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Finally got a ps3 last week and haven't been happier knowing that all these games i'm playing i'll be able to finish because the damn thing won't just die on me like my 3 xboxes.

yeah that's right. 3 different 360 have all died on me.

i've rebought a few games i loved playing and some i never got to finish LIKE fallout 3.

the psn isn't as good as xbl but its also not bad.

so far i like comet crash, fat princess, pixel junk monsters and savage moon. looking forward to more great aracde games.

playing with out the threat of my ps3 dying has really been a huge load off my shoulders.

thank you sony for finally making the ps3 affordable because now i'm finally enjoying myself.


rock band 2

rock band 2 is quite possibly the greatest multiplayer game ever made. i got it last friday and probably played it for 30 hours and its sunday. I spent WAY too much on DLC but some of it was a must have.

 I was one of the lucky ones who got working instruments. i've been banging on these drums the whole time while my friend plays guitar and sings and we've not had one issue.


So far we've talkled every song on medium next weekend hopefully we'll move up to hard and so fourth.





xbox live

i'm finally taking my xbox 360 online today i'm so excited

xbla here i come. i'll post later about what games i download whoo hoo

Nippon Ichi

i KNOW i've said this a million times but i have to put it in writting.

NIPPON ICHI is the best developer EVER!

hahah i know maybe not ever but damnit i just love them so much.

i've been playing a lot of la pucell tactics at work on my breaks and i just forgot how awesome that game is. i think i'll go thorgh phantom brave and disgaea again too.

I COULD go on for hours about how great they are and point out a million reasons why but instead i'll just say i love them and how they are keeping it old school with the sprites. thank goodness someone is.

I only wish they made games for the 360 cause i don't have a ps3 yet and honestly don't see myself getting one any time soon.


Hell yeah

I beat EDF on easy!

Man that game is just pure fun. Now i'm gonna beat it on normal. I have to get all the achievements in all my games. i'm weird like that.


I got an emblem for having a lot of games. I think that's funny cause well i do have a lot of games but i don't know if i deserve an emblem for it. I haven't even put up all of my games yet. it's teadious searching for all my games and adding them to my collection.

teadious and fun :)


Well i'm almost too tired to think right now but i'm gonna say this anyway. I love my new 360 and i can't wait for fallout 3.

I bought the nykon cooler fan for the back and honestly think it's actually helping. The 360 feels much cooler to the touch and when i eject the disc affter 4 or so hours of play it's not as warm or hot as it used to be. i think it was a good purchase and hell it was only 20 bucks so not bad at all.

I'm gonna hit the hay a little early tonight. Tomorrow should be easier to deal with , with more sleep.

Earth Defense Force 2017

i just woke up and figured i'd talk a little bit about this game i played all night.

i'm currently watching ney york goes to hollywood. i hate her and her mom and this show. i 'm just waiting for i love money the show i do love.

i know i'm lame. ok so anyway

EDF 2017

This game is highly underated.

I picked it up a new nights ago cause i found a really cheap copy around 14 bucks at game crazy. i poped it in thinkin ok lets shoot some giant ants for a few levels. 20 levels later i'm like wow this game is much longer then i thought. i hoped online to check out other peoples opinions and appearently there's fifty plus levels! wow what a buy. I recomend this game infact i'm gonna load that sucker up right now.