for a holiday they're trying to move it to another day to celebrate something else.

honestly i don't think we have enough new holidays being made. all these holidays were made ages ago, australia day alone was made 300 years ago. we just had the prime minister apologise to the aborigines for all the horrible things we've done to them (and i assure you they were horrible, we had to read about them in history a few days later) so we could use that. i don't know, i'm sure obama's going to do something over in america that eveyone's going to celebrate.everyone seems to love him for some reason, i never really look at politics.

of course being the cynical little person i am i can only see this going three ways, he gets assassinated, everyone loves him and everything he does (the president brushed his teeth! it's amazing!) or everyone from his side of politics loves him while everyone else blames him for all the little problems in their life.

why did i just force myself to type about politics? what was my point again? ah forget it.

as i've said before i'm replaying a few of my old(er thant he rest) games. i've moved out of the n64 now and am playing luigi's mansion, pikmin 2, (soon) pikmin and oblivion in unison.

why does my arm feel better to sleep on than my pillow?

apparently i've already used that title >_>

i've finally almost finished pikmin 2. all i have to do is rescue the second captain. playing pikmin 2 makes me want to play the first one, although i don't have it ... well whatever, i'm hiring it tommorrow. i thought pikmin was going to be much harder (because i've never beaten it without cheating and i've never actually beaten the first game) but i'm only 25 days in and i've already repaid all the debt ^_^. one thing i need to do though is get 100 of the white and purple pikmin before i start on the final area though, i have over 200 of the regular colours but getting white and purple pikmin is a bit more ... complicated.

i've also started playing the new animal crossing, which it looks like i got for no reason ... it seems to be almost exactly the same as wild world except for the city, which is very good even if you're just wandering around.

oh and i've seen the windows 7 beta, it looks pretty good but i don't intend to get it for this computer (my brother's installed it on hiscomputer) apparently vista also looked pretty good originally but i had no contact with vista except for a few screenshots so i'm pretending it never existed.

eternal sonata

finished it. not completely but i finished the story anyway. there were a few parts of the story that i didn't like (pointless exposition, not taking five seconds to fix up a plothole or two, almost endless descriptive essay at the start and the cutscene skipping system) but it's one of the few games that i think ended how it should. in fact it's one of the few of anything that i think ended like it should.

it's a really good game, although the combat seems to stay almost exactly the same through the entire game, but for some reason i wasn't bothered by that. the game is pretty easy though, i had to use a walkthrough once though but that was for an optional part.

there is no other reason for this other than eternal sonata.

um ... what? (and random game ranting)

apparently some university is trying to ban cliches. seems kind of wierd to me because we have a law preventing them from doing that ...

if they ever do get to do that i'm wondering how their going to police it, you can't exactly have half the population following around the other half and preventing them from saying cliches. more importantly what would we call these people, the cliche police? perhaps the internet shall give us a little help and we can call them the cliche nazis, for which they will of course fine us.

of course i don't think this is ever going to get off the ground due to the law and also because of the reason cliches are cliches. of course according to them slurred speach like people saying 'stralia instead of Australia is a cliche too. not entirely certain what they mean with that. maybe they intend to ban all italian pizza chefs? gay people with lisps? of course those last two are more stereotypes than cliches but the intent is the same. if something is overused then it shouldn't be used. i don't agree with it but hey apparently there's an entire community that does so who knows.

personally i think they're ging the entirely wrong way about this, you don't banish old cliches never to return, you make up newer, better, stronger cliches or maybe i'm thinking of something else i don't know.

anyway, i've gotten around to playing most of the games i got for christmas, and despite already getting so many games i've already bought two more, the new(est) prince of persia and the new animal crossing.

first off the games i've played on the wii, or more to the point just the game i've played on the wii. so far i've only played de blob, and if you're in either the fable union or the nintendo league then you already know that i love it but i just thought i'd reiterate that. after a while though the same area does get a bit repetetive and it doesn't really help that i'm trying to 100% it (i'll probably have to go back and get all the time medals but other than that i should be able to do it in one run). i'd say the best part about it is the music effects, whenever you paint a building the music starts to pick up or if it's already picked up then it does different sound effects depending on what colour you are, couple this with the fact that to jump you have to shake the wii remote then you have some awesome sound.

