About virgounit0

I've heard many stories concerning the lawfulness of downloading Youtube videos and then turning them into offline files to be saved on your own laptop. As I've been watching the huge development in which online mp3 converters are being investigated and brought to trial for the purpose of helping users across the globe, I want to tell you my story. Although I don’t recommend anyone follow my advice or even advocate for it, I can't think there is any harm. In fact, I can even consider the benefits of "DVRingvideos on Youtube and then later re-watching them later.
I am the recipient. My Bachelors degree was earned on the internet in just three years. I had two full-time jobs, earning my income. I don't mean the Devry miracle or any other online school that is hyped. I attended the local college. There were no exclusive programs, no special treatment I paid the same the same as everyone else and got the same support from the state.
My work consisted of sitting down and walking around the building checking for security. That's right. It was nothing more than a glorified guard job. However I was not averse to it because it gave me plenty of time. The funny thing is that online school works 24/7. This allowed me to finish my work on the internet and send them for review to the professor at 3 am. I later discovered that the majority of the lectures were on Youtube, Vimeo, and covered under specific titles that didn't invite pedestrians. Only users who had access URLs knew what was happening.
Before heading to work, I started copying the videos onto my notebook. Internet was very slow due the distant locations of my work websites. I therefore had to transfer all those videos to my laptop in order to study properly. Simply copy Youtube URL onto the memory of your laptop, visit the converter's website, copy the URL, and wait a minute. It would then present me with various options for downloading. The list was separated by file size and audio. I could also convert YouTube video to mp3 files, or continue until the Mp4 conversion appears with additional video mp4 file downloading options.
The ability to prepare my lectures on my laptop allowed me to greatly utilize my free time and now I am, a Bachelor of IT typically two semesters earlier than most people. I just hope that my next job offers me the chance to study. It's very rewarding.