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lol i finally wnet and bought the ringer because its fricken hilarious anyway just thought i would tell everyone that i got firefox and its fricken awesome everyone needs to download it right now anyway oh and i got a new cellphone its awesome anyway now thats it see ya later

update on my life

alrigh twell i have like zipp time to get on so heres a quick update:

ive been busy with school and football i aced my first exam lost my first football game but i ownd all those littel **** ran the ball for 73 yards  0 td's but ohwell been chilling with my girl chelsey (makin out whenever we get the chance) and i made this recently MPHSIGTUT-1.png

alright well that bout raps it up ttyl 

oh ps i will have a new banner and my blog header rocks now IMO rate both the sig and the  header please

ah yes first day of 8th grade

it was pretty sweet but we didnt really do much besides introduce ourselves to everyone but i can already tell these teachers like to give otu homework so i will be coming of for only 10-20 mintues during the week which sucks but ohwell we can talk on the weekends CIS anyway umm keep it tight ttyl

my hero is .....

MIKE VICK  becasue he si the fricken bomb and he doesn tget enough credit for beign a trowing qb just his running skills get him recignized so anyway i saluted you mike vick for being my hero V21ck-render.png