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ANT-MAN should become a game, what do you think?

i just watched a movie which i got for my nephew for Christmas but didn't know that my mom, his grandmother got him that same exact movie too for Christmas so i kept myself a movie. the name of the movie was called, "ANT-MAN." the first time ever i really loved a movie is when they made, "The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2," well let me just say that ANT-MAN is added to my list because i really LOVED IT :) :) :) if you guys haven't seen the movie i really do HIGHLY RECOMMEND all of you to go and buy yourselves that movie because it is SUPER ASTONISHINGLY GREAT :) :) :) i am not going to spoil it for you WONDERFULLY INCREDIBLE people because that's not me.

what i am going to tell you AMAZING PEOPLE is this though because i strongly feel that this movie will make a great Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 title. i think they should make this beautiful movie, "ANT-MAN," into a game because it has such a good story line to it, the settings in the movie are PERFECTLY AMAZING, and you have your main villain. to which i am not spoiling this because i want you guys to watch the movie, decide for yourselves, and give me your opinions.

don't fret because i am that type of guy who respect all of my followers' opinions. the reason as to why is because everybody has different opinions, and different views on things and that's great because if we all had the same thoughts, same feelings, same views, and etc, we all would be the same thus making us have no identity.

Friends of Mine on Here

I am going to ask you all on here, my friends a question but I am going to ask this question is a positive, respectful, very kind, and very polite way if I may ask. What I am going to ask you guys, my friends may be asking for too much but I really do need views, comments, and shares on my YouTube video. Please, could you all, my great friends do that for me. If I am asking for too much I am not going to force you to do it.

(1). Go to

(2). Once on, in the search bar, search for "A Desperate Cry for Help: Ellen Degeneres's Dream."

(3). Don't do anything yet because I am going to make finding my video easier for you all, my GREAT friends.

(4). Description: My name is Brandon Clement. I am wearing a cap with the word "BANGERZ" on it. I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the word "MILEYWOOD" on it. I am wearing a "BANGERZ" chain. My best friend, Jess Flores is sitting beside me because she is reading my letter that I typed to Ms. Degeneres because I can't communicate very well over the phone, video, or things like that.

(5). Please go back to (2) and if you guys, my BEST friends could please watch my video, comment on my video, and share my video across the web. Ellen Degeneres still hasn't contacted me yet nor I neither heard a response by e-mail but guess what. I am not going to GIVE UP!!!

One thing that I am not is a QUITTER! When life get tough for me I just look at life with my middle finger up and say "BBBBRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG IIIITTTT OOOONNNN!!!


You guys are the most INCREDIBLE and OUTSTANDING friends of mine ever :) :) :)


this blog is going to be about me and guess what... i am going to be totally honest with you guys because honestly is the best policy and i never ever would lie in a blog or anything because to me, if you are not honest, how do you expect people to be truthful towards you. think about that... at the end of my blog, if you guys wish to ask me questions about myself and my life or you guys just would like to comment, know that before you do i always and forever will be straight-forward with you guys no matter what. to me, lying is a ticking time bomb for me, meaning if people lie to me i get frustrated and upset but i would like for you guys to know that lying to me is not a good idea.... thank you all for letting me tell you guys that and i have one more thing to mention before i start. in this blog and every blog i put on here are going to be in TONS of respect.

My full name is Brandon Lee Clement. I am from a little town called Orient, South Dakota. To be fully honest I grew up in Orient. I am 26 years old. To be honest again I am handicapped, have disabilities, and am just like any other normal kid. I have had many many troubles and difficulties in my life, most of them are medical related. I don't care if people stare at me because to me, they only glare at other handicapped people because they are insecure about themselves and that's why they bully others around or stare at them because insecure people need to fill that gap in order for them to feel better. To me, every person, kid, and adult who had disabilities/handicapped NEVER EVER should feel like an outcast because they are not. To me, they are just as normal as you and me and i am VERY PROUD to call those people my friends because they really are. I put myself dead last and put people and others before me because i am that type of guy who always puts his family, friends, and people first. i am that type of guy who always is kind-hearted, kind, caring, sensitive, loving, generous, loyal, and a friendly trustworthy type of guy. I am many things but the one and ONLY THING that i am NOT is a disrespectful type of guy.

I have had been through down some tough roads but guess what... I go through each and every path with (1). A great aspect of life. (2). A great positive attitude. (3). Determination. (4). A big smile on my face each and every day. True, i FULLY will admit that some days i would like to give up but guess what... i feel like that, not going to lie because i do feel like that some days but when i do i think to myself what would happen if i gave up.. after some thinking i pick myself back up again... it's like falling off of a horse. when you first learn how to ride a horse, you will fall off and after the first fall, you may want to give up... you got to get back up on that saddle and try, try, and try again and to that i would love to thank Billy Ray Cyrus. FULL CREDIT goes to Billy Ray Cyrus. His saying REALLY pertains to life very well.

Knowing that I can brighten up a person's day by helping them or by spending time with them I would do that because I also am that type of guy who always is compassionate, supportive, and passionate guy.

I don't want to be disrespectful here so i am going to say this in TONS of respect: my ONLY and my ONE and ONLY thing i really really really want to do is to meet Miley Cyrus. I have had been wanting this ever since I watched the show "Hannah Montana," from the first episode to the very last episode and i still want to meet her... if any of you have any connections as to like an idea of people who might be able to help, could you please inbox me on here... THANK-YOU GUYS :) :) :)

New Games, Really Excited

Another blog from me, videogamer008: "everyone is welcome to comment, share your opinions because i respect each and every one of you guys' opinions"

now that i shared with you guys that i have respect of your comments and opinions, i am going to talk about every cool game that is coming out and new games too... first i want to talk about Sanzaru Inc. for a moment to give my respects to them. Sanzaru Inc. remastered Sly, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and now they took the Sly franchise and made a Sly 4 which will be freakin astaundly. :) I giive my respects not only just to them but always to Sucker Punch Production because if it wasn't for the wonderful Sucker Punch team, we wouldnt had a really cool racoon and his gang doing what they do best... "stealing stuff that was wrongfully taken from them." :P Who knows, maybe if Sly: Thieves in Time makes millions, Sanzaru will continue the Sly franchise... I REALLY HOPE SO!!! :D a BIG THANK YOU from me to Sucker Punch Production and Sanzaru Inc. for making the BEST games EVER!!!! :D

next on my list is the amazing Naughty Dogs Company who remastered the Jak And Dak franchise and are developers of the Uncharted series... :) my RESPECTS and THANK YOUS goes out to you guys... ;) you guys impressed me so much that i keep buying you games and keep playing them continuously.....;) i hope that the next Uncharted games will be on Playstation 3.

my most but not last favorite company is the FANTASTIC and INCREDIBLE Rockstar Productions: man, man, man you guys are DA'BOMB because you guys made games that are f***ing out of this world great.... :cool: like the grand theft auto series and the max payne series the BEST HEART PUMPING games EVER!!!!!:D

since it will take me forever to type all of my RESPECTS and THANK YOUS to every company, i just am going to give a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOUS to ALL gaming intelligences who made game......... :D

Video games rock!!!

My first blog that will actually mean something is about how rocks and how games like Hitman Series, Sly Cooper Series, Tomb Raider Series, and Batman Series rock... :D I, myself love games, especially games that make you think like the Tomb Raider Series for an example... Like really cool puzzles that stimulate the brain like re-wiring a circut breaker.... I know that is tough but to me, what is a game without challenges, uh? To answer my question: Nothing because you need to have some brain function in games. Like the Hitman Series, now that is a thinking game.. I mean, you just don't walk up and kill your target/targets, NO, you need to have a base of action on how and when to strike in order to get a FABULOUSLY GREAT ranking!!! Another thinking game is LA Noir because it is a detective game. Like when you have a case, you don't want to quick go through it, NO, you have to examine the case, look for clues, and talk to any witnesses who saw the crime that took base. Another thing about LA Noir is your own judgement... You got a guy in a Interogation Room, in order to get the facts straight, you need to monitor his eyes, and body motions. You need to know wheather he is telling the truth, lying, or being doubt-a-cle... You don't want to unfalsingly accuse a person of lying because what if he/she is telling the truth.... In order to get a GREAT ranking, you have to outsmart the victim into telling you the whole truth....

I am a respectable game player who like to ask you, the good people on here your opinions on my blogs... Your comments are DELIGHTFULLY welcome.... 8)

Sweet Badass games

You want to know what are some of the baddest, mostt amazing, and the most ass kicking games that are coming out..... If you are like me, then you will love this topic.... Hitman: Absolution Saints Row: The Third Assassin's Creed: Revelations Batman: Arkham City