i've played three games on the 360 so far, eternal sonata, sonic unleashed and prince of persia. out of all of them i have to say that eternal sonata is the best. i haven't played much of the other two (barely any of sonic unleashed so i can't say anything about that) but prince of persia is definitely too much of the same over and over again due to being an open ended adventure type game but it's still pretty fun to run around. eternal sonata is a pretty old game so it's surprising that i've only just got it. for those that don't know it's an rpg with combat slightly like the tales series but different. you still have the turns system of a traditional rpg but in these turns you can run around and attack monsters until your turn runs out. the shadow and light effects are nice, and the special attacks are very nice looking if a bit repetetive till you get the next one. the worst part about this game i would say would have to be that combat can get a bit repetitive because the same strategy for every enemy and only a slightly changed formula for bosses can basically win you the game. however the rest of the game is extremely fun and for me the repetetiveness doesn't really seem all that repetetive for some reason. although the way the story is done is a bit bad, a lot of small plotholes, lots of pointless exposition, what i'm guessing is extremely obvious time travel and flashbacks within flashback. the core story has been done a lot but is still pretty good, evil corrup king attempts to take over the world with enhanced super soldiers against their will, bunch of people attempt to stop him. of course this is wrapped in the dream world of implied super rich man frederic francois chopin (pronounced Sho-pan), couldn't have it any other way. though of course any game that has a guy who wears a top hat and fights with a cane as well as a man with a monacle who fights with a katana is awesome no matter what you do to it in my opinion.

for the ds i got about 5 new games of which i have played 2 (enough to actually warrant talking about them anyway). megaman ZX and FFXII: Revenant Wings. megaman ZX is pretty fun,albeit fairly easy in comparison to earlier megaman games. My favourite out of the two though is definitely RW, i never really thought it would be all that good because i don't like the RTS series very much without heavily cheating (thank you age of empires ^_^) so far i've only played up to the second sky-island and it's very fun. I never really thought the RTS style would work for final fantasy but then i thought that about regular strategy too. although there are still a few issues with me taking a bit too long to think about what i'm going to do (resulting in wave after wave of lightning dogs coming to murder me) altogether it's fairly easy although still challenging.

... long blog is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

100% ^_^ my topic title ISN'T all in uppercase, there just aren't any letters.

finished paper mario 100%, has to be the fastest time i've taken down the final bowser in. about five or so turns in i had him down to 15 hp. I never realised how short the credit parade was in paper mario/

we're currently in the process of cleaning up the house, we haven't even finished the first room yet. i'm surprised at the amount of cheats i printed out and no longer need, i have about 4 sheets left and most of them are compilations of things i made up myself from other guides (synthesis to get ultima weapon in kingdom hearts and golden chocobo in ffvii)

i'll probably get on to the games i got for christmas before i 100% the second paper mario ... for obvious reasons. speaking of what i got for christmas, i got a lot more games than i thought i would, or than i usually would this year. i guess it's because of the abscence of getting something big, like an xbox 360 (because christmas is the time i get my consoles) out of the games i got for christmas so far i'm playing de blob on the wii, eternal sonata on the 360 and megaman ZX on the DS. yes i realise ZX is fairly old.

in completely different news, next to my bed there are two towers of books that are equal size, i fear that if i put a single new book on top of either of them it's going to fall over and knock over the one next to it. yeeeeeaaaaah ... we need to get to my room quickly >_>

christmas ... uh ... yay?

it's christmas tommorrow but it doesn't really feel like it ... just been too many troubles that i'm not going to go into detail about.

anyway, does anyone remember waaaaay back where i said i was going to do a 100% run of paper mario? yeah me neither but hey, i've almost finished. all i really have to do is get the recipes and the final badge at bowser's castle and i'm done ... well, apart from finishing the actual game. it's apparently only taken me about 21 hours so far (last i checked 20 hours 58 minutes).

all this paper mario playing has put me in the mood to play paper mario >_> but i have to finish the first one today and tommorrow i'm getting a bunch of new video games so i probably won't be able to do the second one.

i don't think i've mentioned ffta2 (final fantasy tactics advance 2) in here ... another game i'm attempting to 100%, although there's a quest i've heard about later on that should make that a bit hard for me. so far i've completed 220 of the 300 quests so that's going pretty well too.

i've also finished psychonauts 100%, which i never thought i'd do with all those figments to collect, but as it turns out there's a pretty good figment guide on here, although it's not finished yet.

oh yeah, 100% seems a bit insane on most games to me so i'm using guides for parts of them that are too annoying. only had to use them once or twice for psychonauts and only twice so far for ffta2. paper mario ... i actually have a book with the guide in it so i'm using that a lot.

i seem to be doing 100% runs a lot lately, maybe i should do one for metroid fusion or some other easy to play through metroid